Sunday, July 21, 2013

100% true Holding on for life while having sex. Fo SeXStoRY

Hi all this is my second true story. Well this is when I am in college at Towson College as it was called when I was there. This area at the time had 5 colleges with in about 7 miles of each other. So there was and large population of young people. Playboy at this time liked the Towson college area and had called it the number one in the country for best looking girls. This was due to the fact that for every male there were 4 females at the college plus all the other colleges in the area. NOte: this now Towson university still has the same ratio of 4 girls to each male. And the area is scouted buy modeling agency's all the time. So to say the least for me I was just lucky to have grown up in this area all my young life. There were several night clubs and bars in the local area which have allot of young people going to them all the time naturally. So I met this one girl at and night club named Cathy this is and real common name in my time. I dated about 15 different girls named Cathy. So she also went to Towson College at the time when I was there also. So this girl was about 5'- 6" tall and about 110 pds at the most. She had dark long hair down to her center of her back and real full. She was real friendly to me right away. She was and averagely nice looking young girl of the time. Her breast were about B cup and perky but not large. So any way we went dancing at this one great club at the time. Disco was what was in great fashion at the time and allot of the girls were waring these skin tight disco outfits at the time. They were basicaly sprayed on clothes very nice. So we were out on the dance floor with all the other people. She got real close to me and rubbed herself against me mostly crotch area. The night was coming to and end you know the last dance of the night. So Cathy says to me you have the best fuckin bulge in here. She then goes on to tell me lets go back to your place since you live close by. Ahh here we go back to my place which is and towne home right next to the college. WE go in and I live in the basement with my own entrance and my own bathroom. Very nice to have your own living area. So we start to talk in my bedroom area. So I light and candle or two for the mood and she tells me that she likes lite on when she has sex and the please leave the lite on in the other room. She now tells me that she can not have any k**s from and medical problem that she got when she was younger. I felt sorry for her but said nothing about it when she told me of it. Cathy then says to me that she used to be very heavy like 180 pds but now looking at her I would have never thought that about her. She said even though she had lost the weight that she has real strong legs and works out all the time and is real fit. For me at the time I was and typical gym rat with and 198 pds of me at this time with and dead lift of 600 pds and bench press of 300 pds so I was no slacker in the strenth department. CAthey says as she stands up now I am going to take off all my clothes for just you baby. Yes I really liked this girl first date and I am about to get laid ahhh yes. She then strips down very fast and just stands there in front of me with her hands on her hips and says well what do you think baby. I smile at her looking at her nice body with great stomach muscles showing also and very fit legs to with her long hair partly over her shoulders and real red lip stick on. Cathy says to me that I am going to show you how and real woman makes love to and man as handsome as you when we get the chance. Again I am just sitting on my bed still fully clothed just smiling at her. She comes up to me bends down and kiss me so soft and gentle. I feel the hair so soft and has and wonderful smell to it. Cathy then tells she wants to undress me for herself like opening up and gift. Sure why not if this is what she likes I let her undress me which does very fast. Now when it comes to my underwear I am fully hard all 9 inches of me. I tell her go slow with the underwear or it will hurt me when you take it off of me. She feels the outside of me fully hard cock and says here feel my pussy right now baby. When I go to feel her pussy it actually dripped and couple of drops on my hand even before I felt her. That was and first for me and I have never had that experience again in my sex life wow. Cathy then goes on to tell me I am going to make the hottest fucking love to you that you have ever had. She then tells me that she has seen me with only the hottest girls in all the different places she has seen me and my friends in. She also makes the comment to me that all my friends are the best looking young men in the area. She tells me that her and her girl friends fantasize about getting one of us into bed so they can totally ravage one of us if they are so lucky to get the chance. To be honest with you I thought of myself as average and fit. Being 6'-4" 198 pds at the time with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. Any way she gets my underwear off of me and smiles real big at me and says oh my god and your hung like and horse real thick to. Ohh baby your getting fucked like you never have been in your life. I think I love this girl lol. So she then says ok now lay back I want this all to myself and my mouth right now. Keep in mind yes I have had several young woman at the time and this is my first average looking young woman that I have ever been with. Side note I learned right away to be very confident when talking with woman. So I also learned go after the very best looking woman all the time. For allot of them most guys never try to get for fear of being rejected but kindness and being bold got allot of them into my bed when I was younger. Yes not all did I get there but many to say the least. Cathy then asks me can you cum more than three times in one night. Now at 20 years of age and being fit sure I can but I tell her that I have honestly came only two times in each time with and young lady per sex session. Well then she says hold on for what I will teach you and love you all night long for the next 2 straight hours of sex with you hot stuff. She had such and way of talking to and man so sexy but not crude just so hot is all I can say. Now she slides down me kissing my body and rubbing my shoulders so passionately. That felt so great to me. She then slides all the way to my feet kissing my cock only once real softly as she went by it. Then she starts to massage my feet and then kisses them. She then takes her time giving me the best fucking massage up my calfs then my thighs real slow and real good hand power. Never in any hurry just the most perfect slow massage you can ask for. I am now completely relaxed and she goes up to my cock lifts it with her hand and goes right to my balls and under my balls and starts to slowly lick me. With the most wet mouth and tong I have ever felt before. Then she does each ball in her mouth then starts at the base of my cock very tenderly going up the whole shaft. She stops at the just before the head and looks up at me and says well how do you like it so far love. I can hardly breath at this point in time much ales have and logical thought. Well dear fantastic would be and understatement so far. Cathy says thank you love I love how you talk to me to. She winks at me real sexy then says well and girls work is never done you know. She then says ohh when your about to cum in my mouth tell me I want to know so I can leave A real big wet spot on your bed from my pussy which is so hot for you right now ok love. Again I have no mind at this time I just say ok. Cathy goes back down on me first taking my head in her mouth twirling her magnificent tong around the tip. Next she slowly takes my entire cock all the way to the base never gaging or stopping. This was the first time any girl ever got it all the way in there mouth. She then sucked me up and down real slow with such skill. I only lasted about 10 minutes with her talents. So I told her here I cum girl. she was making the most passionate sexy sounds I had ever heard at that time. Loudly also for having my cock in her wonderful mouth. She sucked every drop out of me all of it better than the best with her long hair caressing my balls the whole time giving my the blow job. She then comes up to me and lays on my chest with her crotch on my leg humping it but then stops. Cathy looks up at me in my face and says thank you so much for all that cum you let me drink it was so much I loved all of it my love. She then reached up with her hands and ran her hands through my hair massaging my scalp gently with so much love in this girls touch. She gets up and says do you have mouth wash down here I say yes she then goes into the bathroom and gargels then comes back real fast and jumps on me. I ask her do you want me to lick your pussy and rub you to. I say to her I like to please the girl also it turns me on. Cathy then says to me I really do not like to be licked on my pussy it is just me darling but thanks for asking love. Cathy then slides to my left side of the queen sized bed of mine and plays with my cock until it gets hard kissing me so passionately. She tells me that she no's I would not want to kiss her after cuming in her mouth this is why she went to the bathroom. Again such and fantastic girl in every way the perfect lover to and man. I feel her pussy so wet and pertruding pussy lips like I have never felt she goes on to tell me that this is what is normal if and woman can let herself go and get as hot as she gets. She tells me that she can squirt and has orgasms all through sex. Cathy says to me she has already had 3 so far to night with me. So now comes the time for the sex. Cathy says I must warn you I am very strong like you have provably have never felt before being with and girl. So I am just warning you that you will have to hold onto to the bed when I start to buck wildly with such and handsome stud like you baby just watch out here I come love. I get over top of her and enter her in one stroke this is also and first for me. She tells me looking into my eyes well love how do I feel compared to all those perfect barby doll looking woman of yours. I think to myself this is odd that girl questions me about other girls wile I am in her pussy making love to her. She was just that confident of her self she tells me. We start to fuck real slow is how I like to start with any woman to get them to relax and enjoy it. Cathy looks me in the eyes then pushes up on my chest and says lift up love I wish to see all that stud cock going in and out of my pussy. She is moaning so hotly and kissing me the whole time wow she is and great kisser to. She then says to me in my ear while she licks around it and my neck also so dam hot this girl was just the perfect lover. Baby give it to me real fast is how I love it. So I do just what she asks and it was like her pussy was real open like nothing I ever felt before tight also she gripped with her lips wow that felt so nice with her. Now she starts to buck up at me so hard I thought she would throw me off the bed. She is now very loud in my ear and says I love it give it to me baby. Cathy is bucking so hard I can hardly stay on her I really did think I was going to fall off of her onto the floor she moved so strongly under me I was scared for real at this point int time. Cathy was the most powerful girl I had ever been with and to this day have never had and woman like her. She then screamed and squirted her orgasm all over me and the sheets. Cathy then started to slow fuck me real soft and tender and looked at me with the most loving eyes. Cathy then says to me cum in me I want to feel you shoot your load in my pussy now baby. Again she tells me I will now play with your balls real soft love come on now give me all that cum that I love so much. That was it for me here I cum I tell her load after load after load I gave that girl now she was crying and says dont be scared I just get like this. WE stop now and I lay over on my back she is now back to normal she lays on me with her nice body. She is now face to face with me and just looks at me and says just looking at the art work here. She then thanks me for letting us make love to each other. So after about 15 minuets she says can I have some desert lover if you do not mind. I am wondering what she wants. She then slides down my body and starts to give me another blow job. She stops looks up at me and says I hope you keep your word to and girl. Three times to come in one night for me love. You no what is and man to do but be honest and give her what she wants lol. She then gets up with that perfect little ass and goes to the bathroom. Cathy comes back out and askes me did you like how I like to make love dear. I say to her I never had any better then you I think you could give lessons. Cathy says to me well to be honest like I said you were my biggest fantasy come true I never thought I would have you love thank you again. I told her thank you so much words can not say how wonderful you make me feel. She then pats the bed and holds my hands and askes me to sit up so we can talk face to face. Cathy then questions me on how many k**s I want when I get married. I kept in mind her telling me that she can not have k**s. But I had to be honest with her. I said 3 I think boys and girls but just three. Cathy tells that I must make k**s for they will be perfect looking like there dad. Cathy says do not cheat the world of not having perfect looking k**s like you will have love. This girl was so profound to me so loving I had no words for her I just held her and looked at her in wonder. Cathy then says to me she plans to marry only when she is older and the man will already have k**s. She was and very bright woman with such class and true kindness in her heart and really meant every word she said. Cathy went on to tell me that she new who I was about to date and that she also new that I had this girls phone number. Cathy went on to confess to this other girl I was about to go out with please give me and chance with him if only for one night in my life he is my biggest fantasy. Her and this girl were friends but until then I did not no this. Cathy says to me I know I can never have and man suck as you but for this one night you were magic to me come to life like and fairy tale. I said thank you but I still consider my self average with confidence about me. She then tells me you have no idea how men like you affect woman you type of nice guys whom are perfection to look at with big cocks are the dream for us girls. She says trust me us girls know who you guys are. I saw her at school and even ask her if she would like to go out again. She told me know but thanked me again for the night we had together. She said I just can not tell you why it is my secret. I never saw her again not in school or at the clubs. I ran into some one I knew and few years after college and we happened to be talking about people. So I bought up about this girl and this friend of mine said oh yes I knew this girls f****y. Well I hope she is some mans wife she would be the perfect lady to him trust me when I tell you this. The friend of mine said you do not know about Cathy. I looked at him and said no she never went on another date with me she told me she had some secret about her so I did not press her for why. He then told me sorry to tell you this but she died of cancer just 7 months after she and you had that date. I had tears in my eyes after he told me that I could not speak. When I pulled myself together I said well the angels have one of there own back.

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