Friday, March 1, 2013

Kitchen aimed at sub ladies SeXStoRY

As I walk into the kitchen I wonder to myself why you are cooking in a short skirt, stockings, suspenders and a very tight top? And why are you bending over to the oven when we’re having salad? Well I never, where I expected to see some nice panties I see two shiny butt cheeks with something very nice nestling in between. You turn around and flash me a cheeky grin – I know that grin and it means only one thing – you have an itch deep inside your pussy and it needs scratching and quickly! While you are finishing putting the salad things away I have a quick look around the kitchen and in the kitchen drawers – ah yes some string, two pegs and..yes perfect! With the string attached to the pegs I put them on table and walk up behind you at the sink. I put my hands round your waist, under your top and move them up to cup a breast in each hand – letting the nipples slip out between my fingers as they blossom and enlarge. I pull you back towards me and you can feel my hardness easily spreading your butt cheeks. You start to push back but I’m not allowing that and step back slightly. I lean forwards and blow your hair to one side and start kissing your beautiful long slender neck . Out of the corner of my eye I see her hand move ut of the sink and start edging down towards your groin – naughty girl – I firmly increase the pressure on your nipples and nibble firmly on your ear lobe. You nod with understanding . I ease my hands down to your hips and slowly turn you round – I then move them up again raising your top over your head. Whilst your hands are above your head, with mine holding them, I move forward and start flicking at your nipples with my tongue, then sucking them in turn and finally nibbling at them with my teeth. I see that you are rubbing your legs together and I know from experience that you are starting to drip. Keeping your hands wrapped in your top I walk you over to the kitchen table and put your face down. I step back and you can hear me unzipping myself and pulling my clothes off. All this time I am watching you and can see some your cum dribbling down your thighs. You can feel my breath against your arse and feel as I gently peel your lips apart slightly. Then you feel a quick sensation of pain as I clip each lip with a peg. My cock brushes against your arse as I lean over and put a piece of string in each of your hands – I tell you not to move your hands until you are told. I hold my cock in my hand, peel back the foreskin, and rub the top all round your lips, up and down your thigh and eventually around your arsehole. I then put it right between your thighs and start to gently pull it backwards. I see the pegs move – you’re trying to open yourself up for comes my secret weapon – a few quick slaps on your arse with a plastic spatula works wonders. It also leaves some nice little lines. You take a sharp intake of breath but I can see your thighs closing and yet more cum dribbles out of you. A couple more slaps and I tell ypu to pull on the strings – pegs move and your pussy opens up to me. I slide the first four inches in and just hold it there – daring you to push back – for once you don’t and for this you will get a reward. I pull out of you and lie on the floor beckoning you to come and sit on my rampant cock as it stands upright. Your come down with a knee either side of me and your pussy walls slide down my cock. Before I let you start I pull you forward by your hair and French kiss you while tweaking your nipples. Eventually I let you up and nod that you can start – I know that his is one of your favourite positions because you can dictate both the pace and the depth of cock you take. I like it because you do all the work, including rubbing your own clit, and I can just look into your eyes and see how slutty you become. Today is no exception you work your hips slowly to start with but as you fondle your clit more you get faster and lean forward so that your back thrust ram me hard into you! Quickly you are starting to pant and your eyes glaze over and I feel a warm gush as you cum all down my length. As you lean forward and take the weight on your palms I lift my buttocks off the floor and start taking my pleasure – I’m sliding in and out of you so quickly because your juices have made you so slippery. Again I pull your hair to kiss you and clench my whole body as I climax inside you. I roll you onto your back open your legs, reach for my phone, and take a picture of our mixed cum running down your thighs.

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