Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mom Get's Adventurous SeXStoRY

Since being introduced to X hamster by a friend, Rose felt she had been given a new lease of life. She had always been very open minded sexually but never felt comfortable discussing fantasies or trying new things with her husband. It had been 3 years since her divorce and 2 years before that since Rose and her husband had made love. She was aware that the only real passion her house had seen was between her son and daughter. Rose had always looked the other way as she had so many fantastic experiences with her own b*****r growing up. Although she never had full intercourse with her b*****r, they would lie together for hours exploring each other’s bodies. She was very much in love with her b*****r and loved kissing him all over his body and giving him oral pleasures. Rose's b*****r was the only man who had ever helped her achieve multiple orgasms with his skilled fingers and tongue. She didn't want to deny her son and daughter this pleasure and was happy that they were experimenting together in the safety of their own home. Rose's husband worked long hours and though they had sex regularly, she didn't always cum and her husband would usually always be sl**ping within minutes of cumming. She started to feel a little jealous when she would hear her son sneaking into his s****r’s room late at night. Though they tried to be as quiet as possible, Rose sometimes heard her daughter moaning for what seemed like hours at a time. She assumed that they were not having full intercourse as she never heard the bed rocking. Rose imagined her son going down on his s****r for hours at a time just like her own b*****r had all those years ago. In a way she was happy for them because they had always been really good k**s and this obviously wasn't getting in the way of living a "normal" life. They both had plenty friends and had brought boyfriends and girlfriends home in the past. She would much rather they were home exploring each other’s bodies than out doing it with strangers. When Rose's son Steve was 18, his s****r moved out and went off to College. He was really happy for his older s****r but was upset and knew he was going to miss the girl that taught him everything he knew. His first kiss, the first breasts he ever saw, the first pussy he had touched, the first girl that ever made him cum, had all been his s****r. At this time, 2 years had passed since Rose's divorce and she was a regular on X hamster. Night after night she chatted to horny young men, watching videos and sharing stories. When Steve's s****r left for College he had to masturbate every night as he was now a very horny young man and needed the release. Rose started to hear her son’s bed creaking at night as she was chatting on her laptop. At first she felt awkward chatting to young men and pleasuring herself while her own son was pleasuring himself no more than 20 feet away. Around the same time, Rose was recommended a video clip from a young male friend. It was the scene from the original Taboo movie where Kay Parker wakes up from an erotic dream and sneaks into her son’s room. Rose had never seen anything so erotic and over the next year or so she found that most of the videos she watched were based on consensual i****t fantasies. Rose started to notice a real sexual attraction for her son and found it hard not to stare when he came downstairs for breakfast in just his boxers. Steve had a fit looking body, slim but with good muscle definition. Rose loved it when he wore tight boxers that accentuated his bulge and she began to wonder how big his cock was when he was fully erect. Rose was also aware that as well as Steve’s attraction to his s****r, he loved older women. She had found 3 porn magazines in his room when he was 16, 2 of which focused solely on older women. The women in these magazines were not the standard stick insect Playboy models, but were generally in their 40s and 50s with plenty of curves. This was before she had discovered the world of internet porn and she found herself being strangely aroused by her son’s magazines. One morning after seeing her son’s bulge looking particularly impressive at breakfast, she decided to check if he still had the magazines. When Steve left for work, she looked under his bed and found not only the same 3 magazines, but a couple of newer ones and some dvds. Rose knew that her son wouldn’t be home from work for at least 7 hours and she wanted to see exactly what turned her son on. Some of the dvds looked pretty standard, the type you got free with porn magazines. She thought it might be a waste of time as she could easily log on to X hamster and watch whatever she wanted. However the idea had been in her head for a while that she wanted to make herself cum on her sons bed so she chose a dvd to watch on his tv. To her surprise, the dvd that was already in the player looked much more exciting than the ones under his bed. The title was “Dirty Mommies” and she felt an instant sensation in her vagina. There was no messing about with this dvd…….it launched straight into a mother/son sex scene and Rose lay back on her son’s bed. Rose didn’t notice the time passing and it wasn’t till the dvd finished that she noticed that 2 hours had passed and her son’s sheets were soaking wet. In a panic she decided she had to change his sheets, which could easily be explained. She often grabbed whatever was in his laundry basket when she was doing a washing. She decided that she would just say that seen as he was so busy at work she had done him a favour by doing all his washing and changing his bed. Not in a million years did Rose imagine that she would find a pair of women’s knickers under Steve’s pillow. Not just anyone’s knickers………his own mothers knickers. At first Rose panicked because she knew that if she changed the sheets, Steve would know that she also found the knickers. Her worried thoughts quickly subsided when she realised that she and her son shared the same fantasy. She had been wearing the knickers only 3 days previously and she knew that Steve would have had to take them out of her washing basket. She started fantasising about her son seducing her, thinking about his cock thrusting into her. She knew he was a considerate lover because she had heard him pleasuring his s****r for hours at a time. Rose pulled on the dirty knickers and started furiously rubbing her clit through the material. She made herself cum hard n fast then changed his bed while thinking about what to do about the panties that her son had taken from her dirty washing basket. She decided to put the knickers down the side of Steve’s bed so that he would think that she had missed them. After Rose had put her sons soaking wet sheets into the wash and replaced them with fresh ones, she pulled her knickers down. She hoped that her son would find them later that night and pleasure himself to her scent. At dinner that night Steve was very cagey as he didn’t know what had happened to the knickers. The next morning he was back to his normal chirpy self………he had obviously found his mother’s panties and thought that she was none the wiser. Rose was feeling really horny and had started to develop an exhibitionist side as well as being a voyeur. The site of her son’s muscular body and the impressive bulge in his tight boxers was making her pussy tingle. She went upstairs and removed her wet knickers before returning to the kitchen in her short nightie. Steve’s position at the kitchen table meant that he was facing the washing machine. As Rose bent over to load the washing machine she hoped that her nightie would ride up enough to give her son a good view of her pussy and ass. To make sure that Steve got a good view, she opened a cupboard and reached for a jar of coffee from the top shelf. She felt her nightie rising over her ass, as she intentionally struggled to reach the coffee jar. She made 2 cups of coffee and sat down at the table with her son. When Steve eventually left the table, his mother noticed that his bulge was bigger than before and there was a small wet patch on his boxers. She surmised that she had given her son an erection by flashing her pussy and ass, and he had waited till it had gone down a bit till he left the table. Her son was still semi hard and the patch of pre cum on his boxers made her feel very horny. As the weeks and months passed the heat between mother and son got more intense. Rose stopped wearing underwear altogether when she was home alone with her son. They were regularly stealing each other’s worn underwear and sniffing and licking the crotch area while masturbating. Steve and his s****r would regularly text each other naked pictures but his mum was steadily becoming the focus of all his sexual fantasies. There was a f****y party coming up and Steve was extremely disappointed that his s****r couldn’t make it. While he was ironing his shirt, his mother shouted him upstairs. He entered his mum’s room bare chested and she asked him to zip up the back of her dress. It was a beautiful black dress that accentuated his mother’s curves and ample breasts. Steve slowly zipped up the dress, feeling turned on by the site of his mother’s lacey black bra. Steve told his mum how beautiful she looked and Rose returned the favour by complimenting Steve’s muscular body. The heat was almost becoming unbearable and Steve wanted to rip off his mums black dress there and then. They had a couple of drinks before heading off to the party together, arm in arm. Throughout the party Steve had a few slow dances with Aunts and cousins. It was just for fun and Steve was delighted when his mother whispered that he had better be saving the last dance for her. As the dj announced that he was about to play the last song of the night, Steve took his mother’s hand and led her to the dance floor. When he felt his mother’s voluptuous breasts pressing against his chest, he started getting hard. He tried to get a little distance so that his mother wouldn’t notice his obvious erection. To his surprise, his mother pulled him closer so that his erection was pressed hard against her pussy. No-one at the party suspected a thing as there were several f****y members dancing together and it just looked like a regular mother and son dance. No-one would have suspected that Rose was subtly grinding her pussy against her sons hard cock and Steve had to head straight for the toilet after the dance. His cock was bigger than average and his erection would be obvious through his trousers. He started to masturbate in the toilet but was interrupted by the sound of his uncles coming in to use the urinals. Steve just waited till his cock was only semi hard and headed back into the main hall. His mother had phoned them a taxi and they just had a few minutes to wait till they were back at the house. Rose asked Steve if he was tired and she was delighted to hear that he was up for having a few more drinks. The drinks were flowing and Rose had decided during their slow dance that she wanted tonight to be the night. She put on some music and asked Steve to join her for another dance. During their earlier dance, Rose had felt her son’s cock growing. This time he was rock hard when they put their arms round each other and his hands were all over her body. Steve could hear his mother’s breath getting heavier as they began grinding together. He kissed his mother’s neck and she let out a deep moan. When the music stopped Steve started to feel very self-conscious about the fact that he was kissing his own mother’s neck. He made an excuse that he had to go to the toilet and when he returned there was no sign of his mother. He shouted his mum and she replied from her bedroom. When Steve went upstairs his mother invited him into her room and asked him to help her out of her dress. Steve unzipped his mother’s dress and Rose let it fall to the floor. Rose turned to face her son, wearing just her matching black lacey bra and knickers. She unbuttoned her sons shirt and opened his belt……as she opened the button on his trousers, Steve took off his shirt. As Rose slid down her sons trousers, she was amazed at the huge bulge in his boxers. Rose lay on her bed and told Steve to come to her. Steve lay beside his mother and they began to kiss passionately. Rose unhooked her bra and her son instantly started to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. Rose was in heaven as her son slowly kissed her all over her body……it was even better than she had imagined it. Steve slowly pulled down his mother’s knickers and gazed at her pussy which was visibly wet. Though Steve was relatively inexperienced with intercourse, he was an expert when it came to oral sex. He used all the techniques that he’d learned from years of going down on his s****r. He used both hands to massage his mother’s pussy lips, while his tongue slowly licked between her ass and clit. He used his tongue to open up his mother’s pussy and Rose grinded her hips, encouraging her son to tongue fuck her. As Steve focused on his mum’s clit, he felt her legs start to vibrate. He licked his mum’s clit hard and fast and gave her an orgasm that was so intense that she almost screamed the house down. Rose told her son that she loved him and that she wanted his hard cock inside her. Rose and her husband had always wanted 2 k**s and now she was happier than ever that she had her operation so that she wouldn’t get pregnant again. The last thing she wanted was to have to use a condom with her son and she desperately wanted him to cum inside her. Rose kissed her son passionately, enjoying the thrill of tasting her pussy juice on his lips and tongue. She straddled her son’s cock and let out a loud moan as she lowered herself onto his hard young cock. Rose wasn’t surprised when her son shot his seed deep inside her after less than a minute. Steve apologised to his mother and felt a little embarrassed about cumming so quickly. Rose told Steve that there was no need to be sorry and that he had already made her cum harder than she ever had before. To Rose’s surprise, her son never lost his erection even after he had cum. At the very least he was still semi hard and felt bigger than his dad ever did. Rose slowly raised her pussy and felt a massive load of cum drip out, all over her sons cock and balls. She kissed his chest and stomach, slowly making her way down to his impressive cock. Rose licked up every drop of cum and within a minute, her son was rock hard again. Rose got on her knees and told her son that he was in control this time. Steve spent a few minutes kissing and licking his mother’s pussy from behind till she was begging him to fuck her. Steve felt even bigger from this angle and he started to pump hard n fast. Rose told her son to slow down……she was going to teach him to control his orgasms. Steve slowly penetrated his mother’s pussy from behind and when he was getting too excited he would pull out. He would massage his mother’s G spot with his fingers then enter her again with his hard cock. When Rose felt that she was close to cumming, she told Steve that now was the time to fuck her hard n fast. Steve obliged and furiously fucked his mother’s dripping wet cunt from behind. Rose screamed out “cum with me son” and Steve once again filled his mother’s pussy, this time cumming together as mother and son. Steve took his mother in his arms and they fell asl**p together. When Rose woke the next morning, she was disappointed to be alone in her bed. She panicked at the thought of her son waking up full off regrets and taking off. She heard the toilet flush and was delighted to see her son walk back into her room naked. As Rose lifted the sheets to invite her son back into bed, she watched his cock begin to grow hard………….she knew it was going to be a great day.

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