Saturday, March 2, 2013

white boyfriend and black stepdad in my black puss SeXStoRY

yes! yes! i know its wrong,i knew i shouldnt have been doing it, and have absolutely no clue why i started, but will admit, the perversion of it, was what excited me the most! my stepfather 56 would work away in london and mother did constant night shifts at the hospital, i was the only c***d still living at home, and was there alone, most of the time. i had briefly began to experience the joys of sex, however short the experiences had been, my 15year old cunt, was ripe and ready for constant attention but my bofriend, maybe because of his age, 11 years my senior, was never fully committed to plunging his cock deep in my cunt. He was always so tender, so loving, licking and sucking, kissing and fingering. maybe just waiting till that all important 16th birthda to arrive to be completely comfortable. nevertheless, i developed a way of coaxing him, to get my first full fuck! i would rub my little swollen cunt against his rigid cock, holding his hands tightly preventing him from wanking, i would whisper, how hungry and lonely my virgin hole felt and how much i craved to be his little slut...then finally, he did it, his bulbous pink headed cock pressed against my opening. I was suddenly, nervous,and felt ready to back out, but for the first time, he shrugged my hands away, foced hold of my hips, and thrusted his cock deep, tearing me open. i thought i felt my heart in my mouth at that point, tears filled my eyes, but i was full of pride, and wanted him to know, that i was ready to be his woman, i was ready to be mature, i was sick of being toyed with and was ready for more. he took what seemed like five long deep thrust in my cunt, then quickly withdrew, just in time, to squirt cum all over my freshly fucked little hole. there was silence for a minute or two, i am sorry, he apologised, u just wouldnt stop pushing and saying these things i reassured him it was my doing and i was happy to do it again. sadly, he never learnt, he still treated me, so innocently, toying with me like before, only now, he did fuck me, slow tender, and way too short. i was on fire and wanted to be filled constantly. I guess thats my excuse, why i started it, i couldnt help it u see, i was blinded by need mom told me m stepdad was coming up from london and that she would be working usual. I had my bath, and shaved my fanny bald...i was suppose to see my boyfriend that evening, but something came up and it never happened. my mother had left for the hospital now, and my stepdad arrived. i dont know what possessed me, i entered my bedroom, took off my panties, left only a short night dress on. I opened my bedroom door, half way open, got under the sheets, and failed to cover completely, i had one let uncovered and hanging off the bed, also pulled the dress up so my fanny would be in clear view too. the whole evening he passed my door to and fro, to and fro and failed to look in, well at least so i thought. i wanted him to peek in, i wanted him to see my bare, uncovered pussy. i soon closed my eyes and fell off to sl**p forgetting the whole thing. at some point in the night, i felt a tug on my leg, i heard him say, "you little slut, i bet you`ve been fucked plenty of times" so little he knew he continued, parting my legs further, pulling his zip, no doubt relieving his cock from its restraints. he then used a finger to part my moist black pussy lips, clearing his throat, no doubt staring in my pink hole. I heard him again "oh fuck!, ur wet! i knew u were a little whore, pussy all swollen, i bet it tight too" suddenly a finger entered my hole,"oh fuck" he whispered under his breadth. "tight as a motherfucker" he spread the juices from my pussy all over my clit and circled it around my little ass hole. he then inserted a finger in my ass hole! i couldnt help but jerk my whole body, the feeling was knew to me, my asshole squeezed tightly around his finger as i heard him moan to himself "hmmmm, been a long time coming" he withdrew his finger now, leaving me empty and craving, i heard him rushed out to the landing "hello" "hello!" but no one was there he came back in my room, this time closing the door behind him, this time, i caught a wiff, of stale pee, his black cock, was edging at my lips, spreading sticky pre cum all over my face,"oh god!, oh fucck" i felt his legs trembled at my cheeks. " i bet you`ve sucked a lot of dicks" "probably let some guy cum in your mouth too, u fucking little tight pussy whore!" well i cant deny it, that was true and just hearing him say it, made my pussy juices run down my ass hole he moved down, to me, now rubbing the head of his cock down my soaking wet slit, while keeping the lips open, he then, took his time, little by little edging his cock into my hungry juicy hole. he slipped it in and out deeper and deeper at times, he was so big, so thick, so long, so filling. i had to try very hard from pushing down on his cock, couldnt let him know i was awake and loving it! he withdew frequently, calling my a fucking whore for making him want to cum so soon each time, he mentioned at one point, m mother killing him, if he is not careful and cum in my pussy, getting me pregnant. then he would thrust his cock in again, ooohhhhing and awwwhing as he went along, my pussy literaaly felt like a pipe constantly dripping, he had me so wet, i didnt want him to stop. sadly he pulled out spewing all over tmy pussy, it was so warm. he left me room for a little while, heard him washing up in the bathroom, then returned with a wet warm cloth cleaning him cum off me. before leaing he inserted two fingers deep in my pussy and then licked my hole, he covered me then closed my door. hmmmmmm good times!

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