Monday, March 4, 2013


couldn't believe I'd actually had the courage to drive to the address of this mystery couple I was about to meet. Sure, they seemed nice through e-mail but there was no telling what I was going to find on the other side of the door with the wreath on it. Psychopaths don't have wreaths on their doors, do they? It was one thing to go online looking for sex partners, another thing to answer an ad of a nice sounding couple, but it was absolutely gut-wrenching to be sitting in my car parked in their driveway. I needed a drink soon. I got out of my car and went to the door. There was a tiny note posted right beside the doorbell that said for me to go around the back of the house. I can follow directions so I walked along the side of the house and found the small gate in the fence unlocked and followed the path to the back of the house. There I found the promised hot tub, a really beautiful swimming pool but no people. Confused, I started to look around. There was a bucket of beer on the ground near the BBQ and a bag of pretzels sitting in a bowl nearby. It seemed as though I'd messed up the time. I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and I had to take two looks to fully comprehend what I was witnessing. The first impression was that it was a mass of naked bodies having sex in the well lit room on the other side of the french door from where I stood. As my brain processed what was going on, I could see there was a hairy middle-aged man fucking a presumably middle-aged woman that was laying on her back. The only way I knew it was a woman though was from the large round breasts that swayed in response to the rhythm of the sex she was having, because her head was fully obscured by the body of a very young and extremely sexy girl that was grinding on top of her face. Ok, I realized I probably didn't have the wrong time. I wasn't sure if I should knock or something but just as I was about to, the man noticed me and motioned me inside. I opened the door and immediately could hear the sounds of their sex. The man grunted while he fucked the older woman. The younger woman's frantic moans were piercing and brief while almost imperceptibly I could just make out the muffled sounds from the older woman's mouth. The man paused his thrusting after a few moments and told me to feel free and grab a drink and get comfortable because they would be ready for me in a minute. It was the greeting that one would get at a dental office (well, except for the drink and the nudity and the sex) and it was so delivered in such a matter-of-fact manner it made me think that what was going on was not unusual in this house I was visiting. Just then, the young woman raised up off the face of the older one so that I could make eye contact with all three of the sex partners. The older woman's face was remarkable, and not just from the wetness that was smeared all around her mouth. The older woman was easily in her late 40's or early 50's and it was shocking to compare her looks with the 20-something girl that was getting eaten out by her. Also, just how much of that wetness was saliva and how much from the young girl's pussy? The younger woman was very small in the chest and had a lean body. Her short black hair and sparkling eyes only emphasized the youth of her body. I had never seen smaller breasts in my life and the way her nipples pointed out erectly from her was a real indication of how much fun she had been having. The man was definitely in his 50's based on the gray of his chest hair and the look of his face. I noticed that he wasn't wearing a condom and his cock was quite moist from the pussy of the older woman. The man introduced himself as Terry, his wife was Jeanne, and younger woman was Riley. I wasn't sure if one shakes hands while being introduced to a threesome in the middle of them having sex, but I decided to just go for it. The three hands I shook all varied in terms of grip, but the one thing in common was how warm they all were. I really wanted that drink so I stepped outside and grabbed an icy beer from the bucket of ice and returned to see that they three of them continued how I'd originally found them. The only difference was that Riley was now facing Terry while she rode Jeanne's face. I couldn't help but wonder if Riley had done so to watch Terry fuck his wife or perhaps Jeanne wasn't just licking Riley's pussy anymore. I decided that it really didn't matter and figured after a few sips of my cold beer that it was time for me to get naked. I took off my shirt and undid my shorts and slid them off. I noticed that Riley was checking me out and it was fun to pull down my boxer briefs a little slowly for her and let her see the almost fully hard cock that my underwear was hiding practically spring out from below the waistband. She moaned just as I did so which of course could have been from Jeanne's tongue hitting a good spot but I'd like to think that part of it was based on seeing my naked hard trim body and nice full cock. I sat on the nearest chair and sipped my beer. I had actually never watched anyone have sex right in front of my eyes before and it was a real turn on. This helped offset the fact that it was quite weird to be in some strangers' house sipping a beer while sitting naked on their living room chair. Should I jerk myself or wait for it? My cock was practically begging for attention. Just as I finally decided to take a "casual" grip of my cock and start to rub it I noticed Terry starting to tighten up his body and almost immediately started to grunt as he slowed the speed and prolonged the length of his thrusts into Jeanne. He pulled out of her soon after and came over to have a beer with me. His cock was seemingly still dripping from his wife's wetness and his own cum. He apologized for starting before I'd got there but was really happy I came over. He told me how Jeanne and Riley were getting ready together in some pretty nice lingerie but Riley decided she didn't like the way her hairs stuck out from the sides of the panties she had on and asked Jeanne for some help trimming. Before they knew it, Jeanne was shaving Riley smooth and by the time they were done, Jeanne really couldn't wait to taste Riley's freshly smooth pussy. Terry told me he walked in on them right there in the living room with his wife licking Riley's pussy and he got so turned on that he couldn't wait and had them change positions so that he could fuck his wife while she ate Riley out. As Terry apologized again I told him it was a pretty sexy way to meet new people, particular friends you are meeting for sex, and just as I continued with that thought I looked over and noticed that Riley was now bent over on top of Jeanne and they two ladies were locked in 69 position. Terry noticed my attention was held by the moaning ladies and he turned to watch with me. After a while of watching their writhing bodies Terry leaned in close to me and told me that Riley had been their neighbor for about 5 years if not more. He told me that apparently she used to watch Terry and Jeanne having fun in their hot tub and pool for years as a teen and then one day a little after her 18th birthday, she had come outside from next door and asked if they minded if she watched. She was wearing a bathrobe Terry remembered and when the older couple told her that she could watch, Riley undid the robe and let it slide down her body. She was nude from head to toe and she ended up doing a lot more than watching. Terry told me with pride that Jeanne had taught her that night how to give a great blowjob, had received her first orgasm from a woman, and that Terry had taken her virginity. He told me that they had been fooling around with her for the past year or so whenever their schedules allowed. Terry whispered even quieter now and told me they he is turning 60 this year and Jeanne just turned 58, and that he and I were watching their 19-year-old neighbor lick his cum out of his wife. I was already pretty hard at that point, but I swear my cock grew an extra half-inch when my brain had wrapped itself around what Terry had just told me. We finished our beers and Terry offered me another one. When he left for round two I sat there staring, almost transfixed on the two women devouring each other's most sensitive parts. Jeanne was kneading Riley's cute butt while she licked and sucked on that 19-year old pussy. Riley for her part was face down into Jeanne's much older pussy and no doubt eating Terry's fresh cum out of it. Terry returned and handed me a fresh cold beer. This was better than porn because it was happening right in front of my eyes. It is hard to describe the vastly different sounds that the two vastly different ladies were causing each other to make. Jeanne still had the low moan from before, but Riley seemed to shout out muffled pulses of sexual thrill. Terry told me to join him on the couch and when we were both sat down, he interrupted the ladies and said that Jim (me) was ready for some fun now too. Riley pulled up off Jeanne and sat to the side while Jeanne sat up from the reclined position. Terry asked me if I'd ever had a beer blowjob before. I had no idea what he was talking about. I figured it had something to do with the ladies taking a mouthful of beer and then sucking on our cocks and suggested as much. Riley laughed when I said it as I watched Jeanne come over to me and kneel down in front of me. Riley told me I was silly because she was too young to drink (which I figured was technically true but hard to believe she didn't indulge like most teens her age do) and as my mind tried to figure out what a beer blowjob was Jeanne leaned in and started sucking my cock. She was amazing at it. Her mouth was wet and open and she knew exactly how to move her lips and tongue up and down the shaft. Terry looked over at me just as Riley leaned into his cock to suck it and said have a sip of beer and enjoy your blowjob Jim! Ah, the beer blowjob, not that unlike any other blowjob except you drink a beer while you get it. I have to admit I was a little disappointed it wasn't anything more special than that, but of course I was getting my cock sucked which is always really great, and not only that, I was watching a 19-year-old suck her 60-year-old neighbor's cock while his wife was sucking mine! It was the best beer and the best blowjob I'd ever had. I was really glad that I had shaved my balls that week because Jeanne spent a lot of time licking and sucking on them and that attention to them made my cock yearn that much more for her wet mouth. Instead of having Jeanne back on me though, the ladies switched and Riley started to suck me instead. She gave a lot more suction than Jeanne did, but honestly I thought Jeanne was better at it. I looked over at Jeanne sucking Terry's cock and saw that she was starting to deepthroat it. I was amazed to watch this happen in person. More and more cock slid into her mouth on each thrust and soon she had her lips wrapped around the base of him with his full shaft inside her mouth and throat. I really wanted that and hoped that I didn't cum while the teenager sucked me. Thankfully Riley's mouth started to tire I think because she started licking my balls and sucking on them also. A new twist occurred when she started to lick the base of my balls and I felt her tongue get close to my ass. I wasn't sure she meant to do that but she repeated this brief but electric exploration several times. I leaned back slightly to give her more access and Riley leaned in and fully licked my ass. I had never experience anything like that before. She moaned while she did it and after a while I noticed my cock was leaking a fresh batch of natural lubrication. I was loving it! I started to feel her tongue slide inside of me, and soon I realized that I was getting my ass tongue-fucked by a slim and petite teenager. At some point I guess I must have closed my eyes because all of a sudden I was aware of renewed pleasure on my cock while my ass was still tingling from being explored for this first time. I looked down and noticed that Jeanne was busily sucking me deep into her mouth while Riley continued to have at my ass with her tongue. I had never been deepthroated in my life before and to be honest it felt just about exactly as good as I had imagined it would. Soon she had my full shaft inside her mouth and started to pulse on it like that. I knew I was going to cum and let both ladies know. It was no suprise that Jeanne stayed right on it although she did back off a little as I absolutely flooded her mouth with my cum. I guess the ass play had only helped build more pressure in me. As wave after wave of intense pleasure passed through my body I noticed that Jeanne and Riley were kissing passionately and the idea that these two were sharing my flavors and cum between them kept me in the mood for more fun. We all took a little break but I felt as though I was just warming up. Riley mentioned that she had to be home before 10 because her parents were going to be back soon. That meant we only had another half an hour for fun. Terry asked me what I wanted to do next. All I could think about was getting to fuck that tight 19 year old, but tried to think of a sane way of saying that. Jeanne noticed my hesitation and jumped in with something about how polite I am but how there is no need to be because this night was all about people trying new things together. I finally admitted that I really wanted to try double penetrating somebody. Both ladies seemed to light up at that suggestion so I guess I picked something that no only I wanted to try. Terry told me to lay on my back and then told Riley to straddle me. I looked up as the taught teen slung a leg over my body and lowered herself onto me. I was still quite hard but as soon as I felt that tight wet pussy wrap around me and she rode me up and down, I started to get very hard again. Her tiny tits bounced as she rode me harder and harder. Jeanne had come to my side and suddenly noticed that she was offering me one of her amazingly large and round boobs to suck on. I had never sucked on such a large breast in my life and her nipples were the largest I'd ever seen also. They actually stuck out maybe an inch from her breast while I sucked on one and then the other. Suddenly Riley began to slow on me and I noticed that Terry had positioned behind her. She stopped moving completely and I felt Terry's legs brushing against mine. All of a sudden Riley moaned out very loudly and it was wild how I actually felt through Riley's body that Terry's cock had joined mine inside of her. After an instant of Riley getting used to having both of us in her, Terry began to fuck her ass. Riley reacted by pushing up against him and that resulted in me having to thrust into her to stay inside. Jeanne had stopped feeding me her breasts and was touching herself at my side while she watched the teen have two fully grown and erect men fucking her brains out. I asked Jeanne if she wanted me to touch her or do anything for her because I didn't want her left out. She smiled and said she would love to be licked by me. I told her I was fine with it and she straddled my face and lowered her pussy down to me. She smelled so sexy and her pussy was wet and ready for action. My tongue slurped at her moist pussy. The four of us were on the floor, each enjoying sexual pleasure and sights that don't get seen very often. I can only imagine how Terry felt fucking a teenaged girls ass while she rode a 25 year old guy with her pussy and knowing that his wife was having her pussy devoured by the same man. Riley for her part was watching Jeanne riding my face while two cocks were driving into her in a wonderful deep rhythm. Jeanne watched as Riley rode me and while Terry fucked her no doubt extremely tight teenaged ass. I, however could only see the pussy and thighs that surrounded my face, but I was quite content to be fully inside Riley and licking one of the tastiest pussies of my life. All of a sudden the moaning changed above me and I realized that Jeanne and Riley were kissing each other while they each were being pleasure down below. Jeanne said something to Riley and then told Terry to pull out of her. Riley got up off of me and I assumed that I was about to try the exact same thing on Jeanne. Instead, Riley flipped around and faced towards Terry away from me and lowered herself down onto me. I had never had anal sex before in my life so to feel a teenaged ass slowly and gradually until I was all the way inside was mind-blowing. Riley said something while she was lowering down onto me to uncle Terry that no offense but that I had the biggest cock she'd ever tried back there before. Terry reassured her that he wasn't offended at all. It took maybe a minute or two until Riley got used to my erection inside of her tight ass and soon she was riding me slowly with her ass. My cock had never been in a happier place. Maybe it was all in my head because I'd always wanted to try anal sex, but somehow the tight teenaged ass pleasured me more than any pussy or mouth ever had up to that point. Soon Terry got down into position and guided himself into her pussy and the two men were fucking the tight teen again. I couldn't believe how such a tiny frame could take two fully hard cocks the way that she did. Her moans of pleasure echoed in the big living room while she was fully explored. Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, Riley said to aunt Jeanne to bend over because she wanted to eat her ass. I watched as Jeanne stood up and bent over grabbing her ankles and offered her incredibly full and round ass to the teen. Riley moved in with her face the best she could and Jeanne helped her by pulling and holding her face right in position. I watched Riley eat and lick Jeanne's ass and pussy while I fucked Riley's tight ass and Terry fucked her incredibly hot pussy. I listened to the sound of our sex and started to get lost in the moment and then some small part of my brain woke up. Uncle Terry? Aunt Jeanne? I listened very carefully and heard Riley saying to aunt Jeanne how sexy she tasted and in between grunts to uncle Terry to fuck her harder. Oh my goodness, was Riley their niece? I started to cum immediately. I tried to hold off but soon everything that was left in my balls shot straight up inside Riley's tight ass. She didn't stop riding my cock though and I didn't mind one bit. Terry fucked her for all he was worth and soon his balls were emptying into her teenaged pussy. I was going out of my mind from being a part of such a wonderfully sexual experience. Terry pulled out and Riley slowly got up off of me. My cock was a little sorry to see her warmth leave it naked and alone. Jeanne immediately got down on the floor and told Riley that she knew what to do. Riley squatted down onto Jeanne while Terry and I lay on our sides briefly exhausted from our exertions and watched as Jeanne licked Riley while our collective cum began to drizzle out of Riley. Riley started to really get into it so when Jeanne started to lick Riley's ass while fingering her pussy, Riley lasted maybe 20 seconds and had an extremely intense and loud orgasm. So far everyone had gone over the edge except Jeanne. I contemplated moving over to her and filling her wet pussy with my semi-hard cock hoping I would get fully hard along the way, but before I could move, Jeanne came over to me and immediately plunged onto me. She told me that I was not even hard and still filled her up so well. She leaned down and kissed me while she rode my cock. I could feel my cock harder as I tasted the cum on her breath. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to slide a finger in her ass while I fucked her. I did as I was told and couldn't believe the way my finger made everything that much more intense. She actually came first and I was fine that I hadn't by the time she climbed off of me. I noticed that Riley had already put on her thong undies and was sliding a t-shirt over her bare torso. She kissed our hosts goodbye and almost literally ran home while the three of us lay naked still on the floor. I just had to ask Terry and Jeanne for the full story. I asked about the uncle and aunt thing. Terry told me that their neighbor was more than a neighbor that he was also his b*****r and that they had adopted Riley when she was 7 or 8. They had only become neighbors 5 or 6 years ago and it was definitely Riley who had initiated the sex with them. They said they believed they were a true sexual match for her and realized that one day Riley would find her own man and life but that they were all really enjoying the time they spent together. They then told me I could stay some more if I wanted and I ended up spending the night with them, having sex as a threesome several more times before we all collapsed from the beer and the fun!

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