Monday, March 4, 2013

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 1 SeXStoRY

Forward: I am not the author. I found this story on an old desk top I was cleaning out to dispose of. I thought Hamster Fans might like it! Mom, Dad, and Us Chapter 1 The room was darkened by drawn d****s, and Lorena had stopped just inside the door, but she could see plainly what was happening on the bed, where her b*****r was jacking off. Shock held her motionless, and she stared entranced at the boy's stiffly upright cock, at how his hand was moving slowly, lovingly, up and down upon it. Glynn was masturbating; no doubt about that. His balls were lifting and falling to the rhythm of his stroking, and she was surprised at their size, and at the length of his prick. It wasn't very big around--not compared to the two she had seen to date--but it was inches longer than either of those. Glynn had a book in his other hand, engrossed in its pictures, and Lorena thought it must be one of those horny magazines young guys seemed to dig so much. It was turning on her b*****r, that was certain; his hand fondled his glistening shaft, and worked up to the lavender colored head, then stroked down to his balls once more. His pubic hair was a rich and shining brown, feathering his crotch and covering his balls with a shaggy fur. He was amazingly well developed at s*******n years old, she thought. She felt her heart pounding and the threat of a runaway pulse in her throat. The nipples of her tits lifted strongly and pushed against her thin shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and she'd sneaked into her b*****r's room to borrow a special sweater, without his knowing it. Now she couldn't leave. Lorena couldn't even take her eyes off that sensuous movement as his hand slid up and down, up and down. He had something on his cock, she thought, and was sure of it when she saw him lift his hand to his mouth and lick it several times, wetting down the palm. Glynn was using his own saliva, and that was something she had always wondered about, how boys did it. It was easy for a girl because her pussy turned juicy right away, and when she slid a finger inside to feel around-- Somehow, Lorena's hand had gotten down to cup her mound, to tremble there as her entire being seemed to concentrate, to fold in upon itself and the deep shivering’s began. Her pussy responded, but her hand would not. She wore jeans, and the material was too tight, too thick at her crotch, for her to get inside and start masturbating along with her b*****r. She was drawn to him now. She yearned toward where he lay stretched slim and tanned upon the bed. They had always been close, getting along much better than the other b*****rs and s****rs they knew. And lately, they had begun to develop a special kinship, because of the turmoil in the f****y. But now--Lorena's fingers dug almost savagely into her crotch. On the bed, her b*****r's ass lifted and rolled, and his belly made sexy, bumping motions as his prick fed itself into his clenching fist. She took an involuntary step toward him, and fought herself to a standstill again. What was she doing? What did she have in mind? Him! She had him in mind, and in her bl**d, and he was also beginning to come to a boil within the trembling damp lips of her avid pussy. He was her b*****r and she wanted him, more so than she had wanted the two other guys who had screwed her. If that was bad or forbidden or whatever the hell, Lorena didn't give a damn now. She wanted Glynn, and she meant to have him. She took another hesitant step, wondering whether to wait it through, thinking that if he came and all his boyish semen drained from that interesting prick, then he might not have any left in reserve for her. But she also wanted to see what happened when a guy's cock exploded. She'd felt the onrush of come before, but she had never watched what happened. The choice was taken from her at that moment. Glynn's eyes caught the motion she'd made, and he looked up, stared right at her. He slapped the magazine down over his cock, his upper body jerking erect, and his eyes wide. "s*s! What the hell--how long have you--get the hell outta my room!" Her voice was strange in her own ears, strained, sounding kind of fuzzy. "Glynn--don't--I wasn't sneaking--" she moved toward the bed, her hand out entreatingly. The other one was still cupping her crotch. Lorena reached the bed and her knees gave way, spilling her upon it. "Damn it--" he said. She didn't know what she was saying; she hadn't consciously meant to say "darling," but that's what came out. And it must have been the right thing, for her b*****r stopped bristling defensively and a flush spread over his face. "Lorena, you shouldn't have come in here without knocking. I'm not a k** anymore." "I'll say," she agreed, and watched his blush deepen. Her hand was on his leg, moving up to his knee, and she murmured, "I saw what you were doing. If you--if you go ahead until you come, will that stop you from- -well, doing anything else?" His eyes followed her hand, and he flinched when she reached his thigh and the edge of the magazine that was protecting his prick. "You mean-- you? s*s, don't tease me. I never had a girl before. I've only done this, jacked off." Lorena reached up and did things to the neck of her blouse. It slipped away and he stared at her freed tits. She felt her nipples more erect and harder than they had ever been, and the mounds themselves were swollen with this new, urgent need. Her lips moved numbly: "Do you like them? Do you like my boobs?" "They're beautiful," he said. "Oh wow--just like I always dreamed they would be, if I ever got a peek at all of them." She swallowed. "You can touch them. Glynn. You can let go of that damned magazine and touch your s****r's tits." His hands moved jerkily, came up with the fingers outstretched. The magazine slid off his lap and she saw the beautiful hard cock spring erect once more. Watching him jack off could wait, she decided; there would be plenty of time for that kind of action, later. Her entire being trembled when her b*****r's hands moved over her tits. There was a look of awe in his face as he cupped the mounds, as he pushed them down and allowed them to rise again, with their erectile nipples firmly against his palms. "Beautiful tits," he said. "Strong and lovely. Man oh man, to think I'm really, really playing with them." She couldn't wait. Both her hands moved up his thighs and her fingertips prowled into the shaggy forest of his brown pubic hair. Glynn jerked his pelvis, and his hard prick waved back and forth like a flag-pole in an earthquake. Lorena touched the base of his cock, caressed the furry balls in their wrinkled sack. The shaft of her b*****r's prick was throbbing; it was veined with twisting lines, and the skin was impossibly soft along its length. The head of it was something else, still damp from his saliva, flanged and bluntly pointed, that intriguing lavender color deepening as she fingered over the knob. As she watched, a little droplet of clear fluid rose from the tiny mouth. And his fingers dug into her tits with immediacy, an impatience that matched her own sizzling emotions. She released his cock suddenly, her hands darting to her waist, snatching at the zipper of her boys' jeans. Wriggling her hips and kicking off her sandals, Lorena stripped herself, flinging away the panties, too. When she rolled over onto the bed with her bare legs churning, she was totally naked, and the slightest touch of her b*****r's skin against her own was electric. Their eager bodies slid together, flesh on flesh, and she felt the long pole of his cock pressed tightly against her belly. Lorena's mouth sought her b*****r's, and finding it, locked avidly to his mobile lips. Jolt after bright, hot jolt shot through her body and went ricocheting around inside her head when their tongues met. Wet and wild, they passed tongues back and forth, sucking and being sucked; their teeth clashed gently, and Lorena thought that Glynn was a natural cocksman, to know so much and to react so well. He'd never screwed a girl, yet here he was, so hot and strong. Her tits worked across his chest, their nipples ultra-sensitive. Her pelvis ground itself into his, and she lifted one slim leg to place it across his hip. Glynn pushed nearer, then, the head of his expanded prick pulsing hungrily, prodding at the hairy mound of her humid pussy. Lorena reached for his cock, held lovingly to it for just a moment. Then she steered the spongy-hard knob into the entrance of her labia. Glynn shoved, and the head of his cock sk**ded from the hole itself, to slip greasily along the quaking young pussy lips and on past the cleft in her ass. She fumbled down and took him in her fingers again, clinging powerfully to her b*****r's prick as he tried to pump it home. "E-easy, baby!" she gasped. "Oh, take it easy. Here--let me guide it for you. Yes, darling; there--oh, there! Feel how wet and soft it is? Now push it in my cunt, Glynn. Take your time." He said brokenly, "s*s--oh, s*s! You're so hot and slick, it's like nothing I ever felt before--all juicy and like velvet. Man! I'm getting into my beautiful s****r's pussy." She felt the head thrust into her outer cunt lips, and knew the thrill as it penetrated, stretching the labia, as it came on into the next frail barrier and shoved it aside, also. He was into her snatch then, pushed the length of his long, hard prick all the way into her wetly grasping vagina. Lorena knew a strange new sensation as she realized that the head of her b*****r's cock was pumping against her cervix, and for the first time in her young life, the cup of her womb was being prodded by a boy's prick. It was so much more thrilling to know that she was being fucked by her b*****r. Dear, darling Glynn; he had grown up practically under her wing after their parents started fighting. Now he was really hers, and she was his, in this marvelous intimacy. "I--I feel your pussy around my prick," he panted, moving his belly into hers, backing his rod out almost to the head before shoving it deep again. "Oh, wow--s*s! I always dreamed fucking you would be crazy, but never this hot and slippery and good. Oh--I'm going to come. Already! I--I can't hold it off! I love you so much--AHHH!" She ground her cunt around upon his plunging shaft, digging her fingernails into the smoothly muscled cheeks of his ass. "Go on, darling! Let it all go! Squirt your lovely hot semen into me, into your s****r's cunt. It's all right. It's fine, baby." His come erupted from the flexing end of his hard cock, spewed forth a boiling stream of the wondrous liquid that both seared and soothed. Lorena met his hesitant, broken strokes, swinging her ass and humping her snatch to him, knowing the wet slap of her b*****r's balls. He was sweet and magnificent and adorable--and she rode the diminishing spurts of his cum as they splashed torridly into her shuddering pussy. Clamping down on his embedded shaft, she held him still, her hands stroking his buttocks, her fingers dipping swiftly and tantalizingly into the furry crack and out again. Arms wrapped around his slim, hard body, she crushed her tits into his heaving chest and breathed into his ear: "Rest a minute, Glynn. You came too soon, but I loved it, anyhow. You were so hot, getting your first fuck, that you just blew off before you could control yourself. Next time will be better. I'm really slippery inside now, darling--all foamy and soapy from your semen in there. And next time, I'll come with you. Oh baby b*****r--you have a simply gorgeous prick!" Glynn nuzzled her throat in answer, his hands moving warmly up and down her back. "Wow, s*s--that was far out. It sure beats jacking off, and my cock is wiggling around inside your crazy pussy on its own. I'll be able to go again in a few seconds; I know I will." Caressing her b*****r's ass, Lorena squirmed gently upon his stiff prick, wondering at its continued hardness. The other boys she had screwed usually lost their hard-ons right away. She moved her mouth into his ear, used her tongue to tickle him there, pushing it right on down into the curvy little hole. Glynn heaved against her, twisting and turning and she started to stroke on his buried cock. Pulling his ass to her with both hands, she bucked her pelvis into his, rotated her crotch so that her sensitized cunt walls could enjoy every rubbing of his prick. Her clit vibrated at each sensuous touch, and she could feel her asshole tighten. Such a long, hard cock, she thought; a cherry cock, all for her. Glynn had been a virgin until a few moments ago, and he had never tried to take his prick out of his s****r's jealous pussy since firing his first over-eager load there. "Screwing you again," he breathed his hands now with a powerful grip upon her ass. "Putting my meat up your pussy again, s*s. Oh man--it's great, great!" She said, "Fuck me, baby b*****r. Oh, fuck me until I can't breathe; you have the most beautiful prick ever, and I want it, want to screw it until I pass out from coming. Glynn, darling--oh, pump it to me. That's so good!" He picked up a beat, his slim shaft working in and out of the grasping confines of her wet pussy, screwing in his own cum, in the bubbling residue of his own ejaculation. Lorena knew the seeping of overflow, as her own lubricating oils mixed so copiously with her b*****r's come. She pulled him more tightly to her with the gripping of her leg, and braced her heel behind his knee for a better purchase. They bumped bellies, and Lorena felt behind her surging ass, reached through her thighs to find his swinging balls. She held them, squeezed them gently, and fondled them as Glynn fed his stiff and rejuvenated meat to her avid cunt. Her b*****r was learning already, and starting to roll his ass, to grind it as he used his boyish prick. It was better for them both, slippery and juicy, teasing and deeply felt. Lorena speeded up her rhythm, needing the hard meat deeper, faster, needing more of it in her inflamed pussy. Her clitoris was thrumming madly, and she began to feel the slight break in Glynn's thrusts, the faint jerkings that signaled the swift approach of his own orgasm. "Go, baby b*****r!" she gasped. "Oh yes, darling--fuck me hard and fuck me strong! Stick your cock so deep that I'll feel it in my belly. Oooh! Oh! Y-yes--Glynn! That's it, darling. I'm coming--coming--coming!" He was only a heartbeat behind the titanic cresting that broke foaming throughout her rippling cunt. Great and glorious, her climax swept her body, making her moan and twist, making her asshole knot itself. Glynn's semen hissed scorching into her snatch, another heavy load of come that poured the length of her throbbing pussy, drowning her womb and flooding back to leak creamy and sticky around his root and down to her thigh. Her nails raked his sweaty back, and her pelvis made a drumbeat against his hairy crotch. She loved her b*****r insanely, completely, totally now. No matter what else happened, they had each other.

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