Monday, March 4, 2013

First Anon Sex. m2m SeXStoRY

I dont know what came over one but I agreed to it.   As the door open I laid blind folded and naked face down on my bed with three pillows under my waist.   The door shut and the next thing I heard were foot steps coming into my bedroom. All kinds of things raced though my head as my stranger got closer.    Hmmm he groaned as he saw my naked male body in front of him.     I heard the belt being undone and him stepping out of his pants.   Then I two firm hands spread my cheeks.  I could feel his hot stare as he looked at my tightly puckered rosebud. "nice and tight" he said.   He kept y cheeks spread and placed his semi hard cock length wise in my crack and rubbed his cock against me.  I could feel that he was quite thick and he quickly became rock hard.    I heard him tear open the condom package and unravel it.    He then Pulled open my cheeks again and spat 4 time onto my  hole.    He rubbed the spit around with is massive cock heat.   He seamed so big that it kinda felt like the condom was not there.     He then grabbed both off my hands and pushed then into the small of my back bearing his weight on me.   He pushed his dick hard thrusting most of it into my tight ass in one stroke.    I scream so load I probably woke the folks in the next hotel room.   I could not really resist and he fucked me hard and fast for quite a few minutes.  The pain subsided a bit, but I felt so full and as that big cock head went past my prostate, I really understood how something could hurt so good.    He then alternated with deep slow thrusts and hard fucking.   Letting my hands ago he grabbed my hips and pulled them up to him, which really pushed his cock deep into me.  After a few minutes of deep fucking he then pulled out almost all the way and then slammed it home.  As I would grunt loudly when he did this.  It hurt a bit as I could really feel my sphincter muscles getting stretched from the constant re-penetration.   He the slide forward and regrabbed my hands in the small of my back with with one hand and the other he pushed down on my neck.n he started to fuck me hard and deep and I knew he was close to coming.   As he pushed a little harder he told me that he did not put on the condom.  I resisted a little but knew in my heart I didn't want it to end and I couldn't really do any thing any way.  He was too strong.    Finally,breathing quickened and I could feel his dick swell a bit more then he pushed in as deep as he could and grunted loudly, this is going to be good.  I could feel his massive cock pump as it shot cum deep into my rectum.   I didn't think was ever going to stop cumming but after what seemed like the better part of a minute he collapsed on top of me.  He laid there and said he had not cum that hard for a long time.   He got up dressed left.   I feel a sl**p only to be waken an hour later with a strong urge to expel his huge load form my very pleasantly sore ass.     

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