Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finally we meet SeXStoRY

Finally we meet I see her by the arrival gate. She is waiting for me. She does not see me. In that private, strangely intimate moment of observation I poses her just fleetingly, I have her all to myself for the first time, nothing between us, just the air we are both breathing, in this one and only life. My heart beats faster and I feel just that little bit more alive for being in her presence knowing today is possibly the only time I will ever really see her. The only time I will ever touch her and be with her. A bittersweet feeling of joy and pain consumes me in the moment and I treasure it. Hundreds of people surround us but only we exist in the here and the now. I move around behind her while she watches the gate. I approach out of sight. Closer now I’m almost with her. Now all I have to do is reach out and I can touch her. She is smaller than I had expected. Her body beckons, her hips are outlined by her skirt. I am lost in the presence of her. I move closer, scared that she will sense my presence and in turning break the moment. Now inches away I can smell her perfume. Nothing else matters but the next second, beyond is the future, the unknown. I reach forward with both hands and gently, firmly grip her waist holding her still. In an instance she knows it’s me. She goes to turn but changes her mind and I can see her breathing quicken. I pull her back into me and wrap my arms around her. Silent tears of joy trickle down my face. I am choked and can’t speak a word. With a gentle hand she sweeps her hair away from her neck; offering herself to me. I accept her offering and kiss her neck; the touch of her skin electric on my lips. She turns in my arms and I truly look into her eyes for the first time. She looks shocked and worried as she sees the damp trails on my face. Her fingers wipe my face and in that instant my heart shatters, never to be whole again. We kiss... A little later we are driving to the hotel in the Taxi. My hopefully soon to be lover nestles into my shoulder. I absently stoke her hair and caress her bare arm luxuriating in the textures of her. I smile as I hold her. The reality of her warmth and femininity overpower me, I am smitten. She looks at me searching for the truth of me and sees her passion and desire reflected. She moves in and our lips touch; playing with each other we explore. I hold her tighter and she snuggles in closer, our intimacy out of place in the car. But today may be our only one and neither of us wants to waste a single second. We have spoken for days on the phone and typed books to each other over the course of our relationship. Words have little value now overpowered by the sensuality denied by our usual continental separation. Her pleasure is my joy and I can’t help responding to her proximity. We arrive and check in. Later in the room we are finally alone... We have dreamed of and planed this moment for ages. But will the reality match the fantasy? I run a bath for us as I feel grubby from the long flight. Standing in the bathroom we stare at each other, of all things a little shy at this final point of disclosure. I move closer to her. With a false coyness she crosses her arms over her chest as if offering one last barrier for me to scale to reach my prize. But she smiles and her eyes flirt with me. I take her wrists and firmly open her before me. There is just enough resistance to say respect what I offer you here today. How could I not treasure this beautiful woman. I start to unbutton her blouse. Teasing open the buttons I savour this little surrender. She watches my hands as I uncover her, an involuntary shiver runs through her as the last button is undone and her blouse hangs loose over her naked breasts. She is understandably aroused and the satin silhouettes her body’s ardour. She unbuttons the cuffs of my shirt raising each hand she kisses the inside of my wrists. She swiftly opens the rest of the buttons and strips my shirt off. I peel off her blouse and feast my eyes on her breasts. My little brain starts to take over and drive proceedings but I keep him under control for the moment; plenty of time to consummate my lust later. She moves into me, undressing me, watching my reaction she slips my pants down over my hips. Her hand drops down to my cock and she playfully strokes it a little. Fuck! This is a billion times that Skype! She steps back and unzips her skirt which drops around her ankles. She is only wearing stockings and suspenders. She strikes a playful pose as if to say, what did you expect? You told me how to dress! Like a twenties flapper she unclips her stockings and rolls them off her shapely legs. I had forgotten the tiny whisper stockings make as they are removed. I realise my cheeks are uncomfortable from the inane grin fixed on my face. Now naked we move together. I stroke her already awakened nipples with the backs of my fingers. They respond to my touch. Leaning forward she alternately licks and sucks my nipples erect. We climb into the bath feeling a little like a pair of teenagers home alone when their parents think we are elsewhere being good! We wash each other revelling in the unique intimacy of a shared moment of mutual nakedness and explore each other’s bodies. Head and tailed in the bath I wash her feet and find the places that make her giggle! We towel each other off and almost dry we head for the bed. She lies beside me looking up at me. I bury my head in her neck, kissing her and caressing her cool body. My mind starts to close down; the erotic part of me that fucks takes over, the carnal core of my being opens and drives me now. I kiss down her body. Her hand guides my head; I am her gimp, her plaything, a real live sex toy. I sink into her skin feeling its exquisite texture with my tongue and lips, the minute bumps of goose flesh made as I blow on the last few drops of water on her. My hands explore her legs coaxing her to open for me; there is no resistance now, just a mutuality to experience what up until now has been denied. I straddle her and move down to where I want to be, in the very centre of her sex. The place I could only dream of. She watches me and opens wider, her breath quickens in anticipation of my lips meeting hers. But I tease her, kissing my way across her silky inner thighs from one side to the other, each time getting closer to her. I watch her face; she is going to her erotic heart too. Her aroma surrounds my. Dew is forming along her, its scent overpowering me. With the slightest touch I start to invade her with my tongue and lips. No smash and grab this but an insistent and inevitable seduction of her delicious hot wet cunny. Textures of hair, hot slick wet flesh and now that taste. Fuck I could die now complete in my knowledge of woman; the joy of contact with the ultimate in sensual pleasure. My tongue explores deeper into her. Jesus Fucking Christ! I’m the luckiest man alive! She puts her hands on my head trying to push me into her. But I firmly move them away. Oh no! You are mine now and I will take you at my leisure. Moving up I find the little nubbin already wide awake and ready to play peeking out from under its little hooded hideaway. I use my fingers to trap it and roll it through her labia. She goes tense at the touch and added sensation. I can see her palming her breasts and rolling her nipples. Head back, her mind is closing down, focusing on her sex. The world disappears and the here and now is all. The future speculation, the past a ghost, the now is all that matters, the fleeting seconds that build this one and only life. I drink in her juices and explore that dark place of mystery from where we all come; kissing it and invading her. With my fingers I start a gentle but persistent rhythm on her clit; commencing the journey to her little death. She feels it instantly and starts to fidget to get more pressure, to increase her pleasure, but I won’t let her. She’ll cum, but her mind will be as liquid as her pussy before I push her over the edge. Still the pleasure of contact is almost intolerable. I bring my other fingers up to join in the fun. Smearing them in her honey wet cunny I start to open her pussy with slowly increasing circles just in the entrance to the slick muscle tunnel of her sex. She is moaning now and breathing hard or not at all as she is lead slowly but inexorably to climax. Each cycle I move further inside searching out her golden trigger. Gently I find it and she squeals at the touch, her breath becomes ragged. Now I have her at my bidding. My merest touch breaks her mind a little more. She is getting closer to the edge now. I firmly close my fingers around her clit, stilling my questing fingers and tongue. She hangs by a single thread of reality as I hold her undivided attention. I raise my hand. She follows like a marionette arching her back. I prop her up with my free hand and hold here there of a few seconds suspended between discomfort and pleasure. Releasing her she subsides slowly back to the bed taken slightly away from the edge of oblivion; but only a little, just enough to prolong my enjoyment of her impending ecstasy. I change my grip, looping my arms around her legs and resting my hands on her tummy, toying with her belly button. I expect I’ll need all the control I can get in a while. She is hot now, so am I, a thin film of sweat coats our body’s as we drive on towards her climax. She is primed now, just half a dozen firm strokes across her clit with my tongue and she’ll melt for me. But I’m in no hurry I’ve waited far too long for this moment to cut it short now. My tongue explores as far as it can into her. Fuck! The feeling of her slick hot cunny is glorious beyond words the taste unique and intoxicating, I drink the very essence of her sexuality. Up and down I move with no rhythm. I suck on her lips running my tongue everywhere, stimulating her and slowing melting her mind. She has all but stopped breathing now what I can feel and hear is tense and guttural as she at once holds onto the moment but desiring fulfilment. Her hand moves to her mouth and I see her biting the back of it to control herself. She whimpers as I have heard her do so many times across the phone. But his time it is me pushing her on, not her fingers or some mindless toy but me. I hear her tiny voice plead. “Can I cum? Please can I cum?” My answer is to stop. She moans in frustration. I move my attention to her little nubbin and push its hood back with my lips exposing it to my final attack. With the lightest touch I can manage I start to lick the merest tiny end of her clit. “Oh you Fucking! Bastard!” the words come from her through gritted teeth. Unknowingly she has arched off the bed. Still and tense as steel I hold her at the very edge of her little death. “Please. Please! Can I cum? Oh please may I cum?” In answer I suck hard on her clit and drive my tongue onto her little nubbin rubbing its smooth surface round and round. She bucks. Fucking Cow! Her claws dig hard into the back if my neck as she cums and cums and cums. I don’t stop, my tongue owns her now, I keep sweeping it over her clit; back and forth across her. Her legs close on me but I won’t be denied my possession of her at this moment of infinite bliss. She starts to subside a little, hands clench at the sheets, her mind driven away as she is consumed. Orgasm made manifest she struggles in my grip. But I keep at her. She tries to roll away from me but she has lost coordination now and subsides, admitting defeat and blubbering incoherently. I ease back and just suck on her clit, stretching it and her out into a final moment of stimulation. Pop; it springs away from my mouth and in one final convulsion it is done. I move up next to her and spoon her into my chest. I wrap my arms around her and protect and treasure my lover as she slowly comes back to me.

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