Friday, March 1, 2013

My Granddaughter Lisa recap part 1 SeXStoRY

Now I am a 62 year old grand father with two daughters and two sexy grand daughters. Lisa is my oldest grand daughter at 22 and has one fine loking body. Lisa is a typical little flat belly with her firm tiny tits, her little flat belly and a fine little ass. Lisa loves to wear clothes that barely covers her ass and that I just love. I think she looks more sexy in her clothes than her little bikini. The first night that we had sex was exciteing and had me very worried. I have to say to have her take things in hand helped me to really be able to fuck her more than she knows. Lisa sitting on my lap and then while talking about her night out on the town, all the while I can feel her little ass pressing on my cock. Then when my hard cock poked its head from my shorts she just took it in her hands and began strokeing me. watching her slid down and her mouth sucking my cock all the while I could feel her tongue licking my shaft. Now she is not the best cock sucker but watching my cock slip inside my grand daughters lips made up for it. Then feeling her wet pussy as she slid her ass down and I could feel her pussy swallow my cock. Now her pussy was nice but not great but still watching my cock fucking my grand daughters cunt made up for that. To feel my cock explode in her pussy and then watch her get up and walk into her bedroom and thinking shit what have I done. Then the next morning while drinking coffee have her walk into the kitchen, pour her coffee and walk over and tell me she needed some cream and watch her kneel down and begin to suck my soft cock till she had it hard and ready to cum. Feeling my cock throb as Lisa sucked harder and then me telling her I am going to cum and she just sucks harder. Filling her mouth up with my cum to only watch as she let my cum drip from her mouth into her coffee and then stopping her when she started to put some into mine and pulling her mouth to mine. My tongue licking inside her mouth as she let my cum flow into my mouth. Kissing my grand daughter as I sucked my cum from her mouth. Then letting her squat over my face as I got my first taste of my grand daughters pussy. I loved the feel of her ass in my hands as i pulled her pussy tight to my mouth. Licking her pussy and clit and the taste of her juice as she filled her grand pas mouth with her pussy cum. I licked and sucked her pussy as she had orgasm after orgasm. Now as me licking my cum from her mouth she wanted her cum from mine. Then the next morning I find a little fat girl in my house and I find out Lisa is not bi and hates licking pussy but has know problem letting another girl lick her pussy. Now also I find out Lisa has a DOM side and her new friend KIM is on the SUB side. Then when a lady that lives in the condo shows up I find out just how DOM and kinky Lisa can be Now these stories are in my profile in detail if you wannna follow along and catch up with the past few days.

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