Thursday, July 25, 2013

Passionate One Night SeXStoRY

Passionate One Night His name was Shawn. He was a cute, very cute, guy that was living in Houston when he was making his way to the small town of Llano, Tx. He was planning to meet f****y so he could go dove hunting. I had posted an ad that night to see if any of these dirty minded straight boys would respond. He responded late at night when it was about two in the a.m. I was a bit skeptical. He had that southern accent, great body, tattoos, seemed a little too good. "Too Good" turned out to be...real? After I had given him the address, directions to my apt, I could hear the loud noise from the exhaust pipes as he drove into the apt complex. He was cuter in person than I had imagined. He was very much a gentleman. Once we had exchanged pleasantries, he pulled me on top of him. He was not shy or timid, and he knew what he was doing. As a CD, I tend to keep my clothes on as to not give way the "illusion" of being with a woman. He didn't care! He ripped off my clothes, underwear, AND my bra which was holding in my nicely packed socks...which took for fucking ever to stuff. He wanted it all gone. I was stripped down to the barest I had ever been since I started dressing up... He bit my nipples, caressed my ass, and even sucked on my cock. It's always the straight boys that suck the if they have something to prove. Like a chubby girl riding a hot mans cock. He eventually made his way in between my legs and teased my hole. We didn't have condoms... but he wanted to be inside of me... I wanted him inside of me.. The pleasure of having this southern toned man in me was something I longed for.. I craved him. His kisses soon clouded my judgement. I lost all reason. I pushed myself onto him..without lube, but somehow it managed to fit nicely without excruciating pain. This night was going on a little too perfectly. Too perfect...but even the perfect nights have to come to an end.. He finally came inside of me and I felt more relieved that I had in the last six months.. We talked for a few minutes...and he was gone. I'm not sure if he will be back, but he was perfect. Kind, strong, passionate, made me weak... It was the best sex I'd had. Thank you Shawn, wherever you may be now. [IMG][/IMG]

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