Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Summer of 2000 Page 3 SeXStoRY

Right on time a limousine pull up at my house. In a few minutes we were at the small county airport. While walking to a small Gulf stream airplane that was waiting. She said “this is my company plane, do you like it”. I nodded by head. Once we were off the ground Al relaxed from business. She turn off the cell phone, took off her business suit, shoes, and asked me “have you ever had sex at 30,000 feet before”? Then I said “have you” then we both smiled. Al was wearing a black leather skirt. Also she had on a lavender blouse that hugged around magnified her womanly characteristic. My eyes could not be pulled off of her breast standing straight out pointing right at me. Plus the black skirt against her sun-baked golden skin was too much for this man to resist. Al smelled like a sweet rose that has just been picked after the morning dew. She was very tantalizing. “Please Al just one stroke of those breasts” I thought. We were the only passengers, we had total privacy. I wanted her right then and there and picked off every petal. Soon we were drinking wine, kissing, hugging and feeling each other at 30,000 feet in the air. After a bit Al told me that she was tired and needed a nap. That my lap looked just fine for a pillow. When Al laid her head in my lap, her sweet perfume coming from Al was to much. I finally got up the nerve to ask her. "Al" I said, "why did you invite me on this trip?" Al said "you are special to me. I know I am old enough to be your mother but being with you make me feel young again. You bring out the sexual fire within me that I thought died years ago. You have showed me there is more to life than running my company”. Then Al went to sl**p on my lap. In New Orleans we check into a 5 star hotel. This was way out of my budget. We made ourselves comfortable while looking out on the Gulf from our hotel suite. For the next few days we had sex in every room. We had sex in every thinkable position and way. I remember one time Al said, "Hon you are my prisoner. I am going to fuck you. I am your master. You will do anything I say or be whipped. You must meet my high standards. So don't think of quitting" Al ordered. I can't remember everything that went on. I was laying face down on the bed with my A hole facing the ceiling. Then I felt a warm sensation being pushed into my buttock. It was painful at first. It was warm water. My buttock was being clean out. Then you took your tongue and licked my ass. You was not finish with me in that helpless position. I felt like a stuffed pig with a apple in his mouth over a fire getting roasted but loving it. You came back with a can of whip cream. You applied the cream all over my body. Then you started to lick and eat the cream off of me. The only thing I could do was to watch you eat the cream off of my tits. I could feel your white teeth as they were bitting my tits making them stand at attention waiting for more orders. Then you came at me again, you got on top of my dick and rode him. My dick was still wet with your saliva and whip cream. My dick was giving a command performance. I tried to stay with it as long as possible. But I blacked out from the ecstasy. I know one thing my head was about to bust {both of them}. You must of given me a pardon because I was not whipped. I woke free from the chains that bind me. I had many chances to make Al scream "Ohhhh La La" from the tops of her lungs during the vacation. Each time I enjoyed hearing it from her strong but delightful voice. She worship me and took full advantage of our time together. This was one of those times that you do not wanted to end but it must! The kind that passes once in a lifetime. The kind a men dreams about. But Al had another surprise in store. As we were landing Al offered me a job as her private personal assistant. I said, “I did not know what the duties are”. Al said,“in this position you would help me with my daily business and personal affairs. You would come and live with me to make getting you easy. It has a health salary with a excellent benefit plan. I have added a special fringe benefit that can’t be matched ... me.” Laura is my right hand lady at the office, you would be my right hand man everywhere else.” I did not let a minute go by before saying “When can I start”. At which Al replied “Now if you wish”. We exchanged a brief kiss. At that point we heard the wheels of the airplane hit runway. Al and Laura were my Queen’s. It was my privilege to satisfy my Queen's in any way I could. Nothing was too much that I was willing to do for you'll. There is not to many men who has such awesome boss and workmate like Al and Laura. I am glad that I had the chance to know them the way I did in the Summer of 2000.

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