Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun at the Adult Theater SeXStoRY

So, here I am, entering the Adult Theater in Biloxi for the first time. I had read on the Squirt listings that it was a great place for a quick blow job, and I was planning on just that. Boy, was I in for surprise! After paying the $10, I enter the theater to find three guys standing just inside the door against the wall to the right. Trying to get my eyes to adjust to the darkness, I can tell these guys are in line for that quick suck. Looking to the left, I can sense, but can't really see, someone sitting in the last row, second seat in, bent over and sucking the guy in the first seat. The moans and slurping sounds are unmistakable. Not wanting to block anyone’s view, and wanting to horn up for my turn at getting blown, I see the seats about 6 rows down are empty and go and take a seat. Getting settled in, I see the movie is a typical M/F porn, some chick with small tits sucking a huge cock. Great! My favorite! I quickly unzip, pull out my cock and start slowly jerking, getting harder with each stroke. After a few minutes, with my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, I look around and notice the sofas on the right side of the theater. Several guys are sitting there, but none next to each other. One older guy on the leather sofa against the wall clearly had his pants down and is jerking off what looks to be a nice size cock. I can also make out someone just behind the slat wall, clearly with his pants off. I can't see anything but his legs. I suddenly hear a rustle behind me, on my left, and look back to see a guy, about 30, jerking the biggest cock I have ever seen. His shorts are down around his ankles. He lifts his balls and squeezes them hard, making that cock look even bigger. Now I'm not normally into watching guys jerk, but I can't take my eyes off that piece of meat. I can tell he's getting close to cumming as he picks up the pace. Just then, I see a black guy in the row behind him stand up, and put his semi-hard cock up to the young guys left ear. The young guy closes his eyes, turns his head, and takes that cock in his mouth. As the black guys cock gets harder, the young guy lets out a loud moan, squeezing hard the base of his cock. No mistaking that movement, he is about to cum. Suddenly, he releases his cock, raising his ass off the seat and shoots 3 streams of cum, one that lands on the seat next to me. After a couple of minutes, the young guy takes the black guys cock out of his mouth, stands up, pulls up his pants and heads for the exit next to the screen. I look back at the black guy, and he just laughs. Now I'm rock hard, and realize it's from watching this guy jerk and suck, not from the movie. Something about the openness of it all, and realizing everyone is here for the same reason, to suck or be sucked. I look back to the screen, and Small Tits is polishing the guys helmet. I suddenly wish that was me doing the polishing! I close my eyes, jerking slowly to make it last, thinking about all the cocks here that want to be sucked. I guess I've always had it in the back of my mind, but at that movement, I decide the time is right to taste my first cock. Looking back to the last row, I can tell there are two guys doing the sucking now. One's head keeps disappearing behind the seat-back in front of him, obviously blowing the guy next to him. The other guy is sitting on the aisle seat, jerking an older guy standing in the aisle. Damn, the urge is getting to me. Turning my attention to the sofas, I see the guy behind the slat wall is still there, pants off. Okay, this is the one. I don't know how big, old or anything about him (except his hairy, white legs) but decide it's time. I wish he was over in the corner, away from the aisle, but what the hell! Let everyone watch if they want to. I zip up, stand and walk over to the slat wall. Standing there, I can tell he's about 50, slightly overweight, with his shirt open, gently stroking a hard, six inch cock. Damn, this guy looks kinda like me. This going to be like sucking myself!!! I look around the end of the wall, slowly moving my gaze from his cock, to his stomach, to his hairy chest, then to his eyes. He has the unmistakable look of lust in his eyes. This guy likes to be watched! He spreads his legs apart, cupping his balls and lifting them for my approval. He then looks down at his cock, then at me. No mistaking what he wants. Can I really do this? Just then, the black guy from earlier comes up and stands next to me, looking around the edge of the wall to check out the guy on the sofa. He goes around the sofa in front of us, and sits down on the same sofa as the white guy, about 4 feet away. He smiles at me as he lifts his ass and pulls down his sweatpants. He looks at the white guys cock, then to me. He's encouraging me! Looking back at the white guy, I can see his cock tip glisten with pre-cum. He keeps staring at me. My mouth feels dry as a desert, my hands and knees won't stop shaking. I look to the back row and entry door, and see a couple of guys checking me out. Do they know? Can I do this? Looking at the screen, the chick is being fucked hard. The white guy on the sofa stirs, letting out a moan. I look and see he has removed his shirt, and is totally naked now. All of it finally gets to me. Fuck it, here goes. Stepping around the wall, I kneel between the white guys legs. He raises his right leg, putting it on the sofa, and leans back even further. I grab his cock in my hand. Perfect fit. His shaft fits in my hand just right, with the head sticking out between my thumb and forefinger. As I squeeze, his dick releases some more pre-cum. I slowly jerking him, up and down. I can smell that musky odor, getting closer and closer to the cockhead. I look over, and the black guy is smiling, lustily, licking his lips. It's now or never! Sticking my tongue out, I lick at the pre-cum. It's all over his cockhead, a lot more than I ever get. But it does help get rid of the dryness in my mouth. Looking up, his eyes are closed, and he's pinching his left nipple. I can feel him getting even harder in my hand. Licking his head, I slip it between my lips, opening my teeth as much as possible. God, but it feels so nice in my mouth. Soft, spongy and warm. I feel for his slit with my tongue, and keep licking back and forth over it, my lips soundly surrounding the head of his cock. I hear a moan and look up, but it's the black guy, staring lustily at me while he palms his dick and licks his lips. I also notice someone has moved to the corner sofa, watching. Yes, being watched definitely is turning me on. Who would have guessed? I let go of the guy’s cock, my mouth now supporting the whole thing. It fells a lot heavier and spongier. Closing my eyes and putting my hands on the guy’s hips, and after licking the head for what seems like minutes, I move my lips down his shaft, taking more and more of that cock into my mouth. I can feel his cockhead rubbing my upper palate, slowly moving further and further to the back of my tongue. After a few seconds of slowly taking more and more cock down my throat, I start to feel the gag reflex kick in. I'm not going to be able to take much more of this cock, even though it's so supple and soft. Just then, my nose touches his pubic hair, and I realize I've gone as far as I can. I move my tongue to his shaft, and try to lick the length of it while he's all the way in my mouth. I can only get about half of it. Opening my eyes, I can only see pubic hair. Slowly, I start pulling off the cock, licking the shaft as I move up. Looking up, all I can see is his belly at first. Moving up on his cock a little more, his face appears like a moonrise over the horizon of his belly. His eyes are wide open, as is his mouth. The look of lust is familiar. Once i get to only his cockhead between my lips, I grab his shaft again, slowly jerking him up and down. I can hear him moan as I remove my mouth off his cock. I see movement to my right. Someone is standing in the aisle, just inches from my face, watching. Looking left, I see the black guy and the guy in the corner has been joined by two others, all watching me, all in various stages of jerking off. Fuck, but this is so hot! Back to the action. Lifting the guys cock, I heft his balls with my left hand, and getting close, lick first the left, then the right nut. The smell of this guy is driving me crazy. That musky odor, so close to his ass. Opening wide, I take first one, then both of his balls in my mouth. This feels so strange, but great. Almost like having two very soft golf balls in my mouth. I'm salivating like crazy now, getting his balls soaked. After a few minutes, and several moans from both of us, I take his balls out of my mouth. His cockhead is glistening again with pre-cum, and I can't resist the temptation. Taking my hand off his cock, and letting it stand straight up on its own, I lower my mouth over that meat once again. Rubbing just the cockhead between my lips, in and out, I lap up the pre-cum with my tongue. This is a taste I'll never forget. Grabbing the base of his cock, squeezing hard, I start to move my mouth up and down on the shaft. In, out, stopping to lick the head just before my mouth comes off that dick. Faster, up and down, squeezing, releasing, jerking, licking. I've lost all track of time. My jaw is starting to hurt, like being at the dentist too long! But the dentist never put something like this in my mouth! I can't stop now! I need to taste his cum in my mouth, to hear him cum, and see his face and the faces of others when he cums in my mouth. The dick in my mouth is getting even harder, incredible! I can feel the throbbing with my tongue. Up and down, faster, harder. Suddenly, he starts to move his hips, up and down. I have to put both hands on his hips to keep pace with his movements. Damn, but he is so hard now. Then I hear that guttural sound, unmistakable. He's ready! I feel his hands on the back of my head, pulling me hard into his pubic hair. I can feel the gag reflex return, and have to tell myself to relax, take it all. Can't stop now. He raises his hips high and doesn't move. I hear that familiar moan, the "Oh, fuck". Suddenly, I feel the flood of cum shooting down the back of my throat. I try to move off his cock, but his grip is too firm. I can only think to keep my throat open, and swallow as fast as I can. I can feel his first shot, hitting deep in my throat. I try to swallow, but I can't, he's too deep in my throat. I feel a second shot of cum, harder than the first, fill my throat. I f***e my head up slightly off his cock, and finally have room to swallow as the third shot floods into my mouth. I grab the base of his cock, and squeeze, moving my fist up to get every drop. Moving my head up his shaft a little further, I'm able to finally taste the last squirt, not as strong as the first two, but seemingly even more. I resist the urge to swallow immediately. I want to savor and taste this. Swirling his cum in my mouth, I continue to milk his cock for more, feeling the trickle of cum with my tongue as I move my fist up and down on his shaft. He reaches down, grabs my hand, and whispers: "Stop." I know that feeling, so I stop stroking his shaft, instead just savoring the flavor of his cum and the feeling of his cock in my mouth, feeling him get softer, smaller. Finally, I swallow what's left of his cum, and release his cock from my mouth. He whispers something about great, and I whisper back: "my first time!" He just smiles. As I stand up, I look to my right, and see that 2 guys are in the aisle, watching me, both with cocks out! The black guy and the now four others on my left all are stroking hard-ons. So many hard cocks to suck! I could see I was going to be busy for a while!

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