Monday, March 4, 2013

Naughty Thoughts SeXStoRY

For some reason tonight I was hornier than I have been in months. Maybe it was because I wore my corset to school and noticed some of the firefighter trainees staring at me. Dirty thoughts kept running through my mind; How hot it would be to be pinned up against a wall by strong arms, how it would feel to have big hands running over the corset, I secretly love it when someone asks to touch my corset it sends tingles up and down my spine. I couldn't focus in art class, I kept thinking about the firemen in the parking lot, about being fucked hard in the back of a pick up truck, having my breasts squeezed and pulled. I, some how, made it through the day and back home. I stripped down and started reading my favorite erotica and felt my nipples get hard, my juices started to flow. But I wasn't in the mood to finish quickly tonight, I teased myself. Long slow stroke of my fingers, purposefully avoiding my clit, waiting until I was soaking wet to even insert one finger. But one wasn't enough, I needed more, needed to feel stretched. I jumped to three fingers, loving the way my outer lips strained just a little bit to accomidate the sudden change. I continued reading, continued teasing until I got used to my fingers, but I still craved more, I still hadn't cum. I started to gently tease my clit until I teetered on the very edge bliss...And stopped immediately, I was enjoying myself too much, I didn't want it to end yet. Next came my favorite toy, purple and curved with wonderful ridges that make me shudder when I find just the right spot. I was so wet my thighs were starting to get sticky, it went in easily, all the way to the base in one thrust. I finally started feeling full and the need was slowly being sated. I pumped it slowly, smoothly, at first; enjoying the feel. As I felt the waves of pleasure rise I started thinking about my past encounters, the best nights I've had. The feel of hands wandering my body, fisted in my hair, gripping my hips possessively, Lips and teeth leaving marks on my skin as they traveled towards their goal. The heat of a tongue teasing, invading, and retreating. Body heat rising, I started to shake as I came closer and closer to the peak. I couldn't contain the gasps and moans, my hips started bucking on their own... And I was gone, lost in a pleasure-filled burst, so good I nearly blacked-out and couldn't move for a few minutes as I floated back to earth. Fully satisfied, finally able to sl**p I drifted off, but not before thinking I should share this with you.

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