Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My First Toilet Expierence SeXStoRY

This is a story of my first expierence in a public toilet cottage. This happened about 3 weeks after my first ever expierence with a guy and it was a complete fluke. I was still only 15 years old at the time and had been with a guy a few times in the weeks that had past since my first. (see my other story with my neighbour) I was at my local town centre, its a small town centre but has all the things you need for groceries and such. I had stopped off on my way back from a friends to grab a sandwhich and top up my mobile phone. I was making my way back home and decided like normal i would walk to save money on bus fare and it was only about 20-30 mins walk so not a problem. I was 5 mins into the walk and went past the library. Beside the library there is a small toilet block which has always been there, i have only ever known it as a toilet block and never knew anything about cottages or anything. That was all about to change that day. I decided to nip in for a piss as i have done many times over the years. I walked in and went to the urinal which was a trough style. There was 2 trough style toilets in an L shape and 2 cubicles which i had never been in or used. As i walked in i noticed there was an older guy standing at the urinal too, he looked at me as i walked in and shot me a smile, i didnt think anything of it and smiled back. Went to the urinal and did my business. I noticed that the guy kept looking over at me and that was when my mind started to wonder. Was he looking at my cock? was he gay? I glanced over and noticed he was wanking, i got a good look at him. He looked white, clean shaven, mid to early 50s, medium build, medium height. Nice looking guy really, glanced at his cock it was about 7 inches , uncut and very thick. I lifted my head back up and noticed that he was starting right back at me, he had caught me looking at his cock. I turned away quickly and embarreded, i tried to finish up and sip up when he moced closer and showed me his hard cock. I didnt know what to do. His hand reached over and grabbed my cock, it was soft but instantly got hard as he grabbed it. My heart was pounding and i reached over and grabbed a hold of his thick cock. I couldnt get my hand around it, it was rock hard and looked incredible. He leant over and took my oock in his mouth, i was completley taken by surprised and my nerves caught me. Within 20 seconds i was cuming hard down his throat he didnt even flinch and cleaed the lot down. I was breathing heeavily, and didnt know what to do. The guy put his hand behind my head and pulled it towards his cock, i dived on it with my mouth trying to take as much as possible. It was so thick, i choked a bit, his hand had left my head and made its way to my arse, he was grabbing and feeling it. I i felt him slip a finger at my hole and start to push it in, this made me suck him harder. After a couple of mins he pulled my head off and pulled me towards the cubicle. i went knowing what was going to happen. I went in the first one and he followed, he pulled my jeans down and turned me around so i was facing the wall, he bent down and started to lick my hole, i was wanking my hard again cock just loving this new exciting expierence knowing what was coming. He stood up and grabbed a condom from his pocket and ripped it open. He slid it on and spat on his cock, he pushed me against the wall and i pushed my arse out a little, he guided his fat cock towards my hole and tried to push it in. His thick cock pushed its way into my hole and it hurt like hell i bit down on my hand as he pushed it in inch by inch, he went slow then started to fuck me hard, he pushed it all the way in and out. After about 5 mins he pulled out and sat on the toilet and i sat on his cock facing away from him, i started to ride him this time easier as i was oopened and used to his thick cock, my hard cock was slapping off my stomach as i rofe him, he reached around and started to wank me, it didnt take long before i was shooting and clamping my arse even more around his cock. I looked to the right and noticed a huge hole in the wall of the toilet and seen the other cubicle. Before i had a chance to think about what it was he stood up still inside of me and bent me over fucking me harder and harder my head hitting the door. He pulled out and spun me around, he pulled off his condom and i got down to suck him. Before i could he let out a big spurt of cum that hit my square in the mouth, another 3 more spurted out and hit my now open mouth, i dived on his cock and sucked the rest out. I cleaned him up and stood up. He positioned me so i sat on the toilet, he pulled up his pants tied them up and for the first time i heard him speak "thanks" he said as he opened the door and left. I closed it behind him and sat there for a couple mins, i cleaned up my face with toilet roll and cleaned my cock and ass. I heard another person come into the toilet and they came into the adjoining cubicle. I cold see them through the hole in the wall, after a second i seen a finger appear at the hole i didnt do anything just sat there not knowing what to do. Suddenly a cock, 5 inches fully erect came poking through the hole. I couldnt believe what i was seeing but it made sence of what the hole was for. I grabbed this strangers cock and started to yank it, i could hear him moan in the next door, i leant over and started to suck him, after a couple of mins he groaned loud and i felt him cum hard in my mouth, i pulled out and wanked him dry every drop. He slowly pulled his cock away, and i heard him leave te cubicle. I sat there another 15 mins to see if anything else happened but it didnt. Finally i sorted myself out and left the toilets to continue the walk home. I couldnt believe what i had stumbled upon, i used those toilets a few more times over the years before they were destroyed. Had some good times in there and told my neighbour all about the story the next time i seen him. It was also not the last time i had that thick cock inside me... Thanks for reading, sorry about spelling and grammar again!

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