Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Have Me At It Again SeXStoRY

Everytime i talk to you you do it. Sending that shiver right from the nape of my neck, down my spine into my now throbbing pussy. You don't do nothing just talk normal talk and ask silly questions. It's the not knowing you, the not seeing you that doe's it for me. I know you play, u watch and you play but you don't tell me, but i know. I'm talking to you my nipples hardening at the very thought of you tracing your tongue across each nipple sucking gently getting them erect. My skin so so soft to touch, my body trembles at the touch of your hand's tracing every inch of me. My body is pulsating, my pussy juices wanting to flow. My lips move gently across your shoulders, as your lips kiss my neck slowly moving down my hands mauling your taught body. I want you, i want to feel every inch of you inside me, deep thrusting movements, taking me to a place i haven't been in awhile. Closing my eyes, i feel my skin soft under my finger tips, gently swearling them round and round. Your lips feel so good, up and down your tongue making a line down to my navel god u excite me. Parting my lips, oooooooooooo the breeze hit's me and makes my clit pop out more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels nice as your tongue glides across it given it a little flick as you cum back the other way. Your tongue get's faster and faster flicking harder and harder, my body moving in rytham as the pleasure ripples through me. Oh my your now using your thick long fingers, teasing the rim first b4 sliding two into me with one deep thrust, making me thrust my hips onto them. It feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels so good having you in between my legs working your majic mouth on me. I want you baby i want you in my mouth. Having you stride over my face i take your full throbbing cock into my mouth, teasing your shaft with my tongue, tasting you wanting you. Oh yes you like that you like being in my mouth. Pushing yourself in and out of my mouth, u are face fucking me, you are licking my pussy juices and you are face fucking me. It's electric, it feels great havin you work me like this has me excited with that you get harder and harder. Oh Fuck your gonna make me cumm, cumm on your face, your tongue i can't hold back i have to i have to release this feeling one shudder, one twitch, one quick thrust and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there it is thick white cream dripping from my pussy onto your waiting tongue. I'm spun round ass lifted in the air, please no not this. Oh god yes, yes rim me please oh my make me scream with pleasure as i grind against your tongue. Fingers again deep inside me, i love it, love the pleasure you are giving me. You sit bolt upright cock in your hand and a cheeky smile on your face, i know whats coming but you like to tease me you want me to tell you to fuck me. Tip of your cock is sliding up and down my soaked pussy stopping to tease my clit "Please fuck me" i beg, but you still tease "Please fuck me, I want your cock in me, pleasure me i want to cumm on your cock" and tease again only this time you just put the tip in a little and then back out. So frustrating but exciting at the same time. With one quick thrust your in, deep twisting and turning your hips your in pleasuring my wet pussy with every inch of your throbbing cock. Yes fuck me, hard and deep grabbing my ass pulling me into you with every thrust, oh yes your moans as you pleasure me. My tit's swaying back and forth as you fuck me hard, yes yes yes keep going let me release on you. Two more deep thrusts and i'm yours agian, juices flowing out, your wtching as it drips ont o your cock. You haven't finished yet using my cum you wet my asshole, your going to take my ass mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bending further over as you stretch me cheeks to reveal my tight hole, u spit and slide your cock up and down. Oh god you excite me so much, legs trembling waiting for you. You slowly ease him in and then back out in again and out each time you go in you slip him in a little further, making me gasp with pleasure. "Yes baby, take me fuck my ass" with one slow thrust your in, deeply in thrusting him deeper. Picking up rytham and pace god you are going to make me squirt. "Fuck, Faster faster yes baby make me squirt" pounding away at my ass i can feel you pulsating, yes your going to cumm. " Yes baby, cumm cum with me let me feel you cum" "Fuck yes" body's shaking intensly, baby release it, i'm cumming lot's and lot's of cum. One big thrust and you groan releasing yourself into me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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