Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being fucked in public as the mood takes SeXStoRY

I sat down on the deck chair beside my husband, handed him his beer, and settled down to sunbathe, while he went back to his magazine. The sun was very warm and the chilled beer was hitting the right spot. We were on the upper deck, aft of the ship, above the promenade deck where people were mingling, sunbathing and drinking, it was mid-afternoon and our spot, though by the stairway, was quiet, as most were on the main deck below us. He came up the stairway as I sat with one leg raised on my seat, and as he looked in my direction he was greeted with a clear view of my crotch, I was unaware of him until the last moment, but by then the sense of morality had been lost, that is assuming I gave a fuck, which I did not, so when our eyes met, I blatantly continued with my indecent pose, as no-one else was looking, besides his demeanor showed he was on a treat, the bulge in his shorts clearly gave that away. I had an admirer, a dirty little middle-aged man eye-balling my crotch, I stole a sideways look at my husband, he was engrossed in his magazine and as yet had not even looked up to see what was going on around him. The little man had now moved up the final step and walked to the rail, under the lifeboat, hanging in its davits, he moved behind a life-jacket locker, so hidden from view, but able to steal a look at me, as needed. I say as needed, because behind there he had taken his cock out and was relieving himself at my expense, I could see him occasionally as he pumped away, through my polarized sunglasses, perfect actually, as I could watch him, but he could not see my eyes, looking back at him. I had to admire his pluckiness as I have a soft spot for public wankers, and in saying so, I lowered my leg and stretched out, showing my flat stomach to it's best advantage, after all my husband was behind a magazine and no-one else was watching. I looked back across at the locker and he appeared again in full flow, his fist pumping at the image I was projecting in his direction, I wiped the sweat from my firm tummy, and naughtily pulled the elastic of my bikini bottoms down to my pubic bone, being shaved meant I had to pull it down sufficiently to show the curvature of my vagina, which was my aim, and with my thumb hooked into the elastic I pulled much further and showed the full line of my pussy, which was now swelling, my lips being cooled by the sea air, but warming as my hot bl**d pumped them up on exposure to him. I got out of my seat and picked up my towel, wrapping it around my waist, at which my husband looked up at me, 'You going inside', he queried, I shook my head, 'No, just going to cool off', at which he returned to the article that seemed to engross him. Satisfied at his ignorance of events unfolding around him, I wrapped the towel around my thin waist, reached under the towel and pulled my bikini bottoms off, letting them drop to the deck around my ankles, and sat down again, all the time keeping an eye on the locker, my every move not having gone unnoticed by the dirty little man having his wank. Now I was free to relax and show myself in all my glory, and with my towel conveniently placed on my thigh I raised my leg again and showed my little man my full cunt, now directly in his full view, that got his fist pumping like mad. After a short exposure I was hot enough to get up and walk across the short distance to where he was, and as I approached he moved back in behind the locker. I stopped at the edge and lent on the deck railing, I looked back over my shoulder and noted my husband was still reading and at that sidled in behind the life-jacket locker, out of sight of all and stood alongside the little man, who still had his cock in hand. I smiled, 'Need a hand', and without waiting, reached down and took him in hand, squeezing him gently at first but more firmly as he hardened in my grasp. I tugged slightly on my towel waistband and let it drop to the deck, them eased myself in front of him and guided him inside my wet pussy, where I released him and took hold of the deck railing, freeing him up to pound away at my free pussy offering, he felt really good inside me, large enough to grip onto, with plenty of movement, twisting and pounding my cunt until I came. He moved away from me and within a few minutes we had both experience an orgasm, I bent forward and whispered my gratitude in his ear, for the satisfying fuck he had just administered, picked my towel up and went back to my seat, with it wrapped around as before. My husband had not even noticed I had left and as I sat the man had appeared and walked back down the stairs, his cum running from my cunt, his cum milked from his balls, a few minutes ago, by my wonderful cunt, life is beautiful as is the freedom to act when the mood strikes, mmmmmmmm I can feel my anus pucker as his cum settles within its wrinkled folds, I wonder if he wants to be in there?

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