Saturday, March 2, 2013

Office Oral with Louis SeXStoRY

I was just laying in bed thinking of a hot co-worker of mine, Louis, who I’ve wanted to fuck for a while. He’s a tall, well-built guy dripping with sexual energy. I’ve not been shy about showing him how hot I think he is, but I hold back the fact that I think about having his cock in my mouth every time I see him. I want to go into his office, close and lock the door and walk over to him where I sit on the edge of the desk, slowly pull my skirt up to give him a good look at my cleanly shaved pussy. As he sits back stunned, I push my lacy thong aside and start to slowly rub my clit and finger fuck my tight pussy, right in front of him. I then undo a couple buttons on my shirt to show him my tanned tits bursting out of my white lacy bra. It’s more than he can stand and finally unzips his pants to release his monster erection. I’m so pleased at what I see that I kneel down in front of him and slick his huge cock head with some of my pussy juices then lightly lick on and under his head. As he lets out a small moan, I deep throat his whole cock and starts squeezing him with both hands. I notice him looking at my swollen nipples through my bra and tell him to take my tits out by pulling on my nipples. This makes his cock grow even bigger and I take it out of my mouth for a good tit fucking. After a few minutes, he tells me he’s going to cum and I gladly squeeze every drop of hot, tasty cum on my boobs and face. I’m so worked up from sucking his cock that I get back up and make myself cum slowly in front of him. I then get dressed back up and leave to go back to work with a completely satisfied look on my face.

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