Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dirty TS Supprise SeXStoRY

True Story I'd been out drinking with a few mates first the pub then we hit the clubs. It was late and I had work then next day so left my mates and went to get a taxi home. walking up the street for a taxi I noticed a woman standing on the corner. The girl was facing away from me but looked hot from behind short skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels looked like a total slut my kinda girl. As I passed by she asked if I had the time of course I stopped and used the oppertunity to chat her up. She was stunning long dark hair brown eyes and tanned skinned after chatting for a few minutes she asked if she could share a taxi as she needed to get back to her hotel. In the taxi she placed her hand on my leg and slid it down to my crouch. By this time I was already hard she unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock before I knew she was sucking me off the best blowjob I had ever had. she moved her tongue up and down my shaft before taking it deep in her mouth . The taxi driver adjusted his mirror to watch this turned me on even more. I was now ready to cum I shot my load over her face she loved it so did the taxi driver i think. We arrived at the hotel she invited me up to her room. Once inside she offered me a drink which I quickly drank. she then moved close to me our bodies touching. I put my hands around her waist and slid down to her peachy ass. I lifted her skirt she was wearing a silky thong I slapped her ass it was noce and firm a we kissed I slid my hand to down the front of her thong and got the biggest supprise ever. A cock I pushed her away I was in total shock. She told me it was ok and came close once more she dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock once more I was still in shock but the blowjob was good I didnt want it to stop after 5 minutes of sucking she came back up and whispered in my ear fuck me she then sexily walked over to the bed and bent over hitched up her skirt and pulled her thong to one side. I was so fucking hard my cock was instantly drawn to the tighest ass I had ever seen. I walked over and spread her ass cheeks before slamming my hard cock deep inside her ass as I fucked her soft at first then slowly getting harder and harder I yanked on her hair as she wanked her self off. She was really dirty and this turned me on even more fuck me like a your lil whore she kept saying I fucked her hard and just before I came I pulled out and shot me load over her tight ass. she instantly turned around and dropped to her knees to clean up every drop with her mouth. I felt disgustedwith myself and quickly left but this is still the best sex I have ever had.

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