Thursday, July 25, 2013

A fuck... A great fuck. SeXStoRY

This is my first story so don't be harsh. Please? I awoke with my head ringing. I dragged my hands down my face. The bed I layed on was moist. Suddenly, I noticed I was lying next to someone. A blonde stunner still asl**p. Her firm breasts on her chest, her hard pink nipples pointing directly to the cieling. The temptation flooded me.I then noticed I was naked. As much as I wanted to get off with her (if I hadn't already) I decided to try and find out what had happened in the blank spot of my memory. I ran my hands through my red hair and began to remember... I slumped in my car seat whilst I flicked on my engine. I drove lazily out of my driveway and sped away. I wasn't exactly Mr ecstatic but i wasn't depressed either. Nevertheless I needed to relieve some stress. Whilst driving around I glanced over at a group of women. Obviously prossies, I never liked that word. Too degrading, I didn't disrespect what they did, why would I? After plucking one up (a BBW) from the streets we got down to buisness. She quickly threw off her jacket and unclipped her bra. Her ginourmous balck tits bounced nicely as she straddled me. Her hand plunged into my pants and she stroked my erection. Her nails felt so good on my balls. I pulled off my jeans and out lept my cock. Her mouth sucked on it like a lollipop. Her mouth coudn't consume my whole rod but it was big enough to pleasure me. It took only seconds for me to explode all over her face and hair. I felt another load, so I quickly heaved her on my dick. It slided easily into her wet sloppy pussy making her nearly scream. Faster and harder I began to pound her, her groans getting louder and more frequent. I nuzzled my face in her tits and began to lick her brown nipples. As I came she she called it, it was like a proper buisness!) and she left my car. I knew I pleasured her as much as she had pleasured me. I slipped my cock back into my pants.screamed and I began to think she passed out. She didn't, besides, if she did it'd make things pretty complicated. I completed the transaction details (that's what she called it). I knew I had pleasured her as much as she had pleasured me. I slipped my cock back int my pants and sped off. To be continued... (It will be continued don't worry :D)

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