Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun in a chapel bathroom! SeXStoRY

My boyfriend and I are a very horny couple. We were 18 when we had this sexy time together. I have a fetish for big hands and my boyfriend has big hands. My name is Mary and my boyfriend's name is Sean. I hope you enjoy our story, cause I know we did! ;) I went over to my boyfriend's house on a Monday like I always do. We were pretty horny all day, but unfortunately couldn't do anything about it because his dad was in the house. His dad goes to the Adoration chapel at his local church, he is some kind of "keeper" there and goes every Monday night at 7 and prays for an hour. There is a nice little "waiting room" area, so we don't have to sit in the actual chapel. This chapel at this time is always empty, though there are just a few church goers at that time as well. His dad doesn't like to leave us at home alone at the time, so we were f***ed to go with. When we arrived my boyfriend and I went into the waiting room area and sat down on the floor to wait for his dad. As soon as his dad left us, my boyfriend threw his hand on my left breast! "Sean, what are you doing?! This is a holy place!" I whispered. "So...I can't help it. You are looking pretty hot right now, Mare." he whispered back. I blushed and thought about his big hands holding my breasts when we have sex and I could feel myself already getting wet. He got up and took my hand, he led me into the hallway of the waiting area and brought me to the bathroom door. He opened the door and coaxed me inside. "Sean, come on, we are going to get in big trouble!" I said nervously. "Shhh..."he whispered in my ear and pushed me into the bathroom. At that moment I was strangely turned on that we were being naughty. He turned the lights on and looked at me with that look he gives me when he is really horny, I blushed and looked around at the tiny one toliet bathroom. At least we didn't have to worry about anybody walking in on us. He shoved me against the wall and started kissing me, he lifted my shirt and lifted my bra up so that my breasts would fall underneath it. Rubbing his hand on my breast and tweaking my nipple made me even wetter than I already was. He wrapped his lips around my right nipple and started sucking it softly, nibbling at it occasionally to send sensations throughout my body. He slid his other hand down my pants and into my panties, feeling my clit with his middle finger. I could feel myself wanting to suck his cock so bad, I love giving him blowjobs. Rubbing my clit a little harder made me moan, so he kissed me harder to muffle the moans. I took my hand and unzipped his jeans to let feel his cock through his underwear, he was extremely hard. I could feel his pre-cum on his undies already. I made a motion to let him let go of me so I could suck but he quickly whispered in my ear "You're the only one getting played with today, baby." I looked at him puzzled and he continued to kiss me roughly. He slid his fingers into me and rubbed my clit with his thumb as I continued to stroke his cock. I started to quiver from him fingering me and soon I came, gushing my juices all over his big hand. He tugged at my nipple a little more as he played with my juices with his other hand. I was breathing heavily, shaking so much I could barely stand. He kissed my neck and asked "Ready for round two?" I gasped and before I could say anything, he shoved his fingers back into me, fingering me faster than last time. I wanted to scream for him but he quickly threw his hand over my mouth. He sucked on my nipple more roughly and moved his fingers even faster inside me. I couldn't hold it anymore, I came harder than ever. By then it was time to go, his dad would be wondering where we are so after I recovered we left the bathroom and returned to the waiting room!

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