Saturday, March 2, 2013

Auntie Rita - Part 1 SeXStoRY

Auntie Rita - Part 1 “Where am I?” John said groggily. “What’s going on?” John was taken back as he woke up. He was strapped down, spread eagle to a padded table with only a pair of torn boxers on. His Aunt Rita, was laying on the couch across the room wearing a red silk teddy, nude colored crotchless nylons and a pair of skyscr**er, fuck-me pumps. She is not a beautiful woman by any standard, but she exudes a raw a****l sexuality that had always turned him on. Rita was about 64 years of age and stood about 5’11 and was very blessed in the breast and hips department. She had to be at least a 48DD and tipped the scale at about 170 lbs. She always enjoyed displaying her tanned, wrinkled cleavage and knew the effect it had on her 21-year old nephew. She lewdly hand-motioned a semi-closed fist towards John and his cock began hardening as if it were in a trance. Then she ran her hands up and down her nylon covered legs, then took her calf in her hands and began massaging them over and over. He was mesmerized as she extended her leg and touched each of her toes and then moved her way up her leg, planting finger kisses along the way. She made it up to her gray curls between her lovely thighs when she stopped. "Maybe I shouldn’t tease you so much. You know John… I think it would be better if I took the edge off.” Rita said with a smug look on her face. “That way you last longer later during this evenings festivities." She stood up and walked over to the milking table. The clickity-clack of her 5” heels got his rapt attention as she gently tugged at the remnants of my boxers, "Let your nasty old aunt help you out of these torn things first." John struggled, but to no avail. He was secured tightly with no chance of escaping. Then two quick snips of a pair of scissors filled the room as she cut the sides of his boxers. He looked her in the eyes and pleaded, “Please… please Rita. Don’t do this! Let me go and all with be forgotten!” His aunt contemplated this for about a 1/10th of a second then tore the boxers off. His semi-erect manhood was laying lazily on his inner thigh for her to see. He was naked and she asked, "John, would you like to be punished? You will call me Auntie Rita from now on. It has a certain “flavor” to it… Auntie Rita… yes, I like that. Call me Auntie Rita or I will twist these fucking balls off." To make her point, she roughly grabbed a hold of his exposed nut sack and gave it a hard squeeze. Hard enough to turn his stomach sour for an instant. “Please Rita! Plea…” John begged. Then she squeezed even harder. “I mean Auntie Rita! Auntie Rita please! No more!” he said in a ragged voice. She smiled, let go of his balls and said nothing as she slid off the side of the milking table and walked across the room. She dimmed the lights, turned on a small track light to illuminate the milking table and then slowly sauntered back. Despite the situation John was in, his cock was hard as a rock anticipating the torture his aunt had in store for him. She sat down next to he nephew and held his cock in her hand and asked, "Do you ever think of me when you masturbate John? I think of you and the things I would do to you once I found out that someone had gone through my hamper and took my red lace panties out." “What? I never…” he began, and then she cut him off. “No, you did. Don’t act coy John.” She smiled like a cat that had caught a bird. “I noticed anytime you came over you would go upstairs after about a half-an-hour to use the master bathroom. I decided to put my red lace panties inside of a shirt with just a wisp of it hanging out to catch your attention amid all the whites. After you left, I checked the hamper. They were not where they had been and the crotch had a slight glisten to them. You were being a naughty boy my dear. I think you leaked some pre-cum on them.” John watched in horror and she stepped around the milking table to stand directly between his outstretched legs and then removed her false teeth and placed them in a glass of water next to the table. He knew for a fact she meant to taste him, her own nephew. She took a firm hold of his turgid cock at the root and leaned her wrinkled face down towards his raging purple head. "Goddd!..." John groaned quietly, his own cock stiffening up and beginning to throb as he watched the lewd scene unfolding in front of him. “Ohhhh!... Goddd… please Rita!” His aunt immediately grabbed his exposed balls and gave them a hard enough squeeze to make him see stars for a brief moment. “AUNTIE RITA! YOU WILL CALL ME AUNTIE RITA! GOT IT!?!” she screamed angrily. John gasped and tried to turn away from her grasp without success. She squeezed a little more until the message was perfectly clear that she was in complete control. “I give up! Please! Please Auntie Rita! Don’t grab me so tightly! Please Auntie Rita!” She let go of his abused ball sack and gently ticked it with her long red nails. Then she took his cock in her soft, well manicured hand and gave it a slow, sensuous stroke. "Now there… aren't you having a good time John? How about a blow job? Would you like your Auntie Rita to suck your cock? I'm really good! No nasty teeth to get in the way. Just nice soft gums and a tight, hot mouth to coax the cum from your balls. You'd like your nasty old Auntie Rita to suck your cock, wouldn't you John? Wouldn't you?" The sultry temptress teased as she turned and slowly dropped her mouth to hover just over the glans of his cock. "Please God!...Please don't Auntie Rita!..." John whispered to himself as he reached down and tried to escape his bonds. “Please stop! And it was in that instant, as his curvaceous aunt crouched down, her lips smiling and eyes dancing wickedly up into his, that he recognized he couldn’t do a damned thing about it. He couldn’t stop his aunt from pulling his rampant tool towards her red ruby lips. John literally staggered at the realization that his aunt was about to give him a blow job. He knew he should be outraged and he was. But that didn't stop his balls from drawing up tight in his groin, or his cock pulsing in her expert grasp as he watched his aunt's tongue dart out and flick wetly at the underside of his engorged knob. "Ohhhh!...Auntieee Riiitaaa!...Unnn!...Goddd!...I'm sorry!...I don't think I can hold it very long if you do that!..." John gasped, his hips hunching tentatively towards Rita's beckoning mouth. He went to pull her head from his cock but his hands were held tight to the milking table. He watched as she used her hand to f***e a heavy dollop pre-cum to the head and used it to lubricate his cock. "Of course you can't baby!...I don't expect you to!..." Rita said with a throaty chuckle, darting her head under John's waving cock and giving one of his balls a quick, lurid suck. “I love it when you call me Auntie Rita baby…. I am your Auntie Rita! And when Auntie Rita wants your cum, you have no choice but to give it to her!” She deftly stroked his hard cock with a greasy hand. "Just let me do the work!... And you tell me when you're going to cum for Auntie Rita, alright?..." Rita crooned as she siphoned John's cock crown into her mouth with a lewd slurping sound. "Unnnn!...Unnn!...Goddd!....Please no… Auntie Rita…" John groaned, his hips bucking uncontrollably upwards into his aunt’s wanton red ruby lips. Rita watched the trembling youth with an amused expression as he groaned and quivered in front of her. She closed her hand on the middle of his straining shaft and resumed jacking it in an urgent rhythm. At the same time she sucked him so hard that her cheeks inverted. She knew after this that he would always think of her and no other woman but her. John moaned. She could clearly feel the outline of John's mushroom shaped knob bulging through her sunken cheeks. She hummed slightly as his hard shaft glided effortlessly over her soft, pliable gums. "Ohhhhh!....Unnnnn!...Nahhh!..." her nephew moaned as electric shock waves of excitement went rocketing through his groin. He stiffened up all over as he involuntarily tried to fuck his huge cock into the older woman's mouth. But Rita knew exactly what she was doing. She moved her head back and continued to suck on just the end of John's turgid erection. With her eyes sparkling up into his, she put her tongue back to work, flailing away at the sensitive underside of his swollen knob. At the same time she sped her tight fist back and forth over John's rigid shaft, masturbating him in a torrid rhythm. She knew the inexperienced young man couldn't resist such expert stimulation for very long and she wasn't surprised when just a few moments later he moaned frantically... "Auntie Rita...Oh my Godddd!...I'm going to!...Auntie Rita...I'm going to Cum!... Cum!...Unnn!..." Rita immediately backed off the young man's throbbing tool and squeezed it at the base. “That’s it John, you are all mine!” She smiled as his livid shaft pulsed frantically under her tightly clenched fingers. “Your cock is all mine!” John felt like he was on the verge of cumming as he watched his aunt lay his angry prick against her throat then took it down to her wrinkled cleavage. He couldn't believe that this lewd slut was his aunt and how quickly he was succumbing to her seductions…. and she wasn't done yet! "I want you to cum on my face, John?...I want you to watch me while you cum baby for your nasty old Auntie Rita!...The next time you see me you'll think of what it was like when your hot cum was streaking my hair and running down my cheeks and I'll be able to tell what you're thinking!...Do you mind baby?...Do you mind if I make you cum like that?..." Rita asked in her best wheedling, little girl voice. She was jogging her tightly ringing fingers around the root of John's prick as she spoke, driving him insane with ball breaking excitement. "Unnn!...Unnn!...Oh my Goddd Auntie Rita!” John wasn’t sure what he wanted. His carnal side was slowly giving in as his common sense gave out. His aunt had him on the edge and she knew it. He only nodded yes as she went down on his cock for another series of strokes. The whole time she was blowing him she was looking back into John’s pleading eyes. Up and down she sucked. Then she licked the length of his shaft and gently bit the head with her gums. He looked her in the eyes, “Yessss!...Noooo!...Please!...Ohhh!...Anything for you Auntie Rita!...You can do anything!...Unnnn!...Just make me cum!...Please!... Please!..." the overwrought nephew begged. Rita smiled up at the trembling youth then relaxed the tight clasping fingers she had at the base of his prick. She had him right where she wanted him! She closed her little hand around his shaft, yanked her fist up and then slammed it down again to the root of his cock. She pressed down hotly on his straining flesh and waited....She didn't have to wait long! “Time to give your aunt all of your hot, sticky cum John…. Cum for me… Cum for your Auntie Rita!” She cooed. "AHHHHHHHH!..." her nephew cried out as his balls kicked and an enormous geyser of sperm jetted from his cock. The great stream of come ricocheted off of Auntie Rita's chin and over her shoulder. “AUUUNNNTIEE RIIIITAAA! I AAAAMMM CUMMMMINNNG FORRR YOOOOU!” "That’s it my sweet John!... Give me more!" John moaned as his aunt squeezed his cock viciously to coax more of his life seed from him. He had to dig his fingernails into the palms of his hands as it was the only way that he could keep himself from sinking down into sexual oblivion from the sheer ecstasy of being milked by his aunt.. "Ummm Hmmm!....That's it!...Cum for me baby!...Cum all over me!...Umm Hmm!...Umm Hmmm!..." Auntie Rita urged, as John's orgasm overwhelmed him. She slowly moved his cock to her pursed lips so that the next few spurts of sperm blew over her mouth, her cheeks and into her pepper-gray hair in long, creamy traces. "Nnahh!...Ahhh!...Nnnn!..." John grunted, thrusting feverishly into his aunt’s clutching fingers as he came. Auntie Rita's eyes never left his as she sensuously rubbed his spewing prick all over her upturned face. "Ohhh baby!...Umm Hmmm!...Come on!...Ummm Hmmm!...Give me all of it John!..." the old vixen encouraged. She never flinched as she jerked him off in time with his orgasm, lewdly painting her face with his creamy sperm. "Naaaa!...Unnnn!..Ohhhh!..." John whimpered, hunching upwards from the table the best he could to escape her grasp as Auntie Rita drained him with her efficiently stroking hand. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her smiling face. He knew he would never forget the way she looked right then with his sperm glistening all over her lips and her cheeks. There was something so obscene about the way his streams of white cum gleamed in her pepper-gray hair. He gasped and shuddered for a moment longer and then his orgasm began to wane. His cum began to pulse out of his gaping pee slit in diminishing dribbles that trickled over his Auntie Rita's coaxing fist. He thought it was finally over, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. That was when she popped his knob back into her mouth to finish him off. "Ahhhhh!..." John gasped as Auntie Rita avidly sucked his tumid flesh. The dark eyed beauty was instantly rewarded with another minor burst of sperm. She chuckled and yanked John's prick out of her mouth with a lurid smack. "More!..." she demanded, popping his cock back into her mouth and sucking hard. After John had given up another tiny spurt of boy goo she pulled him out of her mouth again. “Give me all of your cum John! Your Auntie Rita owns your cock and balls now! More!..." she said with a wicked smile, jamming him once more back into her leeching suck. "Ahhhhhh!...Ahhhh!...Naaaa!..." John gasped. He half doubled over and strained heavily at the restraints as each lurch of his balls got more and more painful. But his aunt held on tenaciously to his cock. This was her favorite part of this little game. She had to hold John's cock in her mouth a little longer and suck a little harder each time to generate another little trickle of sperm but she was enjoying herself and hung in there. She allowed her gums to slowly pull the last vestiges of cum from his cock shaft. "Nnnaaa!...Stoppp!...Enough!... Please stop! I’m begging you!" John whimpered, but Auntie Rita ignored him and continued to whip his cock in and out of her mouth with obscene slurping. John tried in vain to reach down and f***e Auntie Rita's hands off of his angry tool so he could get his cock out of her mouth. He was afraid that if he didn't stop her she'd wind up sucking his balls right out of his sac. He couldn’t reach her. Rita just looked up at him, the corners of her mouth turned up in amusement. "Just wanted to make sure I got it all my sweet." she purred, after making a great show of swallowing the last of John's hot sperm. As she sat up she pushed a button on the side of the table and it began lowering itself into a recess in the floor. She gently stepped off and watch it sink down. John pulled at the bonds holding him secure. Auntie Rita laughed at the futile attempt to escape. Once it was down, John looked up as Auntie Rita planted her 5” inch black high heeled pumps on either side of his groin. His aunt looked down at him through the gleaming cleavage of her massive tits. “I am not done with you yet my darling nephew… not done by any means. The crushed Viagra I put in your drink will keep you hard for many more hours to come.” She sat her wet pussy down on his chest. He could feel the gray hair from her musky sex tickling his chin and he could smell the strength of her vaginal secretions. John was completely helpless before this sexual vixen and he knew she was going to show him so much pleasure he wouldn’t be able to tell the pleasure from the pain. Auntie Rita smiled evilly at her nephew as she leaned downed and whispered in ear, “Time for lesson two my dearest… time for lesson two.” (To Be Continued)

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