Thursday, July 25, 2013

My wickedly naughty stepmother fantasy SeXStoRY

My future (and now former) stepmother M.K. was only 8 years older than me when my old man hooked up with her. I think this made her about 23, so you can imagine how fucking horny I was back then! She wasn't a great beauty, but she had a fun, easy going personality which made her instantly attractive. She and I got along immediately. It wasn't long before I used to look forward to staying there on weekends. Since we were closer in age, we'd stay up late talking, watching TV and playing pool, while my old man usually turned in early. They rented a small unit back in those days, so it wasn't long before I heard them having sex. I just opened the hall door to go to my room, and the unmistakeable sounds of passion made my whole body go instantly hard. My old man was always a loud grunter, but it was surprisingly easy to block him out. I was solely focused on M.K'S moans of pleasure, her erotic whispers and muffled cries of ecstasy. After I'd heard them fuck for the first time, I started fantasizing about M.K. constantly. I would go through her underwear drawer when they were both at work, rubbing her lingerie along my raging teenage hard on. I also found a fat black dildo and some porn mags, which I would jerk off over on a regular basis. One was a nude shoot of a beautiful brunette with huge natural breasts and bush, and the other two were X rated stick mags. I remember the better stick mag featured photos of a gorgeous, hard-bodied black girl taking on two huge pink cocks at once. She had the best fucking arse, man - like Rihanna's today! I can clearly remember a thick stream of jizz hitting her butt cheeks, captured in a ball-tighteningly hot photo. I did always wonder about the busty brunette from the girly mag, though - did this mean M.K. was into women? As you can probably imagine, this did nothing to slow my fantasies! Some mornings, I'd get up after they had both left for work, go into their room and find used tissues on the floor, or her bra and panties by the bed. I'd often sniff her used undies, desperate for the maddening scent of real life PUSSY! I'd never been close to one at this stage, so it was a very exciting and enlightening time. On more than one horny occasion, I also found the black dildo, sometimes with a condom around it. I assume this was because they had been inserting it into M.K's arse, or she had been inserting it into my old man's - whatever floats their boat! Who knows what they were into? As I said, M.K. wasn't a great beauty. She had small tits, a big arse and a lazy eye, AND she smoked and swore like a wharfie, but I didn't give a shit - she was my fantasy woman. I wanted her to take my virginity so badly. I wanted her to teach me everything she knew, and I would have been a most willing student! She used to come home from work in overalls and gumboots, sweaty and covered in dirt, and all I wanted to do was help her out of those overalls and onto my face. Even seeing her smooth armpits was a huge turn on - I wanted to suck the sweat right out of them! She'd usually sit down with a bourbon and coke, then go and take a shower. The first time, I crept into the back yard and tried to peek in, but the window was frosted glass - FUCK IT! She did open the window a few times, but I was always too scared of being busted to take advantage. I was so fucking desperate to see her naked, man! Since my old man didn't get home until later, our afternoon ritual was watching The Bugs Bunny Show followed by vintage Doctor Who episodes. M.K. would come in wearing her satin pink robe, long hair all wet and sexy, fix herself another drink and join me on the couch. This was back in the good old days when Sophie Lee used to host the show, so you can imagine how fucking horny I was! Sitting beside this wet, sensual woman, smelling her shampoo and clean skin, and you've got Sophie Lee on the TV in the tiniest little hot pants imaginable. My future stepmum even used to comment on the blatant camel toe on display, not to mention Sophie's constantly erect nipples. I'd have to pretend I hadn't really noticed, since my dick would have been fully erect by this point. But M.K. wasn't stupid, man - she'd been around. She used to talk about all the guys she fucked before she met my old man, so she would have known exactly what was happening. Every time she brushed me, I would almost jump off the couch, since my body was so aroused and pulsing with electricity. It didn't help that her robe would sometimes come open, although I never really saw anything - a flash of her perfect pink nipple once, but that was about it. It's not like she would do the Sharon Stone beaver flash or anything - much to my disappointment! So I suppose you're thinking that I eventually got to fulfill my fantasy, that I got to stick that fat dildo up her arse, that she took me to places I'd never even known existed? - well, sadly not. They moved into a house, got married, and I never got to fuck her. I did keep fantasizing, however. We still spent a lot of time alone together, which probably didn't help. Since my old man worked long hours and went to bed early, there was endless fantasy material presenting itself. I'd walk into the kitchen and see M.K. standing at the sink doing dishes, and my mind would instantly start to drift. She'd be wearing black sweat pants and ugg boots, her undies wedged right up her generous arse crack, and my cock would instantly harden. All I wanted to do was walk up behind her and cup her tits with both hands, letting her feel my rigid shaft pressing against her arse. Then I bend her over, pull her pants and undies down, spread her cheeks and fuck her from behind. Of course, being a fantasy, the sex is mind-blowing, we both cum spectacularly, and M.K. swallows my every drop! I remember one New Year's Eve (I think it was 1990-91), I was alone in their house, pining for the unrequited love of my young life, and they had gone out to M.K's mum's house to drink and see in the New Year. M.K. had a dodgy porn video hidden in her underwear drawer, so I got that out and had a lonely and depressing wank with the aid of her panties, then went to bed listening to hair metal ballads. They arrived home in the early hours, waking me up in the process, but that was O.K. I could tell by her voice that M.K. was d***k and feeling randy, so I waited until they went to bed, then crept along the hall towards their bedroom. I need not have bothered with the sneaking around, as it turned out - they were too busy fucking up a storm to worry about creaking floor boards! I'd never heard M.K. so loud and uninhibited, man - she was loving that cock! There was all sorts of panting, moaning and cries of pleasure, while my dad simply stuck to his grunting routine. I think he must have finished by going down on her, as the grunting stopped - only her moans and heavy breathing continued. Naturally, this left me so fucking excited and horny, I started wanking off inside my pyjama pants. By the time M.K. eventually came with a strangled cry, I had long since lost my load. Anyway, M.K. and my dad eventually divorced, and she moved away to the big city. I had stopped spending much time at their house for awhile by this point, yet I was still sad to see her go. Years later, I ran into her on a tram in the suburbs, on her way home from work. She gave me a hug and we talked for the few minutes we had together, until I had to go and meet a friend for dinner. I haven't seen her again since. She looked fucking fantastic that night, too - tight shirt, short skirt, heels. I would soon regret not blowing off my friend, as I think M.K. would have been up for a few drinks and some catching up. Had this been the case, I might have finally gotten to fulfill one of my all-time sexual fantasies, and pissed my old man off to boot. Now that's my idea of a happy fucking ending!

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