Friday, March 1, 2013

Office Infatuation SeXStoRY

Infatuation I stop when I see her. She looks up from her desk and smiles. I am lost, smitten, destroyed in that instant. For the rest of the day I can think of nothing else. I have become a mindless automaton at my desk thinking of her, unreachable. I see her in the car park, but she doesn’t notice me as she hurries home to another life, that other place I will never know. Disconsolate and depressed I go home to sit and try to regain my mind; to recover it from infatuation. I fail. Today she walked past my desk at 10:17 her perfume trailing behind in an ethereal train of her very essence. My stomach knots as she passes. She looks at me, will she smile? Please God grace me today with her smile. But no, she is going somewhere in a hurry and breezes past unaware of the carnage she leaves in her wake. The clock ticks my life away measuring out the moments of my desire. I cannot bear this any more, I have to risk all. The next morning I bring a single red rose to work, cool, fresh and wrapped in dew covered cellophane. I leave it on her desk. No note, just a message, a token. Later she arrives and as she starts to take her coat off she pauses as she sees the fragile bloom on her desk. I see her look down at it, curiosity furrows her brow. I see her breath in as she becomes aware of the roses exquisite aroma. A look of confusion crosses her face; she looks out of her office as if searching for a clue to the source of the gift. I look away as yet still too timid to proclaim my interest. She takes her coat off and hangs it up. Turning to the rose she lifts it up and inhales its beauty, and smiles. My heart beats harder. Alas the weekend comes and I must spend two days in desolate isolation. I am standing in the coffee shop and I can feel her presence behind me as she waits in line. I am tongue tied and shy beyond measure. I say nothing. What can I do? I turn to speak to her but she’s too close and horror, the back of my hand lightly brushes her breast; just enough to feel the silky softness of her body. She backs away and laughs and says something but I don’t hear it properly. I am mortified with embarrassment. She looks up into my eyes and sees my turmoil. “Don’t worry. It was an accident. I won’t tell anybody.” But I can’t hide the feeling in my eyes and although I look away she has seen the truth of me. She looks flustered but says nothing. We get our coffee and go back to the office in two little pools of silence. The rose is still on her desk, in full bloom now. I notice her look at it. She considers the rose; trying to untie its riddle. She looks at me. I can’t bear to look away. A soft smile of recognition crosses her lips. I smile back and I can feel myself blushing. Her phone interrupts our shared moment. She gets up and closes her door; it must be a private call. Another empty night passes as I count the hours until I can see her again. The next day I am absorbed in my work and I don’t notice her until her unmistakable scent wafts past. I look up but she is nowhere to be seen. I look behind me and she is there, looking down at me with a quizzical look on her face. She leans past me and puts a folder on my desk. Her silk blouse opens and I see the flesh that I would so much like to touch. It is bear and visible; not inches from my lips. Another little piece of me gives itself up to infatuation. She leaves. Later when I open the folder I find a crumpled tissue inside it. I go to throw it away but as I lift it up her scent hits me. Can it be? I bring it up to my face. Could it be? Her aroma pervades my senses. I look towards her office. She is looking at me; she smiles, winks and looks away. A few seconds later I remember to start breathing again. The office is emptying but she is late leaving, she has not yet gone. I wait. More people leave but she does not go. A quick glance at the clock tells me she has never been here this late before. Finally we are alone. She has said nothing to me. But now I see her looking at me. She stands up and walks towards me. She smiles. I die a little as she teases me. She reaches my desk and sits on the corner. Crossing her legs I hear the swishing rustle of her stockings. I am frozen like a rabbit in the glare of a trucks head lights. She is saying something but I am too far gone to hear a word. I reach forward towards her leg. She has fallen silent watching my hand move towards her. I stop and look up into her eyes, they give permission and she turns more towards me. Every fear of rejection I have ever felt wells up and I falter at the breach. But her hand reaches out and takes mine in hers. She draws my hand towards her and in doing so pulls back her skirt revealing more of her thigh. She places my hand on her stocking. Tentatively I explore the outside of her thigh. She shuffles along the desk and sits in front of me, legs dangling over the edge. She reaches out and raises my head to look at her. She examines me as if deciding what to do. Still holding my gaze she takes my shy hand resting on her thigh. She moves it inside and gently points it at her sex. My heart is racing, bl**d pounds in my temples. Slowly she spreads her legs, enough to allow me access should I chose to go on. I stand up, looking down at her. I know what to do now, no doubt remains. My hands move to her breasts. The silk of her blouse encases the beauty and promise of soft warm flesh. Her breath quickens at my touch and I feel her nipples harden under my hands. My hands move up and smooth some stray hairs from her exquisite face. She looks into my eyes and I see my passion reflected there; that same desire to caress and hold. I kiss her. She responds with enthusiasm and our tongues touch twining around each other in mutual exploration. She gently pushes me away. Have I gone too far? Doubt returns for a second but I need not have worried as she leads me to her office where there is a little more privacy. She closes the door and stands with her back against it, challenging me to take my prize. I start to unbutton her blouse. She watches my face and revels in my enjoyment as I unwrap my gift. The buttons open. She is naked underneath and warm and sensual under my touch. I cup her breasts and she shudders gently. She takes my tie off and uses it to pull me into her; we kiss as I fondle her breasts now crushed between us. Her nipples press into my chest aroused by the rough cotton fabric of my shirt. My mind starts to go. The rational evaporates in front of this onslaught of lust. An urgency grips us both and suddenly all restraint is gone, we must have each other. The world falls away, there is just us, nothing else matters but the here and the now. This moment all we live for is the craving of exaltation and passion. We are one in our desire. Her skirt falls as she undoes it. My cock craves release. But that one miniscule doubt remains. Finally I am released from responsibility as she undoes my belt and slips my trousers over my hips. She looks up at me. The primal female has taken control of her. She hooks her thumbs into my shorts and pushes them down; she kneels down in front of me. My cock is still at half mast, the shock of the situation and fear of rejection holding it in check. She doesn’t grab it but licks her finger and very gently starts to tickle just under the glans. We don’t break eye contact while she does it, she smiles and her eyes shine as she teases me to an erection. When she is satisfied her initial touch has achieved its desired effect she stands again and straddles my cock but just holds it between her thighs, her heat is unbearable! Slowly she undoes my shirt and takes it off, gently she kisses my nipples and sucks them erect, playing her teeth around them. I am numb. She looks at me quizzically wondering at my inaction. There is a leather couch in her office. I lead her over to it. I manoeuvre her into position lying down comfortably in the corner. I kneel down beside the couch and run my hands over her body, her breasts, she giggles, mock fighting off my attention to her breasts the girl in her excited by the naughty and denied. I can feel and smell her excitement. I sit her up facing me and move my hands to her knees and start to open them. She shuffles down so her bottom is close to the edge. I open her legs; she resists just enough to show me I must work for what she has to offer. Bliss is before me, I am knelt at heaven’s gate. Watching her face I trail kisses down her thighs, first one side than the other. Her eyes are sparkling with anticipation. My lips brush the silky damp hair of her sex. I nuzzle gently into her, opening her slowly, savouring the sensation of heat and scent. My lips feel the honey hot wetness of her delectable cunny. She sighs as my tongue explores her labia. I part her with my tongue starting low and unzipping the folds of her as is move up. She is on fire, juices dribble down over her arse and onto the couch bringing forth the smell wet leather. I bring my hands up pushing her sex together; gently I massage the still inviolate pearl held within the folds of her slippery wet pussy. She has started to glaze over, still with me but giving herself over to the moment, enjoying my touch. I resume my exploration of her sex, now using my hands to open her to my view. She is pink and flushed inside, glistening with expectation, ready, open, willing. I enter her with my tongue; she trembles at this first f***eful touch. My lips devour her. I move my attention to the pearl hidden under its little hood. Firmly I expose it and start to move my tongue over it. Back and forwards in a slow insistent rhythm. She breaths hard, her head is back and I presume her eyes are shut as she lets me take her to her very special place. I keep my tongue working her clit and move my hand to her arse hole. With my thumb I start to spread the dribble of juice from her cunny around her tight little fundus. She shivers in expectation. I move my finger to her pussy and I firmly and insistently begin to invade her. First my finger gains entry to her slick pussy, but my thumb is soon embedded in the opening to her arse. She squirms as if fearful of this unexpected intimacy but then relaxes and gives in to my demanding fingers they slip into her. I can feel myself inside her, my finger and thumb playing with her sex. I increase my rhythm and the insistent pressure. She grasps at her breasts pulling at her nipples in an effort to regain some control of her consciousness. Her breath is becoming erratic and laboured as the climax approaches. Her hand falls on the back of my head and tries to press me harder into her. I loop my arm under her leg and grab her wrist pulling her arm away and under her back. Her other hand tries to push me into her. I relinquish my fingers from her arse and pussy and curl her other arm under her back as well. Both arms pinned I have her at my mercy now. I back off a little letting her ride the edge before I pressure her to give in to my tongue. I slide it side to side now; I drive her to oblivion. She spasms and subsides as she is overwhelmed with pleasure. I kneel back and wipe my mouth on the back of my arm and look at her, she smiles at me and grins. Standing up she pushes me back down onto the carpet. She straddles me and squats over my now rampant cock. Oh fuck! Her pussy is so wet and fucking hot it starts to swallow my cock. Her greedy mour engulfs me. Still straddling me she starts to move, her hands pressing on my chest for balance. Her breasts dance in front of me, her hair hangs down around her face but hidden in there I can still see her eyes and they are bright with lust. I give myself up to the pleasure. My hands on her hips she rides my cock. Deep thrusts as I rise to meet her; my balls slapping into her butt. I won’t last long at this rate. I pull her forward down onto me and wrap her in my arms. We kiss. She runs her hands through my hair. I thrust into her a little more gently and try to regain control. We devour each other completely. Feeling the urgency building I roll her onto her back and start to drive into her. Fuck! The mist descends. The primeval lust to cum fills me. She rises to my challenge and we fuck, god do we fuck. Sweat drips from my chin and coats my body. Her eyes are tight shut and her body hardens as the moment of wind and rain approaches. My third heart takes flight as I pound on to the inevitable little death of ejaculation. Still the rhythm, but faster now! Fuck! She gasps and flinches as she cums her pussy gripping me and forcing me over the edge. Fuck! I stretch myself into her, spearing her, sperm streaming out of me. My life for her; I give my life to her.

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