Friday, March 1, 2013

My Pastors Wife SeXStoRY

My pastors wife is a very sexy woman, she has short hair shes not skinny and shes not fat she has incredible tits and every since the first time I met her I have wanted to fuck her. Ive been In the church for a while and we have many gorgeous women in the church but the pastors wife is just the hottest, never had I thought I would have the chance to fuck her but I got it and it was great. She had called me and asked me to come to the church to help her pick up the church and clean it because she had no help so I gladly went to help her. The second we got there she realized sh forgot something so she went back home to get it and right after she left I made my way to the pastors office where the computer was so I could check a few things. I was searching around the computer and I went into the pictures and I saw many pictures of his k**s and then I clicked this album called “Fun”, inside this album was a lot of pictures of the pastors wife nude and of her sucking his cock I started stroking my cock to the pictures and I didn’t even hear the pastors wife pull back into the church because I was so into stroking my cock to these sexy pictures. She walked into the room I didn’t hear her or see her because my eyes were closed as I was In the middle of cumming, I finally opened them to see her at the door rubbing her pussy. I told her to come over here and suck me, she then preceeded to come over and get on her knees and suck my cock. She was so good at it and it felt wonderful as I pulled her up and started kissing her and I took of her top to reveal her sexy pink and black lace bra I kept the bra on and kept kissing her and moving my hand slowly down her body I finally got down to her pussy I un buttoned her pants and took them off to see her matching pink and black lace panties as I moved down to lick her pussy she kept pushing my head so I started eating her juicy shaved pussy. She kept moaning as I licked hr finally I came back up to her and started kissing her again. I got my cock and I stuck it In her tight pussy it was so tight I had trouble getting my cock in her which was surprising to me so I plowed it into her and she let out a loud moan as I started plowing deep into her and she kept moaning loudly and wanted her to scream so I plowed all the way in and fast she was screaming as I pounded her on her husbands desk I kept pounding her until I released inside her. I laid on top of her breathing hard and she was still moaning softly as I played with her tits and kissed her. I finally said we should go clean now so we got up finished cleaning and she took me home and said “ we will do that again next week baby” and kissed me as igot out of the car.

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