Friday, March 1, 2013

Let the slutty times begin SeXStoRY

This is a true tale told to me by one of my friends on Hamster. He asked if IO would pad it out and a little more detail. His wife can't be named or exposed in anyway due to the complexity involved with her day to day life, but one thing is for sure she sounds like one hot sexy bitch!!! The slutty times started for Michelle way back when she was going to college. She had a part-time office job to help pay her way through college. She loved to dress sexy at her office job and would delight in teasing the guys with some of her more revealing clothing and flirtatious ways. Quite often the guys would invite her along to after work parties at the nearest Bar. Most of the time she would decline but once in a while she accepted the invitations to go drinking with them after work. Even though we were dating, she would still go along to these evenings. Quite often some of the guys would try it on with her, but Michelle has such a sweet sexy way about her, that being turned down would have been done in very seductive way. One night at a bar, the guys talked her into volunteering to model lingerie for a charity fund raiser. Michelle had and still does have a very sexy figure. She has long slender legs, tight taut butt, small narrow waist and beautiful 34B breasts that sit nice and perky with pale pink nipples. Her nipples were prone to easy stimulation and pop out like chapel hat pegs at the slightest provocation. It turned out the girl who had agreed to model for the barfly’s had chickened out at the last minute and the guys and bar manager were trying to coax Michelle in to filling in for the other girl. She was being besieged with a deluge of flattery, guys telling her how wonderful her figure was, how sexy she looked. She had been drinking copious amounts at this stage and was feeling very brave. She thought it was no big deal since she would be wearing a bra and thong at least and all of her private regions would be covered. The bar was dark and she thought it would be sexy and fun. She said she would do it but she had to ring her boyfriend first as he was coming to meet her and she didn't want him to walk into the bar with her parading around semi naked without forewarning him in advance. She called me asked did I have any objections and that she wouldn't be showing any pussy or tits. I was unsure at this stage but said if it’s what you want to do then fine but don’t let anyone grope you. She insisted that she could do it without showing too much and that I would be getting some serious sexual favors when she came home. I said if she needed too she could fuck one guy but not in front of an audience. She hung up the phone and returned to the bar and said she’d do it. A huge roar swept through bar as wolf whistles and cheers bounced off the four walls. I was not there so the following is the account that she told be but what she didn't know was that I sneaked in the back and watched most of it as an outsider. She went to the ladies room with a huge box of assorted lingerie. Various garments and various materials were strewn inside the box. She selected a nice white lace bustier with a matching thong. She matched this with a pair of white sheer nylon stockings. She attached the stockings to the garter straps of the bustier. She put her high heeled sandals on and walked out into the bar. The bar was normally dimly lit but now it was ablaze of luminescence. She walked over to the bar counter and one of the guys lifted her up on to the bar. She walked up and down the length of the bar parading her lingerie to the thronging mass of testosterone. Whistles and cheers again bounced off the walls of the bar. Smiling at the guys she realised some of them were looking very lustily at her. She was quite thrilled and flattered to be having that effect on so many men. She twirled on the bar to go her audience a view of her almost naked butt in her white lace thong when she caught her reflection in the Mirrors behind the bar. Her pussy was clearly visible through the transparent lace material, plus all of the bar would be in no doubt that her pussy was completely hairless. The dark slit of her pussy was silhouetted perfectly as the white flimsy material clung to her mound revealing her pussy to one and all. Shocked she was unintentionally showing so much she realised that the bustier was also almost totally see through under the bar lights. Her nipples were visible to her audience along with her ever dampening pussy. She smiled at her audience and gestured to be letdown and change into her next outfit. Helped down from the bar, the guy who hoisted her down slid his hands down her lace waist and placed her on the floor. She smiled at the guy and gave him a peck on the cheek, then made her way through the throng to the ladies room to change into her next outfit. Her path to ladies was not a simple task as she had to negotiate her way through a crowded bar of men. Hands were stroking her ass, breasts, legs and pussy all the way to the ladies. Michelle smiled as she made her way through, enjoying the attention and adulation. As she got to the ladies two of the guys stood guard outside while she went inside to change. She removed the white lingerie and stood naked in the ladies room, enjoying the cool air on her naked body. Her nipples were prominently erect and she could feel her pussy moistening and opening with excitement. She was about to stroke her pussy and give herself a little orgasm when the door opened and the bar manager popped his head round the door. Startled she didn't even think of covering herself. He stepped inside the door and closed it behind him. “That was some show you just put on sexy lady!” The manager enthused. The Manager was a tall Black Guy, who always dressed elegantly. Even it was jeans and T shirt it would be a designer label. Tonight he was wearing black slacks and a white clinging Calvin Klein t shirt, showing off his perfectly formed physique. “Thanks” said Michelle as she blushed realizing she was naked. “Here, let me help you select your next outfit. Those guys are getting kinda wild out there” he laughed. Michelle just smiled at him and said “Sure!” The manager selected a pair of black fishnet stockings. Placing them on the surface beside the wash basins he next picked up a flimsy black thong with press stud fasteners, just like what burlesque dancers would wear for quick removal. He rummaged through the box and passed over a black wet look garter belt. Placing this with the other garments he went rummaging further. Next he pulled out a black leather studded waist belt with a matching black studded bra. The bra was quarter cup and Michelle’s nipples would be on display. She looked at the manager said ”I’m not sure about that bra. My nipples will be on display!” Pointing at her nipples the manager grinned. “Honey the way those things are popping, there ain't no hope of getting them into a normal bra!” Michelle looked at her nipples and he was right. They were standing proudly erect, more prominent than they had ever been. The Manager then pulled out a pair of black evening gloves and said. “I’m sure this will have the desire effect!” He helped Michelle into the stockings as she smoothed them over her long smooth legs Next he fastened the garter belt around her narrow waist, grazing his rough hands over her soft, warm flesh, Michelle felt electronic charges pulsing up her body statically arousing her pussy with every pulse. Michelle attached the stockings to the clasps of the garter belt. The manager was behind Michelle fastening the studded leather waist cincher. Michelle saw her reflection in the mirror. She did not recognise the sexual specimen in front of her. With the waist cincher in place the manger passed the front of the quarter cup bra under her pert bosom and fastened the back clasp. Michelle arranged her breasts into the quarter cup bra and took a deep cleansing breath. The manager then picked up the flimsy wet look snap on thong and slid it under Michelle’s crotch. Pulling the crotch into position it separated Michelle’s love lips, as He tightened the garment and pressed the studs closed. He then eased the thong from out of her pussy with two of his large black fingers and placed the thong over her hairless mound. The touch of his fingers on her pussy almost pushed her over the edge. She felt her legs weaken as the tingling sensations in her pussy continued to dance. Her breath quickened as the manager then passed the gloves over to her. As she placed the gloves on her slender tanned arms the manager knelt at her feet and placed her stockinged feet into her high heeled strappy sandals. Fastening the shoes he then stood up took a step back and looked her up down admiringly. He let a little whistle and said “You’re about the finest thing I ever saw in my bar!” Michelle blushed slightly and thanked him for the compliment. He looked at her smiling and said we will have to reward you in some way when this over!” He stated. Michelle looked at him smiling and felt empowered. She was going to walk out into the bar with her nipples on proud display, and this time she was going to put more dance moves into her performance. Her eyes momentarily glanced down at the manager’s crotch. She could not believe the huge bulge the manager was possessing. She took a step forward, lifted her face toward the manager, gave him a soft kiss and placed her hand on his prominent bulge. Chewing his black lips softly she continued to rub the monster erection as she whispered. “When I rang my boyfriend he said I could fuck one guy if I got too turned on. Guess what? I’m really aroused!” “After this there may be more than one cock that wants to be inside you honey!” “As long as one of them is yours!” she demanded “Let’s get you out there now!” the manager smiled. He led her to the door, opened it and guided her through the throng of horny men and helped her on to the Bar. A loud cheer went up when they saw her outfit and that her nipples were on full display. The manager turned the music on and produced a microphone as he made the following announcement. “OK guys this little is going to auction off what she’s wearing and the highest bidder gets to remove it from her body and keep the garment!” Michelle was unaware that this was going to happen but the mix of alcohol; adrenaline and sexual arousal, ensured that she wasn't going to back out. She paraded up and down the bar as the manager auctioned of her quarter cup bra to the highest bidder. The bidding started at twenty and very quickly reached one hundred. The winning bidder handed the cash over to the manager then climbed onto the bar. Michelle backed into him and ground her ass into his crotch. The crowd cheered as he began to unclasp the bra. Michelle put her hands at the front to catch the falling bra. She turned around to face the guy with one arm covering her breasts. She passed the bra to the guy, moved close to him and gave him a big open mouthed kiss. The guy plunged his tongue into her mouth, but she pulled away. Smiling at the guy, she then pulled her arm away from her breasts and displayed them to the entire audience. The guy climbed down from the bar with his trophy. Loud cheers rang around the room. Michelle now topless paraded back and forth along the bar with a strong sexual arrogance. Gyrating her hips in a burlesque manner she strutted up and down the bar, smiling the whole time. She was sexually charged now and felt so empowered. She used to be in the cheer-leading squad at high school and still had the dexterity of a dancer. She looked the manager square in the eye and did the splits there on the bar. As she rested in the splits position she gyrated her hips, maintaining eye contact with the manager. The place erupted. Whistle and cheers with a few “Oh my gods!” thrown in. Michelle could feel the bar surface on her pussylips. The thong had obviously moved over during her splits. The gyrating and swaying of her hips was rubbing her pussylips on the smooth bar surface. She eased up of the surface slightly as she swung her legs so that she knelt on the bar with her back to the audience. Slightly opening her legs she managed to smooth the thong back into position. The manager smiled at her as he was the only person who could see this. He winked at her as she stood upright and turned to face the audience. Her and the manager were the only ones who could see the blue lights outside. The manager announced that the cops were outside and everyone would need to leave. The audience all as one gave out a huge moan but reluctantly began to depart the bar Michelle was crouched down topless in her black raunchy lingerie. The manager got most of the audience out of the bar and went out to the cops to tell him he was closing shop early. The cops got back into the patrol car and headed off. The manger then leant over the bar and said the coast was clear. When Michelle stood up there only five guys left in the bar. The manager, three of his buddies and Michelle’s boyfriend! Michelle looked a little shocked to see her boyfriend, but he was grinning away. He’d seen the whole show from the back and had been outside the ladies, listening to the manager getting her ready and her making her pledge to fuck the manager afterwards. She gave her boyfriend a big hug and said she was going to fuck the manager and his buddies but she didn’t want him there to watch. She said she would be a couple of hours and would he come pick her up then. The manager shook his hand said she’d be fine and they would make it worth her while. She kissed her boyfriend at the bar door as the manger opened it for her boyfriend to leave to let the fucking begin. Her boyfriend gave her one last hug then snapped the poppers on her thong as it fell away from her pussy into his hand. One quick rub of her mound and he was out of the bar. He heard the door lock and bolts being put into place as the silhouette of his girlfriend and the manager went inside. She stood in the centre of the bar with her hands on her hips. Her pussy and tits were on full display, framed by the erotic lingerie. “Shall keep this on?” she enquired gesticulating toward her lingerie. “Of course you’ll keep it on!” the guys insisted. “So who is going to fuck me first?” The guys cleared one of the long tables and placed her on the cool surface. She lay back on the table, raised her legs upright then opened them wide and held her pussylips open. The sound of zips being undone filled the room as the sexual tension raised to another level. A huge black cock began easing its way inside her incredibly hot, tight wet pussy. As it stretched and filled her opening she threw her head back and sighed as the cock filled her up. Immediately another huge black was placed on her lips and she began to suck this monster. Both guys were really working her over now. The guy in her pussy began to pound her with long deep strokes. His enormous bulbous end was banging on the walls of her cervix as it began to involuntarily open to allow the inevitable seed inside. She was thrusting back at the invading cock, sucking the other one, all the while desperate for breath. Panting heavily she released the cock from her mouth as she squealed out that she was coming. The cock inside her let her enjoy the sensations of orgasm then withdrew and plastered her face with an eruption of white sticky semen. Spurt after spurt splashed into her open mouth as she tried to swallow every drop. As she was devouring the black man’s seed another huge cock was pushing the walls of her vagina to its limits. This pattern followed until all four guys had emptied their cream into her willing mouth. Her pussy was gaping after the serious stretching it had endured. She was aroused more than she had ever been in her entire life. For the next two hours almost every guy would fuck her pussy and her ass at least one more time. When they had finally satisfied themselves they sat around as the sperm began to dry on her face and tits. Her pussylips were swollen and sated. Her tits and neck were covered in love bites. They said she should come round to the bar once a week and fuck all the guys. The manager said he would keep the box of lingerie here in his office and she could prepare for her fucking in the office till the bar closed. They all handed her one hundred dollars each and began to drift away. She was still on the table where act of debauchery had just taken place. The manager gave her his phone and said call your boyfriend to pick you up. As the last guy left the bar she dialled for her boyfriend to come get her. The manger was locking the door closed as she said. “How long have you been outside?” she continued “the whole time?” She hung up the phone, handed it back to the manager, and stretched out on the table, arching her back and stretching her arms. The manager couldn't resist sticking two fingers inside her, pushing the fingers to the upper wall of her pussy. He rested his finger tips on her soft G spot as he began to finger blast her pussy. She began uncontrollably thrashing about under his fingers. The manager f***ed his finger hard up against the fleshy spongy area as she gushed female ejaculation all over the manager’s hand and table. Her boyfriend was tapping on the door as she quivered on the table. The manager removed his fingers and let her boyfriend into the bar, closing the door behind him. Her boyfriend saw his lady lying on the table well and truly fucked. Her hair was drenched in sweat and her body was cover in love bites and sperm. He was quite shocked to hear his girlfriend say. “Do that finger blast again and show him how to do it!” The manager inserted his two fingers inside her swollen pussy. Positioning the fingers toward the upper wall of her pussy he began finger blasting her G spot again. This time she came quicker and more f***eful. Spraying clear liquid all over the place she thrashed away at the invading fingers. The intensity was too much and she passed out from sexual exhaustion. Coming around from her orgasmic faint she felt incredibly light headed. She held the manager close and said she would love to honor their agreement. She would be getting fucked like this on a regular basis from now on. She stood up from the table, placing her jacket round her shoulders; she walked to the door with her boyfriend and semi nakedly walked into the darkened street straight into his waiting car.

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