Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So in case you couldn't tell from my profile here on xhamster I love sex. A nobrainer right? I have been obsessed with fucking sucking and cumming since I was shall we say very youthful. While watching the miniseries finale of the "Titanic" my mind began to drift thinking about my older aunt Selena , well she really wasn't my aunt she was my step-dad's younger s****r and she was only 6 years older than I was. Well she had recently began going out with this guy named Eddie and I had to admit I thought Selena got a catch. He was such a guy and had so much testosterone as any 17 year old could ever have. His body didn't have an ounce of fat on him and his chocolate skin was smooth and beautiful. He gave me a hard time, calling me faggat, but he generally treated me awesome and I wanted to suck his cock so bad. Maybe he could tell. Well any way I was responsible for Eddi and Selena's first fuck, yep that's right. Selena was baby sitting me and as was always the case when Selena did that Eddie would come over and they would make out in front of me or while I watched tv and it kept getting hotter and heavier each time and it was during this that I saw Eddie huge cock for the first time. His massive black cock bulging out of his sweats. I wanted to see more and I am sure that is what made me encourage them to fuck. She made me watch television but I could see in the floor mirror across the room and she failed to notice this. She sat in that chair with only a night gown on and no panties she had light-skinned tone and her pussy was hairless except for a small bit left above her clit. He began to eat her pussy and he knew what he was doing she moaned as he lapsed at her teen snatch with his mouth. I felt my cock gettin hard and my heart beat rising since the light were completely off the only light came from the T.V. so not to mention that the were so busy fucking I figured that they wouldn't notice if I dry humped the carpet. I watched as he pulled down his sweats and reveal his firm round ass it was perfect. I looked as his huge balls and wanted to suck them. He moaned out so lustfully as his cock slid into Her tight teen pussy and I could see that she was already juicing as his big teen cock moved in and out of her. "oh fuck oh fuck uhhuh gimme that pussy girl gimme that pussy" He moaned. He was fucking her nice and really fucking steady and I lay on that floor grinding my cock causing my cock to rub against my underwear and jeans. I watch his ass and he moved back and forth with her legs spread wide open and I can still remember the smell of her pussy as it filled the room the scent getting stronger and stronger the more he drove his cock into her, piledriving that juice tight teen pussy with his massive black teen cock. I watched and I humped the floor getting more intense right along with them. "uh uh uh ugh ugh ugh." Selena moaned. He was really humping now and breathing hard and sweating. "fuckin gimmie that pussy yes yes oh f-f-FUCK! I GONNA CATCH DIS NUT! OOOOOOOOH SHIIIT!" I watched as Eddie stuck his entire cock in side her pussy and say his huge balls disappear inside him. I could see his cock pulsing as his young teen cum filled her teen pussy, his taint pulsed with every shot inside her. His legs shook and his voice got real soft as he moaned out "OOOOH SHIIIT" She came as well and her moans were stifled and low and I could hear her juices hitting the carpet as they fell from her pussy. Then after all of that marvelous fucking I hear the back door open and it's my MOM. I don't know how they did it but he managed to pull his cock out and sit on the couch covering his huge cock with a pillow. I also experienced something else that night...I busted my nutt for the first time.

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