Monday, March 4, 2013

Something Different SeXStoRY

While showering at my boyfriend's house recently in preparation for going to bed, I was surprised to pull back the shower curtain and see him standing there holding a red rubber bag with a long hose attached. "I don't think I've ever given you an enema, have I?" he asked. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but it seemed harmless enough, so I let him position me with my feet apart, bent over with my forearms on the bathtub. He used his finger to lubricate me, taking his time and making sure that I was aroused by his ass-play. I felt the tip of the nozzle against my hole, then it was in! There was a kind of "pop", because the end of the nozzle was larger than the rest of it, and it went in right up against my inner sphincter. He hung the bag on the shower curtain rod, and released the clamp. I could feel the warm water begin to fill my insides. He clamped the hose a little to slow the flow, and began rubbing my stomach with one hand, and my pussy with the other. "How much water is in there?" I asked. he said, "Only a gallon." A gallon! He was going to put a gallon of warm, soapy water in me! Before I knew it, he had done just that. When the bag was empty, he told me to take a deep breath, and pulled the nozzle out. The next thing I felt was a butt plug going in "just to help you hold it". All the time he had been massaging my stomach and rubbing my pussy. Now he bent over me from behind and rubbed my pussy and played with my titties, occasionally checking to see how my stomach was sagging under the weight of the water. I began to feel the cramps in my intestines, and told him so. He found my clit with his thumb and finger and began to take my mind off of the discomfort. With an orgasm building, I was afraid I would lose it and expel right where I stood. He stopped me right on the edge, and let me settle down while massaging my cramping tummy. Three or four more time he did the same thing, each time building up to a climax, but never reaching it. Finally he said he would remove the butt plug, but I wasn't to expel any water. It was becoming more and more difficult, but I managed to let him take the plug out without so much as a dribble! I was now able to stand up, which helped a lot to reduce the discomfort. He sat on the side of the bathtub and pulled me to him so that I was straddling his left leg. He immediately began to suck my nipples and rub my pussy. I was going to lose it this time, I just knew it! He could sense that I couldn't hold it any longer (this had gone on for about half an hour), so he sat me on the toilet and kissed me very deeply and passionately as I finally released the contents of my bowels and had a body-shaking orgasm at the same time! I felt very limp and exhausted, and just wanted to clean up and go to bed, but he reminded me that the enema was a soapy one, and that he needed to rinse me out! The rinse enema lasted about 45 minutes, and was accompanied by more stimulation, this time with the Magic Wand. I think I was a blubbering mass by the time he helped me clean up and get into bed. I slept soundly until something woke me about 9:00. It was the sound of water filling the enema bag!

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