Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Sex Life - Part 6: Pre-puberty SeXStoRY

This is the sixth part of "My Sex Life" detailing my various sexploits from a young age. The events in this part took place when I was 10 years old in 1983. Please feel free to comment. The four of us ran through the woods from end to end and back again. I delighted in the wind rushing past my naked skin, watching my friend's penis bouncing up and down as he ran and the feeling of being watched by his s****r and her friend. All too soon it was our dinner time and we had to get dressed again and go home. I was still flushed with exhiliration at dinner and couldn't stop thinking about what we had done. After those events in the woods I really looked forward to getting out and about naked again, but also started to explore more of masturbation. Another boy at school had talked about his older b*****r and his friends playing a game called "soggy biscuit" where they all stood naked around a biscuit on a stool and wanked over it until they had all cum and the last one to cum had to eat the biscuit, cum and all! I had never "cum" before and didn't really know what he meant by it but it sounded very intriguing; but from his hand actions while talking about soggy biscuit I learned how to masturbate properly. I went home and that night I snuck a biscuit up to my bedroom when I was going to bed. I stripped out of my pyjamas, set the biscuit in front of me on the bed and took my cock in my hand and slowly moved my hand up and down my rigid shaft, pulling the foreskin slowly backwards and forwards. It felt absolutely wonderful. The sensation as my foreskin rolled across my bell-end was exquisite and in no time at all my cock was jerking and pulsing in my hand again, just like when I touched and stroked it in the woods with my friend and the porn mag. I found out later that I was having an orgasm but I guess I still too young to actually produce any cum. Has this occured to anyone else out there - did any of you have a climax with no cum when you were younger? There was no soggy biscuit for me that night, but I enjoyed the sensations in my cock so much that I started wanking every night after that, imagining what it would be like to actually cum properly. One day after school I encouraged my friend from the woods exploit to come back to my house and we could wank together. We went up to my room and I filled a jug with warm water. I placed it on the floor and we stripped off. I went down on my hands and knees over the jug and slowly lowered my enlarged and throbbing member into the water, displacement causing some of it to spill. The feeling of the warm water surrounding my cock was lovely and the knowledge that my friend was watching me made my cock jerk almost instantly - and with it a small amount of white goo came out of the tip of my cock and into the water! I was producing cum! It lay at the bottom of the jug for us both to see! I quickly got a biscuit and we both set to wanking our cocks over it in earnest. Even though I had just had a small orgasm it did not take me long to cum again and this time I produced several long, gooey ribbons of semen which landed all over the floor but luckily some of it splattered across the biscuit - I did not realise it was so hard to make it go where you wanted it to!! My friend kept on wanking and eventually he too produced several thick strands of cum out of his cock and onto the biscuit! Rather than delighting in the fact that I had cum first and so he would have to eat the "soggy biscuit" I eyed it up rather jealously - I wanted to taste it too! My friend said that he didn't want to eat it now, but I insisted that he had to at least have some of it, so we agreed to have half each. I made sure that I got the half with the most semen on it and then we ate it together. He quickly swallowed his down but I took my time with my half, savouring the slimy feel and fishy taste of our mixed cum and enjoying it immensely! Little did I know then that over 25 years would pass before I tasted someone else's cum again!....

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