Monday, March 4, 2013

Lost Bet with friends CFNM SeXStoRY

I've always fantasized about being nude in front of my s****r in-law's but reality can be much different. We had just moved in to our new home, and things were finally settling down. My wife had invited her two s****rs over for a barbecue to enjoy the Sunday afternoon. When Sara and Kerri arrived they had also brought there friend Wendy. Wendy had been friends with both of them since the eighth grade. The afternoon was enjoyable, we had a great dinner and the alcohol flowed freely. I suppose that the white wine was the beginning of my predicament that was soon to come. After a few hours of drinking Sara and Kerri turned in to there usual selves....very flirty! I love it when they do but how my wife feels about it is certainly anything but love. Sara is the youngest and she is just what you'd expect from the baby of the f****y. She's nineteen, super cute and has a really great ass. Her pants are always low rise, and her crack is almost permanently on display. That Sunday was no exception, she was dolled up with sexy black pants that flared at the bottom, and her cute ass looked as good as ever. As soon as Sara reached her "I'm d***k" phase she began to think and talk S.E.X! Her "I'm d***k" was really just two glasses of wine, but she made you think it was many more. Kerri, my wife's other s****r was also attractive and definitely more reserved. But as soon as she begins to let loose she's very fun. Kerri has a great body, and I've always wanted to see her naked. Kerri is also very smart and loves to come over and tease me. That Sunday was just another prime example. I myself am a very loving and responsible husband, but I do love to see her s****r's in those bathing suits! I would never cheat on my wife but I have to admit that I would love to give those girls a spanking! Every time they come and visit, they are in a bathing suits sunning them selves on my deck. That Sunday was worse because they had brought Wendy and she was tanning too. At one point I had noticed that they had undone their tops to avoid a tan line, it was a beautiful sight. After dinner, as we all sat around enjoying the evening breeze, Sara announced that we should play Strip Poker. I immediately thought how fun... but was quick not to voice my opinion, I wanted to see how my wife was going to react. To my surprise my wife smiled and said that she was in! I agreed that it also sounded fun and was ready to play. I was really excited about the prospect of seeing my s****r in-laws nude on my deck. I figured the friend Wendy was just an added bonus. We opened another bottle of wine and Sara began to deal the cards. The first hand went well. Sara lost, and pulled her black pants off first! As she did she swirled around in her chair and we all got to see her matching black g-string. Her bum was perfect, and she knew it. I smiled but my wife seemed a little irked. After all Sara clearly was showing off, and of course she could have just taken off her top first. I lost the next hand and just took off my shirt. I know it doesn't sound difficult, but when 4 women are leering at you, you begin to feel awkward. After several more hands were played things began to look very good! Sara was in her bra and panties, and Kerri had her pants and shirt off too. My wife had her top off and Wendy appeared fully clothed but really wasn't. When she lost on a previous hand she removed her bra from under her shirt. As the next hand progressed I began to become very excited, the thought of seeing Sara and Kerri nude was awesome! The next time Sara loses I will get to see her beautiful boobs! And if Kerri loses twice....I will see her little ass naked! I probably should have begun to focus more on my game than what I might see because all that speculating didn't help me win hands. In fact all it did was make my cock grow! I did lose that hand and off came my pants! Which would not have been a big deal but my dick was hard as a rock and everyone noticed it as I pulled them down. Sara made a comment and I began to blush. I was very embarrassed. Kerri asked if I was looking forward to seeing her nude and my wife told me I should be ashamed of myself. As I sat in my underwear I began to think that this was not such a good idea, and I may be the naked one not them. My wife left the table to get another round and as I turned my head back to the game I was greeted by six breasts. All three of them were flashing me. It was very quick but I loved it! They all began to laugh; they said that they just wanted to keep me hard for the unveiling! It was as if they knew something I didn't. Lucky for me my cock began to go down because on the next hand I lost! I was not happy! I was very embarrassed and now I was going to have to get naked in front of four girls. Just as I stood up to pull my pants down Kerri spoke up. " I have a proposition for you" she stated. "We have decided to offer you a deal, an opportunity to keep your underwear on and see us naked." She continued..."we will continue to play until two of us girls are fully nude, if we reach that point and you still have on your underwear you will have won! However if you lose before two of us are naked then you will have to endure a spanking in front of all of us." She continued... "your wife will spank you for 10 minutes and you will be naked!" I was laughing, I have never been spanked in public, in fact I had never been spanked at all! I had always fantasized about public nudity but as I mentioned earlier fantasies are not reality! Before I even began to reply to her outrageous proposition... Kerri said "Oh there's one more thing, if you happen to get a woody during your little punishment, you will have to jerk off in front of us!" All of them began to howl with laughter! I thought to myself absolutely no way! But before a spoke up I began to look at the odds? Would I win or would I lose? Sara and Kerri would have to lose twice before they were nude. Wendy also had two articles of clothing before she was in the buff. I figured that I would need to win at least four times before I was out of danger. What helped me make my decision was the fact that if I said no, I would need to stand up and pull my pants down right this very second. My cock would be on display and I would never live it down! Plus I figured I could still win and see both of them fully nude! My wife looked over at me and said "you really are not going to consider that deal are you?" But I was, and I quickly said "Sounds fair to me" My heart began to pound as the cards were dealt! Sara and Kerri were smiling and Wendy looked very happy too! Sara asked how I was going to feel getting a spanking in public. I told her that when I was looking at her naked it would feel great thank you very much! But my attitude quickly disappeared when I lost just moments later! I was shocked, I didn't even get to see them naked, My wife looked at me and said " Looks like you are getting a spanking!" The girls were giggling, and screaming, Sara stood up and said let the games begin!!! I was so embarrassed, but it looked like soon things were going to get worse. My wife said that she would spank me inside the house. She stood up and left the table. Kerri and Sara also jumped up and dashed inside. Wendy looked over at me and said quietly "don't' get hard!" And she smiled then left. I walked over to the couch; the girls were sitting across from me on the other side. My wife stood up and said "bend over." I knew that it was best to just get it over with so I did what she said. I bent over the couch and I began to feel really humiliated. As I lay there over the couch I could hear the girls whispering, and as I began to focus on what they were saying I must have stopped paying attention to what my wife was doing. I was brought back to reality when she put her thumbs in my waistband and quickly pulled my underwear to my ankles! I felt the cool air on my balls; I was totally nude in front of all of the women! They all giggled in unison, Sara yelled "nice ass", Kerri told me I looked great from the rear and Wendy just said "spank him"! The first spank felt funny, but after about three minutes it began to hurt. I know my ass was getting red because Sara would tell me every time the spank made a mark. After about five minutes my wife seemed to take a break. She rubbed my bum, and as she did she messaged my ass cheeks. It felt good, so I did not complain but she was actually giving her s****rs a little better view! I realized it when Sara asked to see my anus again! My wife laughed and said that because I was such a bad boy I needed a real punishment. "You should have never taken this bet, but because you did it's my job to make sure everyone gets a good show." A good show I thought to myself? What was she doing?! This was ridiculous, and I was getting even more embarrassed than before. Here I was nude, bent over in front of three cute girls! My wife continued to squeeze and rub my ass, at one point she pulled my cheeks apart and slid her finger over my hole, I squeezed my anus tighter and she began to laugh. "Did you know that when men get embarrassed that they can get hard?" Yes I knew this, and now that I'm thinking about it I did notice my cock begin to twitch! This was bad! Of course Sara started to cheer. "Get him hard, Get him hard! I want to see him cum!" I wanted to faint. The more I tried to ignore my dick the bigger it became. Kerri must have seen it move because she began to hoot too! My wife stopped her rubbing and quickly stood me upright. At this point I thought she came to her senses! Was I wrong! "Put your hands on your head hubby" She ordered. "You have two minutes left of your spanking, and I want to make sure my s****rs can see your cock on full display!" There I was standing like a prisoner, nude with a semi hard cock in front of these hotties! My wife left the room, and as soon as she did Sara ran over to me. "I bet you are really embarrassed?" she said. "I bet I could make you really hard." And with that she pulled her pants down and shook her little butt! Here I was standing there with a great looking ass on display. Kerri ran over to aid in the assault. Kerri whispered in my ear that she was getting very wet! She said "I want to see you cum, I want to suck you off!" I was toast! My cock rocketed to attention! Sara pulled her pants up and Kerri smiled wryly. I was humiliated and now it was going to get even worse! Wendy just sat on the couch sipping her wine. She smiled and said "where is my camera, this is going to get good!" It's very hard to explain how you feel when you are nude in front of 4 women. It's sexy but yet it seems like they are getting all of the fun? It had always been a fantasy of mine to cum in front of them but now it was going to happen for real! My wife returned to the room as if on key. She looked at my hard dick and smiled. "It looks like you are going to get your chance to be a star." "Nice work ladies!" My butt was red and still stung, and now I had to stroke myself until I came. I closed my eyes and began to touch myself. I pictured all of those women completely nude. I could see all of them lined up bent over across the couch. I could see there wet pussies on full display. I pictured them with red bums, as if I had just spanked each one of them. I thought about how fun it would be to slide my finger in to those really tight ass holes! I was getting close to exploding! The cum was beginning to flow when I was brought back to reality with a loud Click! My eyes popped open! It was Wendy, and her little digital Elph! She had just snapped a picture. They all laughed! Sara told me to hurry up. "Cum for us" Kerri said. I looked at my wife who just shook her head. "You lost the bet she said, it's time to cum." Wendy was now crouched like a professional photographer, clicking away. It turned me on, but I was so embarrassed. "Hurry and cum or we will spank your tush some more." I was close, here it comes....I began to shake....I was shot from my cock like an explosion. I pointed it towards Sara and like a gun on its target my load hit her breasts! A victory for me! She quickly winced and groaned in anger. My cum kept coming but with less f***e. The girls cheered and clapped! "Good job" they hooted! My wife stood up and threw a towel at me! "Clean yourself up, and get dressed." "Ladies, you've seen enough for tonight. Time to go home!" With that they stood up and began to leave. Sara smiled and slapped my butt once more. Wendy told me she had way more fun than she had expected to. Kerri said "I am glad I was able to make you hard, too bad you never got to see me nude, and you would have loved it" She was right, that would have been nice! Maybe next time I thought. When my wife returned, she told me that because I had lost the stupid bet and because she thought I was such a fool for agreeing to it that I was to be punished again tomorrow. "Tomorrow night you will get another spanking, and I have a surprise for you too!" And with that she left the room. A heard a buzz coming from the table, it was a new text message? It was from Sara, it said "I'll always have this." Attached to the message was a picture of me bent over the couch with a really red bum! I wanted to sink in to the floor, my stomach felt like an open pit! Life was not fair. Every time I would see her from now on, I would know that she has seen me nude and really, really embarrassed!

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