Monday, July 22, 2013

My one time Cuck SeXStoRY

I am woken to the gentle rocking of the bed and a low moan of a woman. Somewhat disoriented and groggy from my slumber, I look over at my wife who is being slowly fucked by a black man. Suddenly memories from the previous night come rushing back to me. We have been married for 3 years. This is the second marriage for both of us. Jill divorced after she found out her husband had been cheating on her throughout their 6 year marriage. She had one daughter with him how is now 16. Jill is still a very attractive blonde and has a great body for a lady of 38. She works out four times a week and takes good care of herself. One day we had bought a few used DVDs at a yard sale. We were home alone and decided to watch one of the movies. It turned out the movie in the case was not the thriller adventure movie we thought we had purchased but a porno. Being home alone we decided to watch it. It was your pretty standard porn. Guy comes over to help a lady who is having problems and they end up fucking. The second part had a black man with a white woman. I was strangely excited by the scenario and asked Jill if she had ever had sex with a black man. She admitted that she had dated a black man for a few months while in university. I asked if he was hung like the guy in the porn. She said he was a little bigger than average but not huge. Already aroused by the images shown on our TV and new images of my wife be fucked by a black man, I pulled off her shorts and started eating her out. We ended up having wonderful sex on the couch. We got rid of the porn DVD so her daughter would not find it and put the events behind us. At least somewhat. I was still intrigued by the idea that the woman I loved had had a black partner and I was turned on by it. After a while I started looking at interracial porn on line and found it to be a turn on and very popular and other white men were turned on by it and even shared their wives with black lovers. One day Jill and I were lying in bed talking and I brought the subject up. Jill was a little taken back and I assured her it was cool with me and I would like to add a little spice to our sex life. Not that there was anything wrong with our sex life. We started looking at a few interracial dating sites and even corresponded with a couple of guys. They turned out to be a little flaky. One day I was alone and found a guy on a site who seemed pretty well rounded. I sent him a message and after a couple weeks he responded. His name is Ron. He is 32 and works in marketing. He told me he had swinged with one other white couple and it had been a good experience. Later I showed Jill his message and his profile on the site and she sent him an email. We corresponded back and forth and eventually Skyped with Ron. Jill felt he was good looking and articulate. Ron said Jill was hot which she is. Ron lives about 1,500 miles from us but travels frequently for work and decide we could make arraignment to meet when he is on a trip close to us. Also part of the arrangement was for us all to be tested for STDs. After a couple months of correspondence and we made plans to meet in New Orleans. Ron on business and Jill and I on a vacation. We arrived in New Orleans and went to our hotel showered dressed and gave Ron a call. We made plans to meet him in a bar and have drinks. We got to the bar first, Jill was looking beautiful dressed in a summer frock and seemed a little nervous. I was nervous and excited not knowing how this was going to play out. Ron got to the bar and recognized us and came to our table. We ordered more drinks and talked. Ron is about 6’2” and 200lbs fit and clean cut. He seemed relaxed and self-confident which helped relieve some of the nervous energy. We had small talk and a few more drinks then Ron’s attention turned to Jill. He started complementing her appearance and could not believe she was 38. Jill was flattered and still nervous squeezing my hand underneath the table. Finally I was overwhelmed and broke the ice suggesting we go to our hotel which was a short walk from the bar. I suggested we don’t all walk in together and gave Ron our room number. Jill and I walked to the hotel in silence holding hands, both a little buzzed from the cocktails. We got into our room and we kissed passionately. I pulled up her dress and slid off her panties laying her on to the bed I began to tongue her pussy she was starting to relax and enjoy the sensation and there came the knock on the door. I jumped up and Jill set up pulling her dress back down to cover herself. My cock was rock hard and straining through my pants. Looking through the peek hole seeing Ron holding a 6 pack of beer. Jill still sitting on the bed I let him in. He scans the room and we notice his gaze settles on Jill’s panties on the middle of the floor. He hands me the 6 pack and I grab the ice bucket and excuse myself to fill it with ice. Jill gives me a nervous look and I kiss her and leave to room. When I come back into the room, I find Ron sitting on the bed next to Jill with his pants down and Jill stroking his semi stiff cock. Jill stops petting it and looks at me. I lean down and kiss her and she starts stroking Ron again. Putting the beer on ice, Ron takes his shoes and pants off and lays down on the bed. His cock is now hard and swings as he moves. Jill seems mesmerized by Rod’s huge black cock. Watching it as he lays down and it comes to rest on his belly. It is quite thick and about 9” long. His pubic area is shave and it makes him look all the bigger. Jill stands up and I take her dress and bra off, exposing her beautiful body to Ron. I kiss her and suggest show Ron how good she gives head. Jill kneels on the bed holding up Ron’s large cock and starts suck tip as she pumps the shaft with a hand. I start taking off my cloths releasing my own cock from the restriction of my pants. Looking at Jill sucking Ron and Ron twisting her nipple I move behind Jill and encourage her to open her stance and start licking her pussy and tongue around her ass hole. I am amazed at how moist she is and so turned on myself, I stop licking and mount her from behind sliding my cock all the way in in one movement. Jill moans and pushes her hip back into my crotch. She felt so good I started pumping into her care to not disrupt her sucking of Ron’s cock. After a few strokes I felt an orgasm building. Normally I would have held back but I was so excited I let it go. Holding my cock deep into Jill I came. Jill feeling me come, swayed her hips a couple time and gave my cock a squeeze with her pussy and pulled forward letting my cock fall out of her. She moved up the bed and straddle Ron. Still holding his cock she guided the tip of his cock to her pussy. Watching from behind them I saw her slowing lowering herself on to him. Pausing and pulling up before settling again to adjust to size of this new much larger cock. Ron’s hands went to her ass. The contrast of the black hands on her pale ass and his huge dark cock entering Jill was amazing. Jill was starting to fuck herself on Ron’s dick, pulling herself forward exposing 4 “ of Ron’s fat cock and then sliding back down the shaft not quite all the way to his heavy nut sack. Jill started moving faster and Ron started lifting his hips driving his cock up into Jill. I was in a daze two feet away from the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Suddenly I am snapped out of this daze by Jill’s moans. She is rocked by an orgasm. Ron holding her hips starts fucking up into her faster. His heavy nut sack has tightened and his balls are drawn up close to his cock. I move up the bed to see Jill’s face and her eyes were glazed over and she was biting her lower lip. I moved her long blond hair from her face and kissed her forehead, cheek and lips. Our tongues came together for a moment and then she squealed as she had another orgasm. Ron sat up and wrapped his powerful arms around Jill and lifted her and rolled her on to her back. His cock still buried inside Jill he lifted her leg and started fucking her with fast short strokes. Jill’s eyes rolled back and she was moaning louder than I had ever heard her. Suddenly Ron let out a roar and pressed his hips tight against Jill. Jill breathless squealed rocked her hip up to Ron holding his cock deep inside her. All was quiet for a moment. No one breathed or moved. Suddenly Jill lowered her hips and exhaled. And huge smile came across her face we both laughed a little and Ron said that was an amazing piece of ass. Ron slowly withdrew his cock from Jill. I was amazed that all that dick was inside her. Jill covered her pussy with her hand and rolled from the bed and went into the bathroom. The room was quiet again. I was a little uncomfortable setting naked with a man on a bed. I stood an opened a beer for Ron and he chugged about half of it I open another for myself and sat on the bed opposite of Ron, neither of us spoke. Jill came out of the bathroom. She had put her hair in a ponytail, was still nude and was looking very cute. She sat between us Indian style and I handed her my beer and she had a drink. So she said what are you two talking about. Another round of laughs. The tension was eased by having my beautiful wife back in the room. I lean over to her and we kissed. It was Ron’s turn to use the bathroom. Jill and I continued our kissing and she reached for my cock which had become hard again. I laid her back and climbed on top of her kissing her passionately and holding her close I slid my cock into her. I was not sure how she would feel but her pussy was warm and wet. Not nearly as tight as our first fuck but still it amazing. I slowly pumped into her and she rocked back as we made love. Ron came back in and I heard him open another beer. It did not bother me he was there I was making love to my wife. Jill wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed with our tongue as we fucked. After a few minutes Ron laid on the bed next to us one of Jill’s hands left my back and I looked toward Ron and she was stroking his hard cock. The vision excited me and I rose up on my arms and turned Jill on her side facing Ron. With one of Jill’s legs between mine and the other raised on my shoulder, I started fucking Jill sideways. Jill facing Ron she took his cock in her mouth as she pumped the shaft with a fist. Once again the vision of my beautiful wife sucking this big black dick was exciting me. I started fucking into her faster. Jill tightened her pussy and I came again. Ron getting his dick sucked told Jill that he would like have her doggy style. I pulled out of Jill and let her leg down she turned around and pointed her ass toward Ron. Positioned himself behind her and slipped his cock head into Jill. I lay down next to Jill and she kissed me. I started petting her forehead as Ron pushed his cock the rest of the way into Jill. She tensed up and said not so deep. Ron slowly started fucking Jill his hands on her hips and me looking up into Jill’s lovely face. Her eyes once again started to glaze over and her mouth was slightly agape as she rocked back and forth to Ron’s cock. I would pet her face and plant little kisses on her face and neck. Ron kept a steady pace his hips and Jill’s ass slapping together. Jill was moaning loudly again and suddenly Ron let out a loud roar and pushed his cock deep into Jill. Jill tensed up and kept her ass pressed up against Ron as he came in her again. After Ron’s cock finished pumping his cum he pulled his cock out. Jill collapsed on the bed breathing heavily. Ron went into the bathroom and I cuddled up to Jill, me being the big spoon. Gradually Jill’s breathing returned to normal. Ron came out of the bathroom his big flaccid cock swinging as he walked. He turned off the lights and laid down on the other side of Jill. And I fell asl**p. I am now wide awake. I see the morning light filtering in through the crack in the d****s. I glance at the clock, it is 6:15. Turn back to Jill and Ron. Jill is on her back with her legs spread wide. Ron is laying on top of her slowly fucking her. I see his ass muscles tighten as he pushes his cock into slowly over and over. I have to pee badly and go to the bathroom. My cock is erect and has to bend it to hit the toilet. When I walk back into the room. Jill’s legs are now wrapped around Ron’s waist and her hands on his back. The contrast is amazing even in the dim light. He is still slowly fucking her but she is now returning the sex with more vigor. I stand at the foot of the bed watching and realize I am jacking off to the rhythm of their sex. Jill is moaning softly her eyes are closed and she has a look of deep concentration on her face. Still jacking off I return to the rocking bed and lay beside them. Jill lowers her feet back to the bed and increases her rocking of her hips to Ron’s slow deep strokes. Jill’s moans change and let out a long low moan. I know she came. This excites me and I cum on my own belly. I return to the bathroom and wipe off the cum and brush my teeth. I hear the movement of the bed and the moans of Jill in the bathroom. The tempo starts to increase as does to level of the sex noise. I hear Ron make his cum roar. I am back in the room and Jill has her legs wrapped around Ron again and is rocking her hips slowly, milking his cock with her pussy. Ron still deep inside her is motionless. I return to my spot on the bed. Ron pushes himself up and his cock pulls out of Jill. I hear her sigh and she rolls over to me. Ron is the bathroom we hear the shower turn on. I tell Jill good morning and kiss her lips. She returns the kiss and goes into the bathroom to. She returns in a moment and lays down beside me. Her head on my chest and a leg over legs. I hold her close and she wiggles to get closer. I feel the dampness on my leg from between her legs. I hear her breathing settle into her sl**p. Ron comes out of the shower and gathers his clothes. He dresses and gives me a thumbs up and leaves. I look at the clock and it is 7:30. I doze a few times as Jill sl**ps. When she finally wakes up we shower together and dress. I tell her it was a surprise to wake up to her and Ron having sex. She asked if I was angry and I replied I was turned on. She told me he woke her up whispering in her ear and fingering her clit asking if he could have that fine pussy one more time. She said she was to sore. He kept playing with her clit and said he would be gentle. She parted her legs for him and he put himself in her. We had five more days of vacation. Ron went home that morning. We have exchanged e-mail a few times with Ron but have not seen him since that morning. Jill and I still have a great sex life maybe better than before.

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