Sunday, July 21, 2013

My brothers first time SeXStoRY

I came home early from work one day and didn’t know anyone else was home. As I walked up the stairs toward my room I heard noises coming from upstairs and as I got closer I could hear they were coming from my room. When I turned the corner at the top of the stairs I could see my b*****r’s best friend sitting on my bed, but I did not see my b*****r. That is until I walked a bit farther. I stood back from the door a bit and watched the show my b*****r was putting on for Jason. My b*****r Steve was wearing my short black skirt and hot pink tank top, the red wig I wore on Halloween. Steve made a convincing girl. He had on makeup, as if he had been doing this for a while. Steve wore pair of my heels that he danced pretty well in. Steve danced around and started to grind on Jason. Jason leaned back and let Steve sit on his lap. Steve half turned around and kissed Jason. I didn’t know this but I had my hand under my skirt and rubbing my pussy. I was watching my bother kissing another guy. I was turned on. Steve got up on my bed and leaned over the edge. Jason stood up and unzipped his shorts. When his shorts fell I could see why my b*****r liked Jason. Jason had an 8 inch cock. My b*****r opened his mouth and Jason slid right in. my b*****r was sucking a cock and quiet well I might add. After a few minutes Steve turned around and presented his ass to Jason. Jason put the tip of his cock against Steve’s asshole. Steve stated to push back and Jason put his hands on Steve’s hips. I was enjoying the show I was seeing. My panties were off me and on the floor. I had my leg against the door frame with 2 fingers deep in my pussy. I heard Steve moan as Jason pumped away inside him. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the door and cleared my throat. The look on their faces was great. They couldn’t believe they were caught in the act. Steve started to slide off Jason cock. “Don’t do that Steve. By the look on Jason’s face he’s about to bust his nut.” Steve turned around and looked at Jason, “She’s right b*o I am about to bust.” “Steve, you look great.” The look on Steve’s face when I said that was priceless. This was their secret and now I knew. “Don’t worry I’m not gonna say anything. I enjoy my younger b*****r but I have always wanted a little s****r. Now I can have both. This is going to be fun “ “I will say that this has turned me on a lot. Continue,” I say as I sit on my bed and watch. By now Jason's waiting load had subsided and Steve slid off his cock. My b*****r turned over on his back and showed Jason his rock hard cock. I couldn’t believe that Jason started sucking Steve’s cock, and stroking his own cock. Jason got on the bed between Steve’s legs and again slid his cock inside. I could tell Steve was in heaven from the moans he let out. As Jason pumped my b*****r’s ass; Steve stroked his cock. I rubbed my pussy with every stroke I was going to cum soon. And I was going to cum hard too. I slid closer to the boys so I could really see everything. Steve must have not been paying attention because he reached up and started rubbing my leg. I threw my leg over Steve and let him have full access to whatever he wanted. I wasn’t going to stop anything that was happening. Steve’s hand slid closer to my pussy and I slid down to grant his hand access. I couldn’t believe I wanted his fingers in me. Jason’s moan brought me back to reality and my head was spinning. I needed relief and there was only one way I was gonna get it. I leaned down and whispered to Steve, “How good are you at keeping a secret?” he looked up at me and grinned, “Very,” was all he said. I moved my mouth over to his and kissed him. His tongue darted in my mouth. I took my shirt off and let my small tits free. Steve ran his hands over them and pinched my nipples. I turned around and had my pussy right over Steve’s face. I reached up and grabbed my legs and slide his tongue over my clit a few times. After my pussy was ready I slid down Steve’s chest until his cock was at my pussy. I looked down at him, “This has to stay here.” Steve put his hands on my hips and pushed me down onto his cock. “Fuck Steve that’s your s****r pussy,” was all we heard come from Jason. I leaned back and put my arm around Jason’s neck and pulled his head closer to mine. Our lips locked and passion was on. I was grinding on Steve’s cock when I felt a little pressure on my backdoor. I turned and saw that Jason had to his cock in his hand and was trying to fuck my ass. “No, that’s not going in my asshole,” I say. I slid off Steve and tell Jason, You can fuck my pussy all you want but not my asshole. I lay on my back and Jason slides between my legs. OH. MY. GOD. “Holy Fuck Jason that is a huge cock,” I manage to get out between his thrusts. Steve gets up beside my head and shoves his cock in my mouth. I have tasted my pussy juices many times before but this was the first time I had tasted them off my b*****r’s cock. I tell Jason to stop and sit on the bed and watch. I start suck Steve’s cock and fingering his asshole. I slide my tongue across his swollen rosebud and few times and listen as he moans. I tell Jason to come over. Steve Climbs on top of him and both moan. Steve has a good rhythm when I get on top of Jason and slide back onto Steve’s cock. I kiss Jason and Steve grabs my hips. It was a pile of sex going on in my bedroom. Jason puts his hands on my hips, “Oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. I gonna cum,” Jason says. Steve looks over my shoulder and says, “Pretend you’re cuming in my s****rs pussy. I want your cum in me.” I look down at Jason and tell him to cum in me. “Let that load fill my pussy Jason.” I lean down and kiss him just as he fills my b*****r’s ass with cum. Steve moans as Jason’s hot load fills his ass. Steve grabs my hips and continues to fuck me. I look back at Steve and tell him to put his load in my pussy. I tighten up my pussy and Steve doesn’t last much longer. I feel his cock start to throb and then I feel the warm cum in my pussy. I slid off Jason and Steve slides off too. As they lay on my bed I squat over Steve’s face and let his cum ooze from my pussy into his mouth. I then lay on the bed and tell him to do the same thing I had just done. He dripped Jason’s cum into my mouth and I swallowed all I could. My b*****r has dressed up for me a few times since then and we have fucked many more times. I always like it best when he dressed up though. I have even let a few of my girlfriends in on the secret.

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