Saturday, July 20, 2013

my ex girlfriends feet.but my best friends grilfri SeXStoRY

Ok this all starts with my ex girlfriend named alyssa.shes a sexy ass girl and has the most amazing toes in the world.she love to have her feet fucked and loves it when you suck her toes.Well like i said shes my ex and now shes with my best friend.crazy!but i know this girl has some fellings for me still.the other day she came over to see her new boyfriend(my best friend)oh yea hes my roomate,anyway she comes over and is chillin for a bit in his room.i can here them fucking ,this kinda bothers me but i can deal with it.well later that night he wants to go to the store to get some beer./this girl is sitting one the same couch as me.he was asking if she wanted to with him and she said no i can wait till u get my head im thinking this chick wants to do something(i was with her for 4 yrs)i know this girl he levs and me and her are ther all i ask her how things are going between them,she said ok and just lft it as that.i was thinking ok im wrong she dosnt wnt to do anything.Then she asked me if i still have a foot fetish,i told her a fetish is hard to get rid of so yea im still in love with feet.then she said "cool",i was kinda thrown off,but just had to ask,do you still have a foot fetish,she looked at me and said,yea but her new boyfriend dosnt like to play with feet or anything to do with her feet.just then i can feel her leg getting closer,her pedicured feet wer just inches from my hand,i had to touch those pink toes,i just wanted to grab them and put them in my face! so, she said,what do you want to do? she said tell me the truth.thats when i said i want to fuck those tiny toes of yours,she said what are you waiting for suck my toes! i couldnt beleve this was happening...but then agen i can she is a little slut like that. I started to suck on her toes and she was loving it! with her other foot she started to rub the outside of my pants,my dick was growing!i can feel she wanted me to fuck her!...but i was in it for the feet!so i pulled out my dick and she had a face like if she was happy to se my cock agen.her little pink toes wrapped around my throbbing dick .i told her to fuck my dick with her feet and she as off!i can see her toes wiggling and pressing together dripping with precum(the perfect lube) she started to use her finger to make her pussy wet.useing 3 fingers she was shoving and moaning just trying to make me blow a load allover her feet. i told her to turn around and lay face down,i can see the arches of her pale feet,sticky and wanting feet.i couldnt take it any more i picked up her dress and she was alredy not wearing panties!her pussy was dripping and shaven clean.she came to fuck and that was it.i put my dick around her pussy and started to rubb the outside and around her dick just slipped in and went all the way down.he looked me in the eye and said give it to me hard!fuck me hard! i started to fuck the shit out of her!i picked up her legs and started to suck her toes and feet. just then i rememberd that my friend was going to come back and catch me fucking my ex girlfriend,his girlfriend and i didnt want him to catch us i just asked her fo give me another footjob and she said ok. she started to rub my cock and just then i started to get the build up. she out both her feet togethr wiggling her toes and i jizzed all over those pink tiny toes .she pick up her feet and started to lick the cum off her feet.geting rid of it all.she sucked her toes and her toung went between all her toes. she told me that she was wanting a guy to do that to her ever since we split. THANKS FOR READING (Friend my profile) sorry for all the mis spelled words im stoned!and shit likke that!

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