Friday, March 1, 2013

College Friends Yearly Trip SeXStoRY

Me and 3 of my friends from College and High School pick a destination every couple years and go spend 5 days away. This past year we decided on the Gatlinburg area of TN. I set up a 4br cabin rental for us that meets our requirements. Our requirements is they must have a hot tub, TV/DVD in all rooms, and a fridge for liquor and beer. We only watch porn and ESPN all week and drink like we are still in college. Jeff is 29 and married, Scott is 30 and married and Jay is 29 and married and is bringing a guy with him this year that is a couple years older than us but went to our same college. Since it was in Gatlinburg this year and I only live a hour away I went over Friday evening and checked into the cabin and started getting things ready. The guys send me money in advance to get the cabin, drinks, and porn so I had purchased everthing the week before so I could get the cabin ready as everyone arrived. The twist to the whole trip is really that I am bi and I have sucked everyones cock coming except the new guy and been fucked by Jeff but none of them knows that I have done anything with any of the other guys. It is kinda funny that they have all kept fooling around with me a secret but really they have all done it. Usually on these trips I get to do what I want sucking one or all of them off, but I wasn't sure about Jeff this year since he got married last year. Jeff would be the first to arrive since he lived in Nashville and Scott lives in ATL so he should be in next and Jay and the new guy are arriving on a flight from Chicago later tonight. I had stocked the fridge on the main floor and the one in the basement and put a choice of 4-5 porn videos in each room and started a video called Facial Whores #4. I was sitting on the couch watching the video when I heard someone pull up. I went to the door and found Jeff we greated each other and I helped him get his things into the loaft bedroom. I went back down to the main floor and Jeff said he was going to change into some comfortable clothes. As I said before I had sucked everyone off and fucked Jeff before and really enjoyed his cock, Jeff's cock was a really nice cock close to 9 inches and had nice size around also as close to a porn stars as I will probably every get to play with. As Jeff was coming down the stairs I noticed he had put on some shorts that a guy with his cock could barely wear he had no underwear on and the tip of his cock was sticking out as he walked. He grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch with his leg up on the couch giving me a view of his package. He was watching the porn and we were making small talk about what was going on the past year. I was trying to think of a way to ask about his marriage to see if I could play with his cock without being to strong. I noticed he was getting erect and his cock was out of his shorts making my mouth water. I asked how married life was and without missing a beat he said I haven't had a blowjob in almost a year and the bitch won't let me cum on her face. He was rubbing his cock a little then said I am going to go jerk off when he stood up, I said I can take care of that if you want. He said I was hoping you would offer. He dropped his shorts to the floor and I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and slowly started sucking his cock. I was rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking his shaft with my other. He was moaning everytime I took his cock in and pressed it against the back of my throat. I was really wanting him to cum in my mouth but I knew he liked giving facials when I could tell he was getting close I pulled his cock out and positioned my face just below his cock with the head resting on my chin and started slowly stroking his shaft with both hands licking the tip some. He said moaning "I am going to cum" then he started spurting cum out onto my face covering my forehead to my chin I was still slowly stroking him when he reached down and grabbed his cock I opened my mouth and licked the cum off my lips and Jeff squeezed his cock getting a couple more drops our into my mouth. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my face off and came back out and we both acted like nothing had happened I thinks that what I liked about it and all of them also. About an hour later Scott arrived so we all were watching porn and downing some beers. Jeff's phone rang it was Jay and he said they would be at the airport in about 1 hour they where on there last leg. Jeff volunteered to go pick Jay and the new guy up. Jeff was gone about 15 minutes when I noticed Scott was rubbing his cock thru his pants. I thought to myself I am pretty lucky going to get another cock to play with hoping Scott would give my a sign or hint. Scotts cock is like a short mushroom with huge balls his cock is only 5-6 inches with a kinda small shaft but a huge head. I always enjoyed sucking Scott off because of 2 reasons he always has huge cumshots and his favorite place to cum is in my mouth and he would get a little rough with me. He got up and said I am a little tired I think I might take a nap and went down the stairs to his room in the basement. I sat there for a couple of minutes then muted the TV and heard a TV on downstairs with some porn playing. I decided to go down and just check it out really hoping to still get a chance to play with some more cock. I got to the bottom of the stairs where the pool table was and looked over towards Scott's room the door was half open so I walked over to it and seen Scott standing next to the bed storking his cock. I walked on in and said you need a hand? He replied and said lay down on the bed I hopped on the bed and he guided me to lay on my back with my head laying off the edge and he walked over with his cock in my face and he guided into my mouth. He was slowly fucking my face, then he would pull out and put his balls in my mouth for me to lick and suck on then back to face fucking getting faster and faster. He was pushing his cock all the way in my mouth but I was taking it like a pro. I could taste more and more pre cum so I knew he was getting close when he stopped and laid down on the bed next to me I rolled over and started sucking him as he guided my head up and down then with a grunt and moan he started shooting a massive load in my mouth I kept sucking it swallowing just a little letting the rest drip out I kept sucking until he could handle anymore then licked some cum off his balls then went back upstairs. Later Jeff came back with Jay and his friend Kyle. Since we had a 4br cabin and 5 guys we decided to let me and Kyle share a room since I had the King bed on the main floor I was kinda excited hoping to get some new cock to play with. The first night I was in the bed already when Kyle came in and went to the bathroom for a shower when he was done he came out in a towel I was laying there trying to catcha look but not be to open when he dropped the towel and reached into his suitcase for some briefs. I noticed his cock was nice looking even limp it was rather long like Jeff's but had a huge head like Scott's. I just rolled over trying to think how to make my move. The next day me and Jay were the first 2 up and Jay asked if I wanted to take a ride up to a creek and waterfall I said sure so we left the other guys a note and got in my truck and drove about 3 miles to a trail head it was a short hike in only about .5 miles to the falls so we decided to go. When we got the falls Jay climbed up on a huge rock above the falls and stripped down jumped into a deep pool at the bottom of the falls he then teased me wanting me to get in so I stripped down and down in also. We swam around for about 10-15 minutes then got out and sat on the rock naked drying off for bit. I was again finding myself looking at Jay's cock thinking about sucking him when without warning he stood up and put his cock in my face. I said I was hoping you would offer. I took his semi limp cock in my mouth and sucked and let it grow in my mouth until it was pushing down my throat. I was sucking his cock and grabbing his ass pulling his cock into my mouth when he said "I am going to cum in your mouth take it all" I I had only been sucking his cock for about 2 minutes when he came I sucked it all down and squeezed his cock getting the last drop out. Jay asked do you want me to Jerk you off I said sure so I stood up and let Jay jerk me off until I came all over the rock we where on. We went back to the cabin and everyone was up so we made plans for the day and night. That night we decided to go to a local club and pick up some pussy (remember I am bi I like pussy too) We didn't want to drive so we decided to go down the street and take the trolley we were waiting on Kyle and Jay to get back to the cabin before leaving. They finally got back to the cabin and Jay was ready to go but Kyle said he needed to take a shower we made a plan to meet Kyle at the club in 2 hours so we left Kyle at the cabin. We got to the trolley stop and I realized I had forgotten my wallet so I told the guys I would meet them at later and went back up to the cabin. When I walked in the cabin I could hear the water running in the shower I slowly walked towards the Bedroom door and looked in and seen Kyle laying on the bed with his cock standing fully erect watching porn. I watched for a second and decided I would make my entry when he started to play with his cock. He reached down and grabbed his cock and I opened the door quickly like I was in a rush to get something. He stopped stroking his cock and was just laying there with his hands on his cock I said I forgot my wallet and walked over to the bed and sat down on the otherside and started watching the porn video which was one of my favorite "fuck my ass fill my throat" I tried to loosen him up a little with some small talk about how this is my favorite porn he said I like it too. I asked him if he likes ass fucking he said yes. We watched a little more when a little asian girl was getting her ass pounded hard and he started stroking his cock again. I figured now was my time to try so I reached over and grabbed his cock and started stroking it with him at first I could tell he was surprised then he realaxed and just let me stroke it by myself. I stroked it for a while then I slowly leaned over and licked the head of his dick. His cock was even more impressive fully erect about 9 inches not real big around but a huge head with nice shaved balls. I licked it for a little then took his head into my mouth and pushed it to the back of my throat. I had been sucking his cock for about 5 minutes when he cleared his throat and asked if I was willing to get a little freaky I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said I love to get freaky. He stood up next to the bed and guided me over to the edge I was getting ready with my head laying over the figuring he was going to face fuck me but he turned around and had his ass on my mouth and balls on my nose and said "lick my ass" I had rimmed a few guys and girls before so I started licking his ass after a couple minutes of him moaning he turned around and feed me his cock I was sucking on his cock and he was in a 69 position and started rubbing my ass with his fingers he slowly started fingering my ass I could tell he was wanting to fuck me but wasn't going to say it so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked "will you fuck my ass?" He quickly said yes and stood up I grabbed a bottle of lube of the night stand and rubbed his dick down good. I knew his big head would be hard to get in but would feel great once it is in. I leaned over the edge of the bed and he guided his cock to my ass the first couple of time he was almost in the he would slip out. Then he finally slide it in and went all of the way tried to run away but the way I was laying I could go anywhere so I reached back and tried to push him back a little. He stopped for a second then slowly started working his cock in and out of my ass I was getting relaxed and he was getting comfortable because his pace was getting quicker he was getting a strong quick pace and it felt so good my cock was rock hard. I looked back at him and he was really into it also watching the porn and was trying to fuck me like the girl in the video. He would stop and pull out and then slam it back into me making me moan. He then asked "where can I cum" and I replied where ever you want to. He was fucking me faster and then said I want to cum in your mouth. I looked up at the TV and the girl on the screen was taking a load in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it as I dropped down to the floor at the edge of the bed and opened my mouth with my tongue out and kyle stood over me and placed his cock pointing into mouth and shot a huge load of cum. I just sat there and let him keep cumming then he said swallow it so I gulped it down and then sucked the last couple drops out of his cock. I stood up and started to walk out of the room when he said don't tell the other guys about this and I smiled and said you dont tell either and I will do it again.

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