Friday, March 1, 2013

Bathhouse Antics SeXStoRY

Was at the tanning salon when I thought about an encounter I had at the baths and instantly my cock grew to attention. This was good since I wanted to have an even tan on my cock. It got me also to think about visiting the baths again. I like to wear as little clothing when going to the baths a tee shirt, thong, and stretchy tight shorts that highlight my crotch area. I also wear my largest PA jewelry to punctuate my pouch. I arrived at the baths and booked a room for myself, and head upstairs, my weighted cock is going down my leg I am so excited. As I ascend the stairs I meet a nude patron, I admire his cock and he pats me on the bum and gives it a squeeze. He says he would like to meet up later and I quickly agree. I am in my room and able to release my cock from the confines of the shorts, however the weight of my PA keeps my cock from standing to cock attention. I replace the heavy PA with a small ring and head for the steam room with only a face cloth as a covering. Inside the steam room I was met with a hot thick fog and immediately I began to perspire and that combined with the tanning lotion made my hairless skin glisten in the fog. I stayed for 20 minutes then decided shower time and then back upstairs. The upstairs has a small room that has a few chairs a TV showing cock porn. I sat next to a naked guy that had a strap around his jewels. While watching 2 young guys squirt cock cream at each other, I felt a hand on my thigh and soon ran over my hairless pubis and then down to my cock where he started to stroke me. I ran my finger tips over his pubis and then stroked his hairless cock and balls. He whispered in my ear to move our foreplay to his room which I gladly agreed to. In his room I knelled before him and took his cock in my mouth, he moaned as I suckled him. I lightly pinched his nipples while my mouth was attached to his cock. He pulled out of my mouth, I stood up and we kissed deeply my tongue exploring his mouth. We moved to his bed and proceeded to 69 each other. This went on for several minutes when he asked me if I would do him a favour, he wanted me to put on thigh high stockings lie face down on his bed and allow him to play with my bum. Trying anything I agreed. He went into his bag and pulled out the stockings and put them on my hairless legs. He then told me to turn over and proceeded to spread my bum cheeks and licked me until I was wet. He moved up and I could feel his cock in the crack of my bum. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to enter me. I agreed and he took off the strap around his jewels and lubed up my opening. I have never done it face down but he was an expert as he entered me to my extreme pleasure and proceeded to pump my bum. As he pumped me he took one of my stocking legs and proceeded to run his hand up and down my leg then he surprised me but sucking my toes. He continued to pump me and caress my legs and suck my toes, but he was cumming close. I moaned with the pleasure of his cock moving in and out of me and this made him pump even faster and faster until he pulled out of me showered my bum crack with his cock cream. I thought I was in heaven, I carefully got up making sure I did not loose any cream. He removed the stockings and we kissed goodbye. I went downstairs to the shower without covering up. I love the feeling after being fucked walking with my hole spread open. I am alone in the shower and run my finger up my bum crack and collect the cock cream. It is sticky salty sweet as I licked my fingers clean The shower felt good as I washed the cock cream away. As I was drying off there was the guy that grabbed my ass earlier. He sees my hairless ass and grabs it again. I get in front of him and grind my ass into his crotch and cock. Hi cock is slipping into me ass crack and he is getting harder by the grind. He invites me into his room. As we walk to his room he feels my ass and runs his finger up and down my ass crack. Climbing the stairs he licks his index finger and inserts and holds it in my ass as we make our way to his room. Once inside he asks me to lie down on my stomach and grabs both of my bum cheeks opens them up to expose my hole. He spits in my crack and then uses KY to lube up my hole, adding more and more lube as he bites my ass cheeks. He has a request of me, he wants to alternatively fuck my bum as well as fucking my balls and cock.........more deliciousness. His cock is wider and longer that my other partners but it slips in nicely and makes me groan with pleasure. He pulls out of my bum lubes my balls and starts pumping me, never felt this feeling before, but is indeed very pleasurable. He continues to alternatively service my bum and balls, he is in my bum as he starts climaxing. Quickly pulling out of me he starts humping my balls and squirts his cock cream all over my balls and ass. He places his hand where he just squirted me with cum and spreads the cum and lube all over my ass crack.

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