Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daddy Fucks me at the Bar SeXStoRY

The next night, I met Brian at the bar after I got off work. I put the cute neon green neglige on and a black micro mini skirt. I like this neglige, it has snaps in the crotch for easy access, to get fucked in. I had bought a new pair of black stilloette's with 6" spikes. I look totally hot and can't wait to show off to every guy in the bar. When I was out in the parking lot, I called Brian and told him to meet me in the parking lot. When he came out, I was bent over the hood of my car, checking my makeup. Brian seen me, snuck up to me and grabbed my ass. I jumped at first, then smiled and asked if he liked what he saw. Brian leaned closer to my ear and whispered that every guy in there is going to want a piece of me. With that, one of his hands was up my skirt fondling my clit. I turned around, Brian lifted me to the hood and spread my legs. We were kissing passionately, feeling each other grow with our horniness. My pussy is throbbing and wants him in me badly. I reach down to his cock which is rock hard. I unzip his pants and stroke his cock a few times. Brian undoes my snaps, fingers my very wet pussy, before inserting his dick in me. Right there in the parking lot, under the light. We are breathing heavy and fucking away. Couples are walking by, whistling and commentiong that we had balls to fuck right there. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he fucked my pussy hard. It didn't take tooo much longer and he was cumming inside me. We stood there for a few more minutes, kissing and laughing. I got up off the hood, there was a pool of cum. I went to the front seat, grabbed some napkins and wiped my pussy and legs. Brian, came over to me and stuck his dick in my mouth and told me to clean him. I sucked all our cum off him and sucked a bit more. Brian was getting hard again and pulled away. He told me we can do this again, later. We walk to the door, I reached for my purse to pay at the door. The doorman tells me I don't have to pay, I paid him with the show of fucking in the lot. We walk up to the bar, get a drink, then head to the dance floor. Brian and I are basically all over each other. Groping, kissing, feeling, bumping and grinding with the music. A slow song comes on, he pulls me close. My nipples grow hard, from Brian whispering and nibbling my ears. Tender kisses on my neck are driving me crazy. I reach down to Brian's chest and rub him, til I reach his bulge in his pants. Touching him gently, me telling him how I'm ready to fuck him, again. I tell him that his dick is very thick, long and delicious. My pussy screams his name...Brian, Brian fuck me, Please!!! The dance is over, I excuse myself to go to the restroom. When I come back out, there's a few girls on the bar dancing for free shots. I have Brian help me up. I love to show myself to these horny guys and girls. The bartender is on the bar also, pouring drinks down our throats. A few guys are touching my legs and trying to get a peek up my skirt. They can see enuf of what I have. Brian helps me down, and tells these guys I'm taken. The guys go away unhappy, but they need to find their own slut. Ha ha...I just called myself a slut. Well, I look like one and feel like one...I just fucked my boyfriend in the parking lot. I go over to a table where some of my friends are, talk with them a bit. My one girlfriend is admiring my new clothes and heels. I had to tell them about my new job and they need to come in and see me. As we are chatting, I'm looking around checking out the sites. I see this guy in the corner, he's watching me. Gives me the creeps. My friends and I go to the ladies room to freshen up. The guy that was watching me, followed me to the line for the restroom. I glance over to him again, and realize it's my daddy. I was shocked to see him there, but excited in the same, cuz he got to see me being a slut on the bar. I walk over to him, he holds my head and kisses me. I tell him not here, Brian is with me. Daddy laughs and tells me, that Brian knows he's there and knows the plan of what is going to happen to me. I tell the girls I have to take this call from work and walk away. Daddy and Brian are standing together in the darkside of the bar. I kiss Brian when I got there. Daddy pulls me into the darkness, groping my tits. He puts me against the wall and strokes my body with his large hot hands. Daddy is kissing me all over. Down my neck, my chest, sucking both nipples through the neglige. I don't know if I should be happy or to be freaking out. I go to reach for daddy's pants, but he takes my arms and lifts them over my head. He holds me there as he is pulling my tits out, for easier access to suck on my nipples. I look around for Brian, seeing him stand close enuf, to watch guard. I tell daddy to let my hands go and I will not touch him. Daddy lets me loose, works his way to my skirt and pulls it up over my waist. Unsnapping my neglige with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other. Daddy squats down and kisses my cootch. Slipping his tongue in my slit, then deeper with each lick. I spread my legs apart, for his entry. Daddy lifts up, kisses me more and tells me that I'm his little whore and I will be good or he will r**e my fine ass. I alredy felt like he was raping me, but I was enjoying it too much. I reach for daddy's head and shoulders, daddy says no and slaps my tits, hard. He unzips his pants, his dick pops out like it's being freed. He tells me to sroke him to make him rock hard. I tell him, I could suck him, but he says I'm going to be punished for not listening to him. Daddy turns me around, bends me over and rams his dick, deep in my pussy. He's shoving himself in my pussy very hard. I reach up to the wall to keep my head from hitting it. Daddy tells me that I deserve to be treated like a whore. Dressing like a street walker, fucking in the parking lot, working in a sex shop and fucking my b*****r and my mom. He said that I'm being a good girl, while he pulls out of my pussy and inserts his dick in my ass. No lube or spit. I'm tellling him that I love his dick in my ass. He slaps my ass cheek hard and I say Yes. Another slap, one after another. I tell him it feels so good, when he slaps me. Daddy says he's ready to cum, pulls out and makes me suck his cum out of him. I'm sucking his cock, daddy is saying it's on it's way. He pulls out and gives me a facial. He strokes until he's empty. Pulls me up to face level, and begins to lick my face clean of his cum. When he's finished, he gets dressed and leaves me standing there, alone. I look for Brian, he's no where in sight. He walked daddy to the door. Daddy handed him some money and a hotel key. I get myself together some and head for the ladies room. Brian grabs my arm, whispers in my ear, that I just got paid for my services. Daddy paid him??? I looked at Brian and entered the restroom. I went in a stall, cleaned up, snapped up and straightend my clothes. At the mirror, I wipe my face with a paper towel. I can still feel daddy's cum on me. When I walk out, Brian is waiting for me with a drink in his hand. He asks if I was ok. I told him I was shocked, but it was fun. I don't know if I would really like to be r**ed by any other guy, though. Brian tells me to finish my drink and we will leave. We get to the cars, he helps me in mine, then tells me to meet him at the Holiday Inn, right down the street. We got there, Brian tells me daddy knows that I'm here, cuz he rented the room for us. That is his way of saying thanks for the fucking. We go to our room, I take my clothes off n head for the shower. The hot water felt good. I washed my hair and body good. When I came out of the room wrapped in the towel, Brian is laying on the bed with a pair of silk boxers and a drink. I smile at him, drop my towel. My nipples are enlarged and I'm hungry to suck on his cock. I pull his shorts down, and suck on his almost hard cock. He lets me suck for a while, then rolls me over. Brian tells me that I was a trooper, to be r**ed by my daddy. He then, starts to kiss me gently again. I tell Brian, that I don't want to fuck anymore tonight. Brian tells me, that tonight will be special. He gets up, lights a few candles and turns the lights down low. He slides into bed next to me, rubbing my body, gentle touches here and there. Things progressed into a love making session. Everything is slow. nothing fast, some hard, but mostly slow and sensual. I rode his cock a few times, but I deserved to be loved. We made love almost all night. The last time I seen the clock it was 4 in the morning. When Brian came in my pussy, we both got up, went to the bathroom, then back to bed. We snuggled together before going to sl**p. I woke up to the smell of breakfast....

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