Friday, March 1, 2013

Diana - 3 SeXStoRY

When Mark moved towards her, she flushed with bright redness. He pulled her by the elbow and ordered her stand, once he had released her bond ankles. She rose and immediately hung her head, even though she could not see the person in the room with Mark. Mark pulled her chin back up and removed the leather strap and dildo from her mouth, after warning her not to speak. Then he removed the blindfold from her eyes. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light in the room. When they finally did adjust, she saw before her another woman. She was surprised when she saw a tall, large framed woman standing there in the middle of the room. This woman looked stern and quite muscular. Diana could not understand what was in store for her now. She was not very excited by this new turn of events, but said nothing. Her face still flushed with embarrassment. Mark walked to the woman and instructed Diana, "This is your mistress Diana. She will care for you in almost all ways. She will bath you, feed you, prepare you for me, and punish you if it is necessary." Diana remained quiet. She was not sure she liked this, but considering the position she was in, with her hands bond tightly behind her, she did not believe there was anything she could do about the situation. She knew if she objected to Mark, especially with this woman in the room, he would be f***ed to punish her for her disobedience of speaking when she had been warned not to speak. She decided to keep her tongue quiet and wait for a more appropriate time to speak with Mark. "You shall call her Mistress Nancy or just Mistress. You shall answer her always using her name, Mistress. Do you understand?" Diana shook her head up and down to indicate she did understand. "You will obey your new Mistress or you will be teased beyond your beliefs and not be permitted to cum. Do you understand?" Diana again shook her head up and down. She was realized she was excited, but she was also embarrassed. Here before her stood a woman she did not know, yet was expected to call her Mistress and respond to her orders and obey her. Plus suffer the humiliation of having her bottom spanked by this total stranger if she did not obey. Mark walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Diana now faced her mistress by herself. Diana shifted her weight from one foot to another. Becoming nervous with the contemplation, of what was to happen now. Her love box beginning to ooze moisture with the exhilaration of the unknown activities that lay before her. Mistress Nancy said nothing, but walked to Diana and surveyed her nude body. She reached for her elbow and turned her around. Diana could feel her looking at her hot, red buttocks. Mistress reached out and touched her buttocks firmly, Diana wrenched froward from the pain she felt. Mistress Nancy still said nothing. She moved back to the front of Diana and pushed her hand in between Diana's leg. She probed her pussy with two fingers. Diana now more embarrassed than ever by the moistness of her hot, pussy. Mistress Nancy found Diana's clit and began stimulating it with her fingers. She ordered Diana to spread her legs, Diana did so without argument. Mistress Nancy continued to rub her clit, stimulating Diana to the edge of an orgasm. When she felt Diana reaching the point of explosion she stopped and withdrew her fingers. She pressed her wet, dripping fingers to Diana's mouth and ordered her to suck on them. Diana did not open her mouth. "This will not do at all young lady." Diana felt herself twitch from the restlessness of her pussy, now growing hotter and hotter. Mistress Nancy walked over to her, took her hand and turned around leading her to the cupboard. Diana shuffled behind her as a c***d would do, dragging her feet a bit, knowing she was going to be punished for her wrong behavior. Mistress Nancy reached into the cupboard and pulled out a wooden paddle . The paddle was thin, about five inches wide and had small holes drilled through it spaced about a half inch apart. The holes drilled in the paddle , Diana would later learn, were placed there to remove the cushion of air between her buttocks and the paddle . The air cushion eliminates the sting of the paddle . Mistress Nancy walked to a chair on the other side of the room. She sat down and looked back at Diana seated in the middle of the room. "Come here c***d." Diana obeyed. She could feel the excitement mounting in her clit now, and she could feel the moisture building and dripping onto her inner thighs as she walked towards her mistress. "Come here closer to me." Diana stepped closer, with great apprehension, and yet a thrilling sensation within her belly and expectant ass. "All right Diana, lay across my knees and receive your punishment." Diana leaned over her mistress's lap. She was embarrassed, felt humiliated, and yet she could feel the warmth of her juices flowing from her pussy. "If you scream, the spanking will be longer and harder," Mistress Nancy said. Diana's buttocks were still somewhat red from the morning spanking session and there were some minor bruises on them. Mistress Nancy softly, with open hand, rubbed Diana's bottom, making the nerves come alive and excited. "I will be extremely harsh with you if you should wiggle about or move, so I suggest you lay perfectly still across my knees." Diana knew this tone, it sounded like her mother when she used to get spanked. She knew better than to move. The spanking began. Mistress Nancy did not hit her hard with the paddle , she only made her buttocks sting slightly. Diana thought, hey, this is easy, I can do this without a problem. She could hear her Mistress counting under her breathe, 11, 12, 13, 14, and Diana felt her bottom warming up as her Mistress got closer to 15. At smack 15 the blows became a little harder, increasing slowly, about every four or five slaps of the paddle , so by the time her Mistress reached the count of 25 the slaps were harsh and hurting. Diana's excitement was increasing. Then Mistress Nancy said, "You have been a bad, bad little girl. I will not tolerate that, nor will your Master." This excited Diana even more. She felt her pussy aching for a male organ to enter it and satisfy her. But she knew this was not to happen. The spanking continued until her Mistress reached thirty with the paddle . Mistress Nancy reached down to Diana's tender ass, slowly she let her fingers drift over the soreness of it, making Diana all but cum when she placed her fingers in between her crack and pushed on her anus. The thrill filled Diana's body. She had tears in her eyes from the stinging slaps of the paddle and yet felt the overpowering excitement of sexual fulfillment. Diana then was told to stand. She did so. Mistress Nancy once again pushed her fingers into Diana's hot, dripping pussy, pulling her fingers in and out. She then pulled her fingers up to Diana's mouth and told Diana again to suck her fingers. Diana spread her lips quickly this time and took her Mistress's fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them for only a few minutes then her Mistress withdrew them. Mistress Nancy stood back and looked at Diana. "Now bend over and Diana." Diana did as she was told, fearing another series of sharp slaps on her already painful, almost raw bottom. Instead she felt her mistress grab her by the hips with one hand, then she felt her other hand probe her asshole. Then she felt a thick butt plug about three inches long and two inches in diameter being inserted into her ass with some f***efulness. She squealed when it was pushed into her without lubrication. Mistress demanded Diana to stand. Diana did so immediately. "Now c***d, come to me. We will bathe you before your master comes back." Diana walked slowly towards her mistress, Mistress Nancy reached out and pulled Diana by the elbow, commanding her to walk faster. As Diana walked, the pain of her buttocks came back as a reminder of the result of disobedience. The butt plug still pushed inside her anus hurt when she walked, and the faster she moved the more it hurt. Mistress pulled her along quickly, noticing her discomfort and pain, she pulled her faster, taking pleasure in Diana's situation. They moved out of the room into the bedroom, then across it to the bath. Mistress Nancy then took Diana and f***ed her to bend over, and without saying a word, pulled the dildo from her butt hole. She then stood her up, undid the her leather halter and let it drop to the floor. Diana's tender nipples were hard and firm. Mistress Nancy dropped her hand down to the hard titties and pressed on each nipple. Diana became excited all over again. Mistress Nancy then told Diana to lay down on the floor of the bathroom. Diana did as she was told. her mistress then told her to lay back with her legs spread wide apart. Diana did so, and as she did her mistress got down on her hands and knees and with her fingers probed Diana's cunt. She was still very wet from her earlier pleasures. Mistress Nancy pushed her fingers in and out of Diana's warm pussy, then suddenly withdrew them and with a quick motion, slapped her pussy area with her open hand. Diana responded by putting her hands between her legs, "Move your hands or I shall be f***ed to blister your bottom." Diana, with hesitation did as she was ordered. Her Mistress slapped her pussy again, causing it to burn and tingle at the same time. She slapped it several times, until it became red from her hand, then pushed her fingers deep within her cunt and Diana arched her hips upwards and started to cum with an exploding orgasm. Her mistress quickly removed her fingers, leaving Diana in the worst possible way, begging, silently for her to enter her again with her fingers. Instead, her mistress slid down on the floor and buried her head into Diana's crotch. Her tongue flicking at the lips of her vagina. The speed of her tongue increased and Diana felt herself heaving with desire again. Mistress Nancy then, with her tongue moving quickly, reached up and slapped Diana's pussy triangle with several sharp, fast smacks, then thrust her tongue deep into her, causing her to explode all over her mistress's face. Mistress Nancy then lifted her head and reached for Diana's hips. Without even realizing what was happening, Diana found herself face down on the floor and her mistress's tongue now on her bare bottom. She eased her tongue down her crack, teasing her, exciting her all over again. Her mistress then reached to Diana's clit again and began rubbing it quickly, as her tongue probed Diana's anus. She then removed her tongue, and with one hand in Diana's cunt, she moved her finger to her sore anus and pushed two of them in as deeply as she could. She began a slow, rhythmic movement, then speeded her movement up until Diana came once again, screaming her moaning pleasure at the time of release. Her mistress stood up and ordered Diana into the bath tub, and after washing her own face off, she began to slowly wash Diana, lingering her fingers over her clit and moving the wash cloth slowly back and forth, causing her some excitement again. Once she had finished bathing her, she dried her off sensuously touching her body. Diana's mistress ordered Diana to sit on the toilet and relieve herself. Diana was very embarrassed by this, but obeyed. She then told her to go into the bedroom and take a nap. Diana said, "Yes mistress," and walked out of the bath and laid down for a nap. sl**p found her quickly, as she was exhausted from the mornings activities. Diana woke, seeing it was dark outside. She got up and went to the bathroom then returned to the bed. She lay there on her side just dozing lightly, when Mark walked into the room and sat beside her on the bed. He gently touched her back, then moved his hand down to her buttocks, rubbing them firmly, but with tenderness. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. She felt excitement rise within her. He leaned over and kissed her tenderly. He then whispered in her ear, "I think we will forgo further training tonight my sweet." Diana was slightly disappointed, but not greatly, for as Mark continued to kiss her he also continued to rub her bottom and the soreness of it was extremely high. She was relieved to a point. Mark's fingers continued to rub her bottom. She tingled, for his touch reminded her of the pain and pleasure she had felt earlier. He slowly, methodically rubbed her bare bottom, over and over again. He then stood and removed his clothes and return to the side of the bed. He turned Diana over on her back, she wrenched when her bottom touched the bed, Mark did not react. He placed his fingers on her breasts and slowly teased her nipples. He then rose and walked to a big easy chair across the room and told Diana to come sit on his lap. She rose and went to him. He pulled her down slowly on his nude lap. He again started playing with her nipples, they reacted, becoming firm and protruding. She could feel his penis getting hard beneath her bare buttocks. His fingers moved down the front of her nude body and when they reached her triangle he let them teasingly linger there. He placed his left arm across her back and pulled her legs out straight over the right arm of the chair. His left arm supporting her back reached around her slim frame and played gently with her left breast, touching it ever so lightly and occasionally pinching it gently. His right hand moved to the top of her slit and began to rub slowly. He moved his fingers almost in slow motion and Diana felt herself becoming excited and moist. He continued this action for about four minutes, then slowly increased the speed of his fingers. She was getting very excited now and with his cock getting harder beneath her sore buttocks she was reacting even more. When her juices dripped onto his lap he told her to go to the bed and kneel down on her knees with her face and upper body laying flat on the bed. She did so, with the excitement building and now she began is anticipate his hand across her bottom once again. He instead moved to the bed and went behind her and entered her anus. He thrust himself into her hard and then slowly pulled back so his cock was still in her but only the rigged lip of it. He then thrust himself back into her with f***e and speed. Each time he did this his hip area slapped against her very tender, pink ass, giving her a thrilling pleasure to her body. He continued to do this speeding up his motion a bit each time, first in then out. His fingers made their way to her cunt and he teased and lightly pinched the lips of her fold. When he felt she was about to cum he withdrew his shaft and told her to turn over and keep her legs spread apart. She did as he asked and he then mounted her from the front. He pushed his hips forward entering her with some f***e, then removed his cock, and began the process over again. His hands reached under her buttocks and his fingers moved over the soreness of her bottom until they reached her anus. He pulled her buttocks apart and then slowly, with the same rhythm of his cock, pushed a finger into her ass. Pushing in and out. He then quickly increased his speed. He removed his one free hand from her bottom and placed it on the right tit and began to circle the nipple slowly, then pinching it ever so lightly. He then stopped touching the nipple and increased his speed of entry to her cunt with his swollen cock, and into her ass with his finger. As they both reached the point of climax, Diana moaned loudly and Mark reached back to her nipple and pinched it quite hard, sending waves of pleasure through her body and she climaxed again. He withdrew his limp member from her and pulled back to lay beside her. They lay there for nearly thirty minutes. Then Mark kissed Diana tenderly on the lips and asked, "Did you like the events of the day?" Diana whispered softly, "Yes, darling. Though I must admit I was not thrilled about a mistress, not at first anyway." "Well my sweet, I do not want your to be a total slave to me. I do want you to sense my needs and desires, as I wish to do with you. I knew you would love being bound and disciplined. I could feel it quietly laying beneath the surface of your desires." Diana leaned into him and pressed her lips hard to his, her tongue probing his mouth. She withdrew and said, "Darling, my desire is to please you. Lead me to your most erotic pleasures." In the days that followed Mark and Mistress Nancy taught Diana many new things of pleasure for Mark and herself. Soon after, Mistress Nancy was thanked, paid for her services and left. Now, thirty years, and three c***dren later, whom they never raised a hand to, the ritual of pleasure they both love still continues.

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