Tuesday, July 23, 2013


b*o-IN-LAW PART 3 Ok I finally got a few mins to finger this out sorry it took so long. This happened awhile ago (4-5 weeks) Ok the usual set up he called me up and said his wife is going shopping and he’s got some stuff that needs to be moved around. Hopefully its his cock down my throat! So I grab the latest section of my hidden video compilation of my wife and away I go to his house. He’s already got a beer in his hand and sweat pants on and did I tell you that he always has this semi-woody? Not a ½ but somewhere’s around a ¼ woody. So at any rate its bulging as usual. I just wanted to drop to my knees and deep throat him but, Lets not be unbridled here. I’m still trying to make him think I’m not his cock slut (HA!). So we’re having a beer watching my wife's big ol titties. And he starts rubbing away and he yanks it out. Then he puts in his wife’s video and she’s laying out back of the house nude and shaved. So A stroking I’ll go. I pull my cock out and start strokin too. We both get close after a few mins. I ask him if he wants to suck me and he says no? Dam! So not to be too pushy I wait for him to ask me if I want to suck him off, but he doesn't ask!! Shit So I said I’m getting close . He says where are you going to blow it? I said I don’t know , Where are you going to blow it? He says “ IN YOUR MOUTH” ! I say to my self well its about fucking time!!! So I said to him Really? You think so huh? After a couple more strokes I said ok and get down on my knees. And he lets me take over Well I took him to the root! Right off, and laid on the style head going around and back and forth. Moaning and just enjoying the shit out of this. And then the grunts and the first blast hits me at the back of the throat. So deep I take him and let him shoot it right down my throat! He backs out a little and I got the last spurt on my tongue just enough to savor. So I look up at him and he seems giggly for some reason. I’m wondering why, then we hear the door slam up stairs and we scramble to get composed and he goes to see who it is. Its his wife and while he is talking to her I start to look around and I see a drop cloth in a strange place on his work bench. And then I looked closer and there was a lens sticking out of it!!! The bastard video taped me! Well I really wasn’t super pissed but I was a little tweaked. What if someone found the tape? Oh man no good! Well just as I’m going to take the tape out of the camera. I start fumbling with it and he and his wife come down stairs. He tried to cover it up and his wife went to the laundry room to do laundry. So I start giving him the riot act QUIETLY. And he says your right and he turns around and I cant see what he’s doing fumbling with the tape. Then I hear him drop it. He picks it up and he holds it up and says see? And takes it and throws it in the wood furnace and it burns up. But I don’t think so. I think he did a switcheroo and still has it. I told him this and he said you said to me burn it up. That was the tape. I wonder who he wants to show? Or just relive the cum when he is alone? Then I realize that his face was covered by a wall the way he was standing to the camera. THE BASTARD!! So if it was found no one would see his face just mine. Well that s it for now its been slow lately and we haven't gotten together. But fishing season it coming and Its my 2 man boat. I’ll be sure to keep you in formed. This is 100% true and if you dont believe it that your loss!

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