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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Three.) SeXStoRY

(See Part One for preamble) Chapter Fifty Eight. “Oh Pixie! Pixie!” Jennifer was saying over and over again, safe at last in Rachel’s embrace. Rachel was just holding her and soothing her with gentle caresses. “Come on sweetheart let’s get you down from here.” Rachel relinquished her hold and walked over to the wall. “Don’t go away!” Jennifer cried in panic. “I’m going nowhere honey! Just releasing your chain.” There was a whirring noise and the tension in the chain holding Jennifer’s arms up was relinquished. She slipped to her knees on the stone floor relieved at last to rest her legs. Her shoulder’s ached horribly and she squirmed, trying to relieve them. Rachel was back at her side unclipping the chain from Jennifer’s cuffs. Once Jennifer’s hands were free Rachel reached up and unfastened the blindfold around her eyes. Jennifer blinked and looked around fearfully. There wasn’t the slightest sign of any rat, nor any indication that there ever had been. It was just a large warm brick chamber gently lit by the big open fire and the gas lamps. It wasn’t even particularly dusty. She couldn’t even see so much as a cobweb. In fact it was rather cosy if anything. Jennifer began to feel foolish. Rachel was squatting down, naked in front of her and smiling quizzically. “Well my love. It’s not so bad is it?” “Oh Pixie! I was so frightened!” “You waste far too much of your time being frightened darling. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” “I was scared of the rats Pixie!” Rachel chuckled in the deep way that Jennifer loved to hear. “Rats darling! You honestly thought you were going to be attacked by rats! I hope you didn’t tell Sebastian that! He’d have been mortified! He carries out continual, unremitting, unrestricted warfare against the vermin in these cellars. He’d have felt insulted to know that you thought the place was crawling with rats. Oh there are rats undoubtedly but I’ve been coming down here for years and I’ve only ever seen a couple in all that time. Mice yes. Rats hardly ever.” “I could hear them.” Jennifer whispered but she felt silly now and not at all sure anymore. “There’re all sorts of creatures here in the cellars Jenny. There’s birds that roost in here, mice, voles, bats, all sorts of things that might rustle and squeak in the corners, all universally harmless. There’s nothing horrible down here except…” Rachel leaned forward to tap the side of Jennifer’s head “except what you bring with you in here!” Jennifer gazed into Rachel’s deep brown eyes and found safety and warmth there, her fears disappearing like dust in the wind. Suddenly she jumped as a large furry object brushed against her back. “Oh it’s the cat!” Jennifer turned to see that her erstwhile saviour was an enormous grey Persian tom with a benign expression of such benevolence on its wide face as to be almost comical. She stroked the big furry head and the cat closed its eyes rapturously, rubbing its head against her hand and rewarding her with a deep throbbing purr of pure happiness. Rachel laughed and reached over to pick the cat up and nestle it against her breast where it seemed to go into something approaching feline ecstasy. “So you’ve met Chester have you?” “Yes. I thought he was protecting me from the rats.” Rachel tossed back her hair and laughed richly. “I’d choose a better champion for yourself against the rodent hordes down here if I was you Jenny. Chester’s far too fat and lazy to be going chasing rats and mice aren’t you, you old slob!” Rachel tickled Chester between the ears and even Jennifer had to laugh at the growling buzz of ecstatic purring that emanated from the big Persian. “How do cats get in here then Rachel?” “Oh there’s plenty of ways the house cats and those in the grounds can find their way into the cellars Jen. They come down here to catch the mice. Not Chester though. Chester lives down here. He’s our official cellar cat if you like. We put up with him because he’s too slothful to bother the bat colonies we have.” “There’re bats in here?” Jennifer looked around nervously. “Not in this part but there are plenty of colonies and roosts in other areas. Mathom Hall has hundreds of bats in and around the buildings and grounds. In the winter many of them hibernate in the caves adjoining the cellars.” “W… won’t they fly into my hair?” “Oh Jenny! Don’t be silly! Bats have got better things to do with their time than fly into your hair! That’s an old wives tale!” “Well can’t you get rid of them?” “Get rid of them! Why ever should we want to? They’re completely harmless lovely little creatures. They’re not only doing no harm whatsoever but they’re positively beneficial. They keep down the mosquitoes and midges in the summer and the gardeners even come down here to collect their droppings for the flower beds and rose bushes.” “Whatever for?” “Well apparently bat p*o is just about the best organic fertiliser you can get. In America they even have specially constructed bat roosts where they harvest the stuff on an industrial scale for gardeners.” “Oh I see.” “So no Jenny we don’t want to get rid of our bats. On the contrary we encourage them and make sure that their roosts aren’t disturbed. They are protected a****ls after all and we just like them.” “I’m sorry Pixie. I’m just being silly again.” Rachel laughed warmly “Let’s go and sit nearer the fire Jenny. There’s an old rug there you can sit on whilst I rub your shoulders. They must be aching.” “Yes they are. Thank you Rachel.” The warmth of the big fireplace was intensely soothing and Jennifer squatted down on the rough rug cross-legged. Chester climbed into her lap and settled there as Rachel ministered to her stiff shoulders. The awful dungeon of her torment was transformed into a cosy place of warmth and intimate security. Her past terror seemed like c***dish hysteria to her now. She winced occasionally for her back was still sore from Sebastian’s strap but she soon succumbed to the pleasure of Rachel’s gentle kneading. Sebastian appeared in the chamber carrying a tray with a small bottle and a couple of glasses on it. “I thought perhaps Miss Walstow might appreciate a little restoring brandy after her discomfiture Miss Rachel.” “That’s a good idea Sebastian. I’ll have one too.” Jennifer flinched once more “Still sore Jenny? Really Sebastian you didn’t have to beat the poor girl that hard you big brute! A little gentle paddling would have done to begin with.” “I’m sorry Miss Walstow. Are you in considerable discomfort?” “I… I shall be all right Sebastian. Thank you for your concern.” “Oh she’ll get over it.” Rachel noted “Here Jenny take a sip.” Rachel handed Jennifer a glass. The brandy was fiery and soothing. “Well darling! Are things looking better now?” Rachel asked. “Yes thank you Pixie. Please what are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you.” “I’m here for you my love. My Mistress, …. Sorry our Mistress asked me last week to be here to look after you.” “Oh Pixie! I’m so glad!” “A labour of love my dear!” Sebastian cleared his throat. “If you ladies will excuse me I have a few items that require my attention. I thought perhaps that you might wish to dine at about half past seven. Would that be satisfactory ladies?” “Yes Sebastian.” Rachel told him “Do carry on. I’ll take care of Jennifer in the meantime.” “Thank you Miss Rachel. Until later then Miss Walstow.” With immense dignity Sebastian left the chamber. “How long have I been here?” asked Jennifer. “All afternoon sweet. It’s about half past six now. We’ve got time to take a bath and get you back up to scratch before we sit down to eat. Are you hungry?” “Yes I am. I am now.” “Good! Now are we sure we’ve got all the things that go bump in the night out of our pretty head?” “Oh Rachel! I’m sorry but I was so scared!” “Yes you were darling! Can you figure out why?” “Was… was I put here to be frightened Rachel?” “Listen honey! Listen very carefully. At no time since you have been here have you been in the slightest danger whatsoever. You were placed in a warm completely secure environment, protected and carefully watched over. Nothing, but nothing could have harmed you here. All right you had a little discomfort and the odd little whipping to keep you focussed but at no point could you have come to any serious peril at all. Do you believe me?” “Yes Pixie.” Jennifer whispered. “Good! Now ask yourself this. Do you honestly believe that anybody within this Hall wishes you any harm?” “Well no. I suppose not.” “You have little faith Jennifer. Did not Lady Mathom tell you to be brave and that all would be fine?” “Well yes.” “So you didn’t believe her? This is your Mistress Jenny! Vowed before the Goddess to nurture, love and protect you, and you have so little belief in her that you’d rather believe the ghoulies in your imagination than accept that she wouldn’t let anything harm a hair of your precious little head! Your Mistress has paid millions for you Jennifer! Millions! Does she buy a priceless work of art and use it to feed the fire? Of course she doesn’t! Who brought you to these cellars?” “Rebecca.” Jennifer’s voice was a subdued whisper. “Yes! Rebecca! A woman that loves you! Your fiancée! Would she for one moment have brought you here if she thought that anything at all untoward might happen to you here?” “N… no.” “But you didn’t believe her either did you? She told you that you would be looked after. She told you that you’d be cared for. You let your fears doubt her love for you! All the time that you were here Sebastian has tendered to you. He came to see that you were all right every hour. He’s the kindest man I know Jenny. I’ve told you that before. Do you doubt me also?” “No…! No Pixie!” “Yet you’ve let your fear betray all the people that love you haven’t you Jenny? You’re supposed to trust your lovers. You’re supposed to trust your Mistress. You’re not doing very well are you Jenny?” “No…. No I’m not! Oh Pixie! I’m sorry! Forgive me!” Jennifer was in tears. “Fear can rule you Jennifer. Fear can destroy you! A lady of the Line must learn how to conquer her fear. There’s nothing to be frightened of down here Jenny. You brought your own fear with you. You were chained up in the darkness and left to face your own fears. They might have been spiders, mice, bats, bogeymen, whatever. You bring your own goblins into the cellars Jennifer and you have to look them in the eye and laugh at them. In your case you brought your rats with you!” Rachel laughed “Ever read any George Orwell honey?” “Some… at school.” “1984! The main character Winston is f***ed to betray his love in the room 101 through his fear of rats! They’re the worst thing in the world to him Jenny. He’d rather have his beloved die horribly than have his face eaten by starving rats. He betrays her.” Jennifer wept softly. “Oh Pixie! Tell Sebastian to come back and whip me for my foolishness!” “There’s no need for Sebastian to whip you honey. You’re doing a fine job of it by yourself! Come along now! Don’t cry! It’s hard being a slave of this House Jenny. Nobody expects you to get it right first time. We all go through this. Tell me did you think that you’d been completely abandoned; left to rot in the cellars?” “Y.. yes I did.” “Well at one time so did I. Do you know better now?” “Yes Pixie.” “And do you now know that you have nothing to fear but fear itself?” “Y… yes.” “Good! Then here endeth the first lesson! Come along! I don’t know about you but I’m hungry!” Rachel stood and helped Jennifer to her feet. Jennifer looked at her properly for the first time. She was as naked as Jennifer herself but she bore cuffs and a collar, set with amethysts and diamonds, as beautiful as those that Jennifer wore. There was something else too. Rachel had a glowing warmth to her that defied description. There was a hue and fullness to her body that seemed some aspect of the Goddess in all her womanhood. She was unutterably beautiful in her tranquillity and happiness. Rachel surprised her by taking a clip and attaching the cuff on her left cuff to that of the ring on the cuff on Jennifer’s right wrist. “I…. I’m not going to run away Pixie.” Rachel threw back her head and laughed luxuriously. “Oh Jenny! You’re a gem! Wherever do you get these singular notions of yours?” Rachel reached over and pinched Jennifer’s cheek playfully. “You silly girl! Look it’s just a simple clip! You can unfasten it anytime you want! This is just a little custom among us. An endearment! It’s like holding hands. When we clip ourselves together it’s like saying that we’re s****rs, s****rs in slavery.” “I’m sorry Pixie! I’m being very stupid today.” “Stop spanking yourself Jenny! There’re plenty of people here to do that for you!” A plaintive miaow caught their attention. Rachel turned and smiled. “All right Chester! Come along then! You may join us for dinner.” The big Persian was instantly between their legs purring in deep satisfaction. “I… I thought Chester was a rat stalking up on me Pixie. I thought he was the biggest rat of all, the king of all the rats down here.” Rachel shook with laughter “Nasty big wotten Chester. Has he been fwightening poor little Jenny wenny?” “All right Pixie.” Jennifer laughed ruefully “I’ve got the message!” “You’ve been reading too many novels dear! This isn’t Changi!” Rachel led Jennifer through the cellars. Jennifer was coming to enjoy the intimacy of being attached to Rachel by the wrist. It felt, as Rachel had said, like the ultimate expression of s****rhood. There was a serious point to it too she saw. All your actions required the other’s cooperation. You had to be in complete harmony with your s****r. You formed an indivisible duet. You couldn’t even scratch yourself without your s****r’s acquiescence. She’d read somewhere about the marriage customs in some cultures where the bride and groom were tied symbolically together by the wrist at the wedding. She saw the point. “Do we have far to go?” “No Jenny. We’re nearly there.” “When Sebastian brought me here we seemed to go an awful long way.” “He probably brought you around by the scenic route!” “I’m glad we didn’t go the ugly way! Just how big are these cellars anyway?” “Vast Jenny. You’ve only seen a little bit of them. In a sense these are not cellars at all but simply the occupied parts of an enormous catacomb of caverns that honeycomb all the ground underneath the Hall and its grounds. I’ve never begun to explore more than a fraction of them. They stretch miles back into the hills. They’re on lots of different levels too. In places they go hundreds of feet under the ground. There are subterranean streams flowing through them. There are even underground lakes! Don’t you dare go off exploring on your own! You be lost in a twinkling! They’re dangerous too. You could easily fall down a pothole in the dark.” “You have my firm assurance that I have not the slightest wish or inclination to wander off through a bunch of dark caves on my own!” “Good girl! Stick to the environs in and around the house. Normally we don’t leave the prison quarters much. There are a lot of regions where access is forbidden in any case. If you’re interested I’ll give you a little guided tour around some of the nearer parts tomorrow but I’ll keep you on a tight leash!” “Oh that’s a point! Whatever happened to my chain? Has Sebastian got it?” “No it’s hanging up in our cell honey. You don’t want to lose that. It’s solid silver!” “Our cell?” “Yes you’re putting up with me. You don’t mind sharing do you?” “On the contrary! It’s the best news I’ve had since coming down here!” Rachel laughed and squeezed Jennifer’s hand. They emerged into a large warm chamber. To Jennifer’s surprise it was day lit by means of a skylight high overhead. There was a huge log fire crackling in a massive brick fireplace and bits and pieces of simple wooden furniture s**ttered about. There was a large wooden trestle table in the chamber surrounded by benches. “We prisoners normally use this as our living and dining area Jenny. Our cell is just off to the right there and the bath chamber is straight down that corridor. Come along we’ve got plenty of time to freshen up before Sebastian hauls the trough out. Not you Chester! You can wait here!” The bath chamber was quite the most fantastic place Jennifer had seen yet. There was a small anteroom leading in to it that Rachel described as the dressing room. Jennifer thought that hilarious since the entire extent of their dress between them would have fitted easily into a handbag. “Still you should take your collar and cuffs off here honey. Its damp in the bath chamber and you could spoil them.” Rachel told her. Jennifer had been wearing these accoutrements ever since Lady Mathom had put them on her and she’d been growing accustomed to the feel of them. She found them curiously comforting and she felt oddly even more naked without them. “Can I see them Jenny?” Rachel asked. Jennifer handed them to her. “They’re beautiful Jenny!” “Lady Mathom gave them to me Pixie. She said that they belonged to my mother.” “You must never lose these Jenny! Those are real emeralds! These are worth a small fortune!” “Are those diamonds on your own?” “Yes! Do you like them?” “They’re lovely! Are these the ones that you told me about in that restaurant?” “The very same Jenny! I wouldn’t wear anything else down here.” “You’re not wearing anything else!” The two women laughed, easy in their familiarity. “Oh!” said Jennifer “You’ve got amethysts on yours too!” “Of course Jenny! We wear our Mistress’s stone! We’re slaves of the purple-eyed Lady! We bear the amethyst with pride!” “Oh of course!” Jennifer felt a thrill pass through her that she was at a loss to define. “Look put your collar and cuffs on the dressing table here. They’ve sent your handbag with your things in down here but, apart from your pill, I don’t think there’s much you’ll be needing from it.” That was putting it mildly. The dressing table was enormous, ornate and quite extraordinary. It held all the cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing utensils, manicure implements and assorted accessories that any woman could possibly desire, in front of a huge mirror. It was flanked by two floor to ceiling mirrors and it was picked out in glittering light. It was an altar, a shrine, to female vanity. No expense had been spared to allow the prisoners of Mathom Hall to preen in their nakedness before it. “There’re toilets just through that door Jenny if you need to use the loo.” “I… I’ve already been thanks.” Jennifer was blushing deeply but Rachel ignored it. “Ok! Let’s go get wet and soapy!” Jennifer gasped when she saw the bath chamber. Even though Rachel had once described this chamber to her she was unprepared for the huge old-fashioned bathhouse, covered entirely in Victorian style brown and lime green tiling. The bath itself was the size of a small swimming pool in the centre and there were showers and washbasins s**ttered around. There was a whirlpool bath, big enough to seat half a dozen, as a more modern innovation in one corner and several raised massage platforms in the same brown tiles. It was hot and steamy in the bathhouse but not apparently enough for Rachel for she grabbed Jennifer’s hand and said “Come on! I know just the thing for getting the cellar cobwebs out of the system!” With that she led Jennifer to the far end of the bathhouse where they rounded a tiled partition and passed into a smaller chamber. It was difficult to make out any details within this chamber because it was wreathed in steam. “Goodness it’s hot in here!” Jennifer breathed. Every breath seemed to draw a furnace of heat into the lungs. Rachel pulled her to the tiled seating platform that ran along all four sides of the wall. The tiles were hot on Jennifer’s bottom as they sat and she was soon gasping in the heat of the steam bath. Rachel was holding her close and their bodies were slick against each other. Jennifer buried her face in Rachel’s shoulder to gain some release from the scalding intake in her nostrils. Had there been any residual chills from the cellars they were far away now. Jennifer began to fantasise about snow and icicles and bathtubs full of ice cubes. Breaking the ice and jumping into a frozen pond struck her as an excellent idea. Finally, when Jennifer felt that she could take no more, Rachel led her back out of the steam bath and used a shower to douse them both with cold water. It was delicious and exhilarating. Jennifer felt her body glowing and tingling. After that they sat on the edge of the bath and bathed each other and shampooed their hair before plunging into the deep hot water to soak luxuriously. After a leisurely long wallow in the warm sudsy bath Rachel hauled herself out saying. “Best dry off now Jenny. Sebastian said half past seven.” She took an enormous heated towel from a rail and held it invitingly for Jennifer. It was sheer heaven to be folded into the soft warmth of that towel and Jennifer almost purred like Chester as Rachel rubbed her down. Once they were dry there was a new pleasure as Rachel directed her to a raised platform and bade her lie down whilst she massaged scented body oil into her skin and Jennifer could have stayed there forever, her eyes closed ecstatically, with Rachel’s firm hands easing the last pains and aches from her muscles. But Rachel laughed and raised her from her revelry with a sharp slap on the bottom. “Come along little Miss sl**py Head! We don’t want to be late for our bread and water do we?” Back in the antechamber Rachel “dressed” her for dinner as she put it, applying cosmetics quickly and expertly and drying her hair with a blower. She looked over Jennifer’s shoulder at her reflection in the big mirror and grinned at her. “You look just lovely sweetheart. Are you feeling better now?” Jennifer nodded. She was feeling wonderful, refreshed, happy, glowing and ready to face any new trial the cellars might impose upon her. “Oh Rachel thank you for spending this time with me. Lady Mathom hinted that there would be a lovely surprise for me at the end of this day but I never dreamt that it would be you!” “Like I said earlier Jenny. She asked me to come last week and I was more than happy to oblige. Even if you weren’t here I love to spend time in the cellars. I’ve told you my story. You know what these chambers mean to me. But looking after you was the icing on the cake and I’m going to enjoy licking it off!” Jennifer laughed “You come here every year in any case don’t you?” “Yes at least once a year, sometimes more.” “Do … do you get whipped whilst you’re here as well.” “Usually yes.” “Are you going to be whipped this time as well?” “Good grief! No! Are you forgetting? I’m in the f****y way! You can’t imagine that Sebastian would raise his hand to a pregnant woman can you?” “Oh sorry! Of course! You look lovely in your pregnancy Pixie. Are you enjoying it?” “Yes! Yes I am. I’m just into my second trimester and they always say that that’s the nicest one. I haven’t put too much weight on and I’m pretty stable emotionally now. The morning sickness has left me and even the soreness in my tits has vanished although they’re a sight bigger than they used to be! I had a check up before I came down here and everything is just dandy. I’m healthy, happy and just gloriously knocked up! Come along now shift your fanny and let me in front of the mirror so I can pretty myself up for dinner.” Jennifer relinquished her stool and stood watching as Rachel brushed out her brown hair and made up her face. “It seems so silly to put make up on when we’re both going to be sitting down for dinner stark naked Pixie.” “Not at all Jenny. In fact it’s more important than ever to look your best when all you’ve got to wear is your skin. You’ll come to learn Jenny that the flesh you stand up in is the single most important item in your wardrobe. If you’re happy with that then you’ll know that you’re beautiful whatever you wear. Clothes are just body ornamentation to a lady Jenny. If you don’t get the basics right no amount of pretty clothes are going to conceal it. A woman that is thoroughly happy with her body can dress up in rags and still look gorgeous. You have to learn to carry your body with pride and pamper it. You can’t trade it in for a new one. Talking of clothes you’d better be putting your collar and cuffs back on. They’re obligatory dinner dress here! Can you do it on your own?” “I think so.” In fact Jennifer found it awkward to buckle the cuff onto her right wrist with just the use of her left hand and had to ask Rachel for assistance. Rachel also fastened Jennifer’s collar on and the moment was a symbolic sweetness punctuated by a gentle kiss on the nape of Jennifer’s neck. In the lingering intimacy Jennifer had another question. “Pixie will… will I be whipped here?” Rachel smiled and brushed Jennifer’s hair from her face “Oh yes Jennifer! Every day in fact!” _________________________________________________________________________

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