Monday, March 25, 2013

My husband and his b*****r SeXStoRY

My husband and his b*****r Married a girl aged 18 years but pretty much then Tizaaarbh large Xha puffy nature of the strength of a wonderful, words fail to be described is important in the wedding Maasttat The Aneckha because she was very scared and Bal_khas when she saw Zby very large without Mbalghomr married for 25 days until I could Aneckhavy Xha beautiful very, very, and had a s****r living outside our city and it's a girl virgin, but understand everything about sex One day, came to visit us and my wife has prepared herself for Nick and prepared, but her s****r came and sat next to her s****r on the bed in the bedroom and sat with them, exchanging talk and dealt in conversations Alnic but B_khas Severe and took I engage in foreplay with my wife surreptitiously until Hajt and I caught Zby in subtle and began trying to enter Zby Axha invisibly but not patient and introduced Zby in Xha and her s****r working the same Emczuakhaddh mind even installed on my wife and I took Aneckha comfortable even for Feel her s****r, but when I looked at her s****r and her grandmother see everything clearly and I felt such desire, I placed my hand on her face sense the lips did not object caught Bzazhaoakhzt Adaabhma no object entered my hands inside Alsotienn Fajlath hand Msamst her lips violently and breastfed Bzazha Vastelguet on her back and raised the pocket until Alklot took Rub and Rakea and kiss her and when I got to Xha said voice Audible not this you everything Alahmaoachtha Subway wriggling of lust, I am still Aneckha she told me her s****r comfortable Shui She replied, her s****r said Sepeh Anikkeny strongly entered it harbor dost thou said to her s****r, right top surely scared on you, she said to Hazojty reel to marry will know that I was right. Said her s****r and my tone Almmhona come and reel da? Dabaid and I will be forgotten told her my wife. you hurry? said yes and I wish to be off, a look at her she smiled her s****r Hovy you end Anick Hatah here and said I did not know her s****r Ahdhna I am all my life Aicha libra. Said my wife and I Aaof AT Anakk I? Responded Allehauqalt is you know, I want a man who received her s****r Where did it bring him and I know she wanting me I said salvation Josk shows Wade the author. Replied her s****r if he agrees I Maandy mind then she said, and shows Why? is located Ah, said her s****r not Htzaaly said no, but after what Anikkeny first approved after Makhlst with Zojtynimet her s****r and got over it after Khalana our clothes, all of us and took a pass Zby on Xha from abroad and bearing in her mouth Tmsany Qlaptha and took Apple Zby of pussy s****r Zojtyoadah to perforate Tisaha from the outside so I took a good Blltha Log Zby In Tisaha Hiye Vhiye even Belath in Tisaha The Tisaha widely shown that it Atnakt them before and no authorized and continued Aneckha in Tisaha about an hour even rang the door has my wife to see from the door and shut us the door and she perfected and I Aschoff of the door and went out and if Btariq b*****r big 33 years old and his wife and say that my wife closed the door after entering until he entered and his wife, Wang was on us to Arif The day vacation Li did not watch him Alaandma said er de Ptamilo eh? I looked at him scared and you of an immediate, but naked I'm a younger s****r. Looked to the moment and then said Ashan like this my s****r Bthb flies here a lot. I told him I swear it's the first time, he said needed saying CDDA what You Maak thy glass Les CDDA and his voice was threatening and I told him that what happened then do Matri he said to me if This is the first time will forgive you I said to him, and how will you know? said I put Zby in Tisaha and income hardly be Wawa once and that was wide would be a liar I told him OK, took off his clothes and gave Zbeh for his s****r and told her I refused for fear that Meseh relish and enters quickly, he said to my wife suction Zby you looked It is certified and then said words to my first husband said to me Keep it Tms Awadkhalh in Xha and you Nick my wife comfort like what you Aaoz and his wife was very beautiful and very very interesting so I agreed and I told him that my wife loves the sucking Neckha in Xha I took off my wife, her only nightgown transparent does not exist the best and Pussy b*****r Xha Bulsanamdh long and Musmus Bzazha another period and then the and inhibits Zbeh in pussy my wife had pussy my wife to Aigomoastmr Winnick my wife even come desires and forgotten Mzdua a younger s****r and wanted to throw lava desire outside pussy s****r and told her where you toss said to him in my mouth at night quickly took out Zbeh pussy of my wife And put it in her mouth and Mamdst my wife until the last drop of all this and I sit down to enjoy the warmest landscape she saw my eyes in my life and told me thy glass sweet Levi, I wish Aneckha Tani and I said OK, provided Annick thy glass said is you Stamping Manicthash? I said no he is before you, naked and let go I said I watch you with my wife nice view, he said my wife at your disposal at any time from now and keeping Zby and told her take it a suction Zbeh even need you at any time to Atervdy. said I myself, in which for a long time and I was scared he said to her in order to frighten and is evolving with him tonight and Nkiha him twice was too tempting ... . and the rest of the story and I swear that these events, which will be followed by real and not a figment of imagination ........ And to the best Jay. I hope your reply .. My beloved Note This is the first appeal to my posts and I hope and I wish Rdrokm Alsksah communicate even more with you my greetings to Bnotat

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