Friday, March 1, 2013

Erica, Pete´s pet #2 SeXStoRY

While Erica eagerly opened up, Erin was so wise to treat her cat Tiger to a fresh portion of salmon sandwich, for whenever he would wake up. Which gave Erin some guaranteed quality time to watch what Pete would do to her dearest girlfriend. Erin was very glad for Erica that taking her blossom wouldn´t hurt much. While she secretly hoped, she could watch that sacred ceremony of her two turned-on dear sexy friends. Would Erin´s little prayers get rewarded? Erin knew from Peter´s earlier accounts that he even started a special Institute in Amsterdam to conduct those ceremonies properly. Still, she wondered whether he could perform as a perfect gentleman beyond the safe borders of his Institute. Would erotic Erica already mate with Pete in Erin´s place? Would Erin be able to refrain to join the hot wet fun? Wouldn´t she and Pete look forward to colour Erica a bit before?

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