Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sophie's Choice SeXStoRY

“Dad, can I talk to you?” I looked up from my paperwork at my daughter. She was growing up fast. Too fast some may say but I’ve never met the man who didn’t like the looks of a pretty young girl and Sophie was pretty. Very pretty. Classic English Rose. Slim, blonde and with a beautiful complexion. Her blue eyes were pale and hypnotizing. Her smile was radiant and seemed to light up the room. I know she’s my daughter but I’ve heard some very favourable comments from people not realising that fact and very graphically describing what they’d like to do with this young girl! I was slightly worried that the comments turned me on somewhat but I could see what they meant. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “It’s a little awkward…..” She was obviously nervous and I felt I knew what was coming. “You’re not, Are you? Pregnant!” “No! I‘m not!” She snapped back. “Quite the opposite!” “What do you mean ‘quite the opposite’?” I said. “What’s the opposite of being pregnant?” “What?” “Sorry,” I said shaking my head. “Stupid question. Well if it’s not about sex, what is it?” “We-ell,” she said looking awkward. “It is about sex, really.” “Ah!” I could feel the bl**d rushing to my face. “Look, love. It would probably be better if you spoke…..” “If you’re going to say talk to mum then forget it. She’s given me the lecture but this she can’t help with.” My mind was racing with various ways of describing what boys do. This would test all my descriptive powers as an author. “Well,” I said and cleared my throat. “I’ll do what I can.” I was frantically telling myself to calm down and not think that I was talking sex with a very attractive young woman in her school uniform - NO! Don’t think of the uniform! Cross legs! “I’m a virgin!” Oh, Fuck! Place hand strategically to mask……Look casual! Clear throat! Stammer like and idiot! “Well…er….em….well…er….that’s….er….good? No! I mean that’s good!” “No, dad. That’s NOT good.” “It’s not?” “No!” “Erm…..Why?” Because I’m the only virgin in my class!” she was glaring at me as though I was an idiot for asking. I shook my head. “And the problem is?” “I want to be fucked!” “Yes, well…You want to be WHAT?!” “Fucked!” Now I dare any one of you reading this to say they would handle this calmly and with ease. I felt like I’d been slapped across the face with a sandbag. “Sophie!” I finally managed to blurt out. “You can’t come to your father and stand there and tell him you want to be fucked! And you shouldn’t be using that sort of language anyway.” “Why?” “Because it’s not the sort of language a lady uses.” “Mum does!” “What?” “When you are in bed at night. I can hear you.” she said then, mimicking her mother. “Oh, John! Fuck me! Fuck me hard and make my cunt sing!” I was staring at her. “Don’t tell me,” she said. “It’s a goldfish isn’t it? That’s what you’re impersonating.” I closed my mouth and waited for the words to form. “You listen to your mother and me….” “Fucking? I can’t help it. ‘Oh, you dirty whore. Ride me you filthy fuck-bitch!” “Yes, yes! All right,” I snapped. She had a half smile as she spoke again. “Suck me, bitch! Suck my fucking prick hard!” she said, her voice in a low parody of mine. “Enough!” She was smiling. I thought for a moment. “Well, I suppose it was bound to happen one day and to be honest, your mother had lost her virginity before she was your age,” I said. I was surprised at how calm and rational I was being but any father of a daughter knows she’s going to lose it sooner or later. “First you need to make sure of contraception….” “I’ve been on the pill for ages, dad.” Oh! Good! That’s….good. Yes!” There was an awkward silence before I spoke again. “And…er….who’s the lucky guy?” I had images of some of the boys in her group. I wouldn’t have chosen any of them and I hoped it wasn’t going to be someone with hair less than a millimetre long and tattoos up onto his forehead. “You!” It took a while to sink in. “What?” “I want you to fuck me.” “I’m your father,” I said incredulously. “I know,” she said moving in and placing her arms around my neck. “And I want my daddy to take his little girl to bed a fuck her til she screams out like mum does!” “Sophie!” “Oh, come on, Dad,” she said in a teasing way. “You know you want to.” “I do not!” “That bulge in your trousers tells me you do.” Bollocks! I thought I’d hidden it. Her left hand went down and grasped my right wrist. Un-resisting I let it be guided. I felt the material of her skirt and then…. “Fuck, Sophie!” “Yes, Daddy dear. No knickers and you can feel I’m ready for your lovely, stiff cock.” She wasn’t lying. I could feel no hair on her and her soft cunt lips were wet with her juices. She was rocking her hips back and forth on my finger and I was transfixed. My finger had found her hole and was probing it. I hadn’t even noticed she’d let go of my wrist and both hands were holding my face, tilting it slightly as she moved her face closer and closer. Her soft, pouting lips were moist and red and her tongue just probing between them. Then they were on mine and we were kissing, our tongues fighting against each other. I thrust my finger deep into her and she gasped, her breath in my mouth. She pulled her face back and smiled at me. “Finger first, then prick and then, Daddy lover, all your lovely spunk.” “Sophie, love….” “Sssshhhh!” she said placing a finger on my lips and drawing my hand out from between her legs. She lifted it to her lips and sucked my middle finger, the one that had penetrated her. She placed it to my lips and I could taste her on it. Then she bent her knees and knelt before me. I was totally transfixed, like a dirty old man watching a porn movie. She knelt and her fingers lowered the zip on my fly. When I though later I should have been amazed that she did it so well and expertly. Her small hand slipped inside and into my boxer shorts. Gently she gripped my erection and tugged. It bent just enough to emerge into the light. I watched her face as she gazed in fascination at it, easing my foreskin back fully revealing my knob. Gently her soft lips made contact with the smooth head and she kissed it, slowly working her way around it. Then her tongue, licking all around and under the ridge, the fraenulum underneath, that oh so sensitive spot. Finally she worked the tip of her tongue up and into the eye. It felt delicious and suddenly her mouth was wide open and she had engulfed it. I could feel her tongue under it as it slid deep into her mouth. She was pumping her head back and forth on my erection and I could feel myself building to a climax. “Sophie, Love,” I said. “Stop or I may…..” She pumped harder, resisting my attempts to move her then it came. “Oh, Fuck! Oh, Shit! Oh you dirty little fucking whore. Of Fuck! YES!” I shot a load into her as she clamped her lips around my shaft. Finally she pulled back and smiled up at me. “They told me it was delicious,” she said, licking her lips. “It really is.” I hadn’t been this turned on since I first fucked her mother. “You dirty little fuck-bitch,” I said, standing and picking her up, throwing her over my shoulder and striding to our bedroom. I threw her on the bed and pushed her legs wide, burying my face between her spread thighs. I heard her sigh as I began an assault on her. She was writhing as my tongue worked between the wet lips of her bald cunt and found first her clit then her fuck-hole. She was almost screaming but not quite. A few more licks and she went over the top and a long, low moan began before she went into the free-fall of orgasm. “Oh Yes! Oh, God Yes! Oh fuck. OhhhhHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!!!!” I climbed onto her. “No! Not yet!” she said panting. “Let me calm down a bit.! “Bollocks young lady. You wanted fucking and you’re going to get it. Get your clothes off!” “No! Rip them off me. r**e me, Dad. Take me by f***e. I want…..” She never finished. I took the white blouse in both hands and ripped, the buttons and some material gave. Her small bra was thrust up over her tiny tits and I mauled the small mounds, my cock was at her hole and I thrust. She was so wet she just opened up and it slid deep into her and I was pumping as I kissed her face and neck and squeezed her tits and told her what a dirty little fucking whore she was. She agreed and urged me on. “Fuck me, Dad! Fuck your little girl’s cunt like you fuck mum. Fill me up you dirty bastard. And I fucked her. Hard! I can’t remember hen I’d been so turned on before. She was moaning and cumming. Juice was running out of her and covering my balls and I knew the bed would be soaking wet but I didn’t care. “Oh, You fucking little whore!” I screamed as I shot my spunk deep inside her belly. “Oh you dirty fucking slut. Take that you whore.” “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!” was all she could say as I finished and slumped on top of her. “Well at least that’s all over,” my wife said from the doorway. I was stunned and rolled off the panting girl who turned her head and smiled. “Hi, Mum!” she said. “Hi, Love. Feel better?” “Mmmmm, yes thanks.” They turned to look at me. It was Julie who spoke. “Guess you’re going to be a busy boy in future. Lucky we got an Emperor sized bed isn’t it?” I guess my mouth was open. She grinned. “Let me know when you’ve recovered. I fancy some of what she’s just had and I think Sophie might like another helping too.” It’s a hard life!

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