Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back room fun SeXStoRY

The day was beautiful outside, the sun shine through the window of the shop. A girl quietly folding a pill of the fall clothes by color. She was a bit chubby but what she wore really showed her well. She wore an ensemble white and bleu. The skirt had small fold that came down to her knee high white stocking. As for each worker she didn't got away with the small name tag: Leah. In the shop men’s side Paul attached belts to the wall. Doing it but not really paying attention to what he was doing. All along with a small smile on his lips. - Paul! Paul! Can you help me I’m not tall enough to put the sweater on top? Paul had a little chuckle and waved him he had help. Peter was a man of normal size, but mixed with cool hair and a semi-athletic. Are all white and blue also put the value, but it was more bcp out how the new girl was in good breast. He looked at her from head to foot stealthily arriving at her. - You must help me, going by and I will give you the shirt you place them on the shelf. Ok? He nodded and stood, as he put a sweater 2 understand why he was there. Every sweater she had to lean forward are showing beautiful round ass. Drawing back from him as possible. He enjoyed plenty of sight, but know hormone began to boil in him. After the sixth he had had enough. When he bent down took her hand and places it on his buttock. She turned slowly and looked into his eyes, he was on she would slap him or prosecute him. All for his touch. He waited until she speaks. - You should try to slap me to see if I would like if you want. This phrase entered brains are then returned a second time before she understands love. Are invaded are smiling face. She bent down again and he took her hand and BAM! on the right buttock. She moaned quietly biting his lip. Seeing that she responded well to spanking she received it continues until it groaned aloud. - Awww yes! I was a naughty girl corrects me! In this part she got to the door, turned the sign is "BACK IN 30 MINUTES" back in an instant Tiras Pierre by the arm and brought it into remission. She leaned over the table and lifted her skirt. - CORIGE ME! It was before him on the folding table, look with great ass ass are greeted him. Her skirt is raised on back and delicate cotton panties, pink and gray scratch. He stroked her buttocks down the worm is beginning her pussy touching it lightly. He raised his hand and slapped him in the buttocks and again after a decade and he kindly patted down her panties revealing the true beauty is privacy, beautiful ass plump and fat, a little pink anus, beautiful big lips covering her pretty pussy pink and completely shaved. He could see the line have stomach for it, and under her breasts almost touched the ground so gravity drew them. He approached her and kissed her right buttock, reddened by the slaps. Then kissed the right. He walked quietly to her delicate lips. He blew lightly. - Pierre Ohhhh yes, touch me! Lich me! Fuck me!

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