Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Beginning of a Bare Bottomed Fetish. SeXStoRY

I saw Julie every day. I never really spoke to her, just said ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. But then we both worked at ungodly hours (4am start) in a parcel distributors and were never at our best. She was in her early thirties and wore practical clothes for a dirty warehouse: thick hoodie, shell suit trousers and steel toe-cap boots. But this outfit could not hide her wonderfully full and rounded buttocks that I secretly watched now and again. Julie’s job was to scan the barcodes of boxes with a hand-held reader. This often involved clambering around on top of pallets trying to find the label. One morning at about 5am she was balancing precariously on a stack of boxes attempting to zap the label of a large step-ladder. What then transpired happened as if in slow motion: the boxes gave way under her weight and she started sliding forwards – in silence – until she put out her hand to grab the ladder. Unfortunately she missed and was pitched headlong towards the floor. I started running towards her, although I was a fair way off, more out of panic than anything. However the gods were with her that day, well certain gods, and her plummet was halted when the cord of her track suit bottoms caught in a rung of the ladder. Her headlong rush to the floor was slowed to a creep as the ladder gently pulled her out of her trousers and knickers, only halting when they bunched around her shoes. And so there she was, safe and sound, totally exposed and helpless. I froze. She obviously wanted help but I didn’t know how to approach without it being embarrassing for all concerned. I could see her twisting and struggling, issuing little noises with her efforts, but all this achieved was to make her bum wobble slightly. She did try to pull her top over her bum but all this achieved was to make it ride up her back more and more until this was bunched up under her armpits, leaving her clean white bra showing brightly against the dim warehouse lights. This was certainly a difficult situation for all concerned. Luckily no one else had walked past but it was only a matter of time. I decided to be a gentleman and to help my damsel in distress. I say gentleman but I could not help but develop an uncomfortable and inappropriate erection at the sight of Julie’s rear end, and at the predicament she found herself in. But it would be wrong to exploit the situation for masturbatory purposes; I must step up to the plate. ‘Umm..hey Julie.’ I blathered. ‘Let me help get you down.’ ‘Oh, hi Rob…quick! Someone’s coming!’ I then heard the voice of pendantic Pete, the supercilious supervisor droning on about something tedious, and the voice was getting nearer. Julie tried to struggle but only succeeded in jiggling her rear end. I looked around and saw a blanket folded in a corner, I grabbed it and threw it over the ladder. Fortunately it hooked on the top and covered Julie’s pale flesh. ‘Rob! Just the man I’m looking for!’ ‘Oh, hello Pete.’ (You twatting tedious turd.) ‘I’ll need you on bay 3 for the next couple of hours, those agency guys are making a real mess back there.’ ‘Yeah, sure thing Pete. Let me just finish up here and I’ll be there in 5.’ Pete moved ominously close to Julie, maybe 2 feet away. I desperately tried to think of something to make him go away. To make things worse, Julie was not keeping perfectly still. I could definitely see some movement under her…er…middle area. I got the distinct impression than she was masturbating. ‘OK, Rob..what’s under this blanket?’ Pete raised his hand to uncover his naked, dangling, masturbating employee. ‘Just a ladder, mate. But THIS box you MUST see!’ (I lifted a random box and deftly punched a hole in it with my finger.) ‘It’s got a hole it it! You MUST speak to the supplier, it’s just not on.' ‘Perfection is my goal, Rob, as you well know. Thanks for this…those guys better get ready for pete’s hammer, It’s just about to fall!’ Pete stalked off to his office with the box and I quickly raised the blanket to uncover Julie’s flushed and clearly post-orgasmic face. ‘You OK?’ Julie licked her lips, her breathing heavy, and said in a voice that was much deeper than usual… ‘Rob…I’m an exhibitionist!’

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