Monday, March 25, 2013

Ben and Linda with more details SeXStoRY

people asked for more so i will go into more detail. With me and Linda naked and Ben watching I figured out that she wants to fuck and Ben likes watching but I had other ideas. Getting Ben Naked was easy, Ben standing there watching his wife stroke my cock was nice but i wanted more. Telling Linda that I wanted us all naked and her telling Ben was all it took. Then as i asked Ben to move closer so he could really watch was even easier. Holding his semi hard cock in my fingers was a little harder. Hearing Ben say stupid things like he was not gay and he never did those things was boreing. Feeling his cock grow hard in my fingers told me more and Linda watching with her eyes glued to My fingers around her husbands cock while she fingered fucked her cunt like a mad women told me even more. Bens cock felt great. so fucking hard and a few drops from the tip was getting me and linda hot. When i pulled him closer and i slid up and took his hard cock down to the base i thought he was going to cum way to soon. I wanted to suck his cock, lick him all over and then swallow his hot cum. Linda wanted more and more. Watching my fingers on Bens balls as i sucked and licked his cock. Watching his hips move slowly really wanting to fuck my mouth but pretending that he did not like letting a man suck his cock. Now his hard cock showed that he loved oral sex and i took a little time to explain that i was not gay or even bi. I just loved oral sex and if it was a cock or cunt i just loved them all. Now to get his mouth on my cock took about 5 seconds and i little more for him to take it all but he soon found that cock sucking was just as fun as being sucked. and Linda was a crazy women. She was so turned on that we both fucked her and linda was not to shy to try anything, even both our cocks in her cunt at once. nothing finger than to feel my cock slid against another inside a cunt that want stop cumming.. we have a new date this weekend

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