Sunday, July 21, 2013


Momma's Piesbydaddyslittlebitch© "Come on boys," I heard my mom shout from the next room, "Pies are almost ready." I rushed to put down what I was doing and could hear the eager running feet of my two elder b*****rs hurrying to join us. Mom's pies were something really special, a treat that we were all only to eager to eat up. We raced into the living room together and there we three were met with quite a sight. My mom lay on her back on the dining table. She was completely naked except for a white lace garter belt holding up a pair of white stockings. Those stockings covered her gorgeous long smooth legs that were spread wide open to allow my dad, tall, strong and also naked, to slide between them. Dad's thick cock was rock hard and thrusting deep and fast into Mom's wet, shaved pussy. For many f****y's this would be a pretty unusual and shocking thing to witness on the dinner table, but for me and my b*****rs this was just what we came for, what we came to expect from our parents. The sight of Mom's spread stockinged legs and well penetrated pussy was just what got us excited for the treat to come. "Oh, hi boys," Mom grinned a big smile on her full red lips, "Just in time, this is going to be one of my best big, sticky, creamy pies, right honey?" "Oh yeah," Dad groaned as he thrust inside her, "Gonna give you all the cream I can. Just wait for it. Gonna give the boys a real mouthful!" With that, his cock started to twitch and quiver and soon he was filling his wife, our mom's pussy with his sticky, slick love juice, spurting and squirting streams of slimy spunk up inside her until he was spent. He slid out and stood back from the dinner table where our mom still lay with open legs, naked breasts and a warm, inviting smile. "OK, sons, cream pie is served," she said. Instantly, we all three crowded around the table and dropped to our knees in front of it. Our eyes were drawn up from her white lace stocking tops, along the bare skin of her smooth thighs to the prize in the middle. Close up, Mom's pussy was a sight to behold. It had given birth to all three of us but still looked tight enough to fuck well. It was shaved bare and the lips were swollen and pink. Dad's sticky cream oozed translucent white out from between the lips and ran down her thighs. It looked good enough to eat, so that's what we did. Jim, my eldest b*****r, went in first, licking along Mom's bare thighs to suck up the stray stream of spunk that slid down toward her stockings, following it like a trail to the main juices of her cream pie. Meanwhile, Phil, the middle b*****r, dove straight in, running his tongue right around the white drops over Mom's puffed pink pussy lips. I, at 18 the youngest b*****r, ducked beneath the other two, licking up at Mom's pussy as she spread her long legs even wider to accommodate all three of us. My wide open mouth eagerly swallowed where the cum began to flow out of her pussy and missed the equally eager tongues of my b*****rs. Pretty soon, all three of our tongues were lapping together at our mother's wet cunt, licking up every creamy drop of our father's cum we could get, even running over each other, one tongue wrestling with another to lick droplets of sticky juice from each other. We couldn't help ourselves, the sight and smell and feel of our Mom's pussy was so intoxicating, especially when just fucked, and the feel of slimy, salty cum in our mouths tasted so good, that however wrong it might seem we loved it. We knew others would think eating Mom's pussy was only beaten in terms of wrongness by eating Dad's sperm, but we were enjoying it too much to care. "Oh, boys, you're so hungry," Mom moaned, as we drained her cunt of every drop of tasty spunk, "You sure do love Momma's creampie." "Mmm, yeah, Mom," I sighed, "You and Dad make the tastiest, juiciest, wettest pies of all. I just wish I could get some more." "Mmm," moaned Phil, sticky bubbles of spunk on his lips, "One mouthful of Dad's spunk right out of Mom's pussy is no good. It just makes you hungry for more." "OK, sons," she smiled, "Since you love Momma's creampies so much, we'll just have to make another. Maybe Jim would like to help." Jim was thrilled at the prospect and quickly stripped naked. His cock, almost as thick and hard as our dad's, was totally erect at the thrill of eating the cum that had already been streaming out of our mom's cunt and it didn't take much for him to stick that dick in the same well eaten out wet hole. "Oh yeah, little Jimmy, that's good, fuck Momma just like Daddy does," Mom moaned, "Fill me with your hot sticky cream. Give your b*****rs something good to eat." It didn't take much more than that for Jim to be overwhelmed by the thrill of screwing his own hot mother on the dining room table. He groaned and moaned and shot his sticky load right up inside his mom's wet pussy until it leaked out around his dick. He slid his slick, sticky dick out of his mom and stepped aside for his two younger b*****rs to enjoy the creampie he'd made. With just two of us to share this sticky new load, there was more to go around. Me and Phil now had our heads right beside each other buried between the stockinged legs that Mom wrapped around us to the soft material of her stockings rubbed against our necks. Our tongues licked and lapped at our big b*****r's cum as it leaked from Mom's pussy. The smell was intoxicating and the taste stronger and saltier but no less tasty than our dad's had been. It was a special treat to get to eat more than one load of sticky spunk from the cunt that birthed us and we were very happy to fill our faces with that white jizz. A salty string of cum had slid up above Mom's crotch as Jim had withdrawn his dick and, as Phil caught the spunk that slipped down her thighs, I moved up and followed this trail down until my sticky lips found a big drop of cream glistening over Mom's clit. I sucked it dry, savouring the bubble of gooey love juice as it passed over my lips, continuing to suck on Mom's clit as she moaned harder and harder. After being fucked by both her husband and son and had her son's eat her out, this was all it took to make Mom cum. She was a squirter and I opened my mouth to top off my two tasty creampies by mingling the taste of my dad and b*****r's slimy sperm with Mom's wet ejaculate. It slid down my throat, making me very happily filled with the sticky love of three f****y members. Today was a special day. This might seem pretty unusual, even pretty wrong and twisted in many families, the sons watching Dad fuck Mom, eating Mom's pussy, tasting Dad's cum, the eldest son fucking Mom and the younger eating his cum from her too, but in our house this was not unusual at all. This was how we enjoyed our time as a f****y. The unusual part was yet to come. Shortly after the day I've already described, Mom went away for the weekend, which was very disappointing for the men of the house as we didn't like to be without her at all. We relied on her housekeeping and caring skills to look after us, not to mention the need for a regular taste of her sticky creamy pies. The last time that Mom had been away, our Aunt Susan, my dad's younger s****r, had come to help take care of us. She was not as hot as Mom, her unshaved pussy not as tight and pink, but it had been quite exciting watching how Dad had enjoyed ploughing his dick hard into his baby s****r's cunt like back when they were teenagers. This time, however, no other f****y member was going to come take care of us. It was just the four of us, Dad and three b*****rs, having to entertain ourselves. Before she left, Mom took me aside and told me that as the youngest it was my job to make sure everything went smoothly while she was away. I knew what she meant with that, but still I felt a little nervous and unsure of whether I'd be able to provide just as she did. All day I made sure the house was clean and dinner was cooked just as Mom did and felt pretty satisfied with the job that I had done of filling in for her. I knew, though, that later on would come the need to provide pies just the way Momma made them and I hoped it wouldn't be too hard for me. "Come on, son," Dad said, taking me aside, "The boys are waiting for their pies. You'd better get ready to make them just like Mom." Well, what else could I do? I went into Mom's closet and took out some lingerie. I needed to make myself look as hot and desirable as she did if I wanted Dad to fill my "pussy" with as much creamy juice as my b*****rs could eat. If I didn't look like my hot mom, Dad wouldn't get to that orgasmic point to give the f****y the treat it needed. I picked out that same pair of smooth white stockings and garter belt that Mom had worn that week when Dad and Jim had both fucked her pink pussy. To this I added a matching white lace bra to give the illusion that I might have a chest to match hers. I shaved my body completely clean of any masculine hairs until I was a smooth and soft as Mom, paying special attention that my long legs were just as soft and hairless as hers, as was the area around my crotch, my "pussy". I then put on make up and lipstick to make my face pretty and feminine in the way hers was, in the way that I hoped would please Dad and get him to give up his sticky cream. Sliding the stockings up my smooth legs was a strange sensation. I'd never dressed in girly lingerie before, but it certainly felt good, it felt pleasing, it felt right. I guess when you habitually eat spunk from your Mom's pussy, nothing else feels as weird and twisted as it might to ordinary folks. Looking in the mirror, I felt I made a pretty good looking woman, and one who looked enough like my hot Mom that it would please Dad and his sons. As I walked into the dining room, my dad eyed me up in my stockings and bra, my dick hanging between the garters holding my stockings up, still showing that I wasn't quite as Mom was. Still, he seemed to like what he saw, coming over and giving me a kiss on the lips, a long, lingering wet kiss that made my cock quiver to attention even though I had never really thought about kissing another guy before. As we kissed, he pushed me back so I was lying, like Mom before me, on the dining room table. Instinctively, I spread my white stockinged legs just like I had seen her do so many times before, as I watched Dad strip naked before me, his cock already semi-hard and showing that I had managed to look enough like Mom to please him. "OK, son," he said, "You know how your mother likes to make a sticky creampie, so let's get some ready." He positioned himself between my spread smooth legs and rubbed his dick along my asscrack. My own semi-hard cock he pulled up and out of his way and pushed the head of his hard erection in between my ass cheeks, penetrating my tight hole for the very first time. It felt amazing, the stimulation of my dad's rock hard rod as it pushed over and between my sensitive hole, the naughtiness of dressing in Mom's lingerie and having Dad be the first to take my virginity. I had never imagined how good it felt for Mom, getting screwed like this, getting taken like a woman was amazing. "Oh yes, Daddy," I moaned, "Yes, fill me with your hot, sticky cum. I love your cum. I love the taste in Momma's pussy, I want it in mine too!" He needed little more encouragement than that and, soon after, I could feel him shafting me harder and harder, faster and faster, building up toward a climax that would give a sticky, slimy, salty creampie for my b*****rs to eat. As much as I was enjoying having my ass taken, I was starting to get quite excited about the prospect of my b*****rs getting down and eating Daddy's spunk from it. "Come on boys," I sighed, mimicking my mother's call to my two elder b*****rs, "Come get your juicy pies!" They came rushing in, just as they would when Mom would call and stood watching as Dad's big rod fucked his youngest son, making his tight ass like Mom's pussy. They looked fascinated by how girly I had become and, it flattered me to see, eager to taste the salty, slimy jizz my dad was giving me. He gasped and groaned and, in a moment, I could feel my newly girlified ass filling up with sticky, creamy juices as spurt after spurt shot up inside me, making me my f****y's new girly plaything. By the time Dad slid his sticky cock out of my slimy hole, spunk was leaking out of me, running down my smooth shaved thighs around Mom's stockings. As Dad moved out of the way, I kept my legs spread, my cummy asshole showing and invited my b*****rs in for a closer look, for a taste of Dad's spunk in b*****r's girly hole. "Come on boys, eat my sticky creampie just like you would with Momma," I smiled at them. I shuddered with pleasure as I felt Jim, my eldest b*****r, run his tongue up my smooth, naked thigh, licking up a trail of Dad's cum from my stocking to my crotch. It felt so good as Phil, my middle b*****r, added his mouth to catch the salty, slimy spunk that leaked from my ass. Pretty soon, the only sounds in the room was the slurping and lapping of two eager tongues, desperate for as much juicy, salty, sticky jizz in their mouths as possible, and the sighs of their little b*****r as his ass got tongued in every way possible. My dick was really standing firmly to attention now at the feel of my b*****rs tongues running over and around my ass and each other, getting their fill of cum. "Oh boy, that's good," Phil said, lips sticky with Dad's goo, "Eating cream from a girly b*****r's tight ass is just as good as mother's wet pussy." "You bet," my older b*****r agreed, "Dad's left a good sticky load up inside his son, but maybe we should make some more." He pushed Phil out of the way, stripped down to reveal that eating my cummy ass had made him rock hard, and began to have his own way with his b*****r's girly hole, fucking me even harder and more eagerly than our dad had until my asshole was once again overflowing with delicious salty spunk. This was a real treat for Phil, all of his b*****rs' salty creampie to himself, a whole load of spunk leaking right out of my ass and into his mouth. I had never seen him swallow cum so eagerly, desperately licking to keep up with the load that our older b*****r had deposited in me. Still, however, he wanted more. The taste of cum on my ass and thighs only made him want more and more spunk on his sticky lips and tongue, more slimy juices running out of my hole and down his throat. "Oh, more, yes, more cum, more cream in my mouth," he sighed, "Give me more, girly b*****r." A slimy trail of our b*****r's spunk could be seen across my balls and Phil keenly took the opportunity to take his b*****r's balls in his mouth and suck them clean. That seemed to give him an idea and he moved up from my licked clean asshole and across my crotch where my cock stood up between my stockings, proud and erect and clean shaved. "I know just where to get more tasty cream," he said, "Straight from the source." Even after all we had done together as a f****y, it still surprised me a little when my b*****r wrapped his cum covered lips around my hard cock and started to suck me off. I hadn't thought any of my b*****rs wanted cock as well as cum, but then I'd just enjoyed getting two big ones right up my ass so maybe the others might as well. For whatever reason, I was thrilled at the relief that Phil's wet blowjob gave my dick after all the erotic stimulation of having my ass fucked for the first, and second, time and my b*****rs licking cum right out of me. "Oh yeah, b*****r, here comes another load, straight down your throat," I cried and deposited the biggest, stickiest, slimiest load of cum I'd ever shot, right into my b*****r's mouth. He slurped and sucked and swallowed, filling himself with a third load of spunk until he must have had it running right through him, until his mouth was so full of salty, sticky juices that they ran from his lips and down his chin. "I think our girly mother substitute deserves some cream too," he mumbled through a mouthful of spunk. Holding it in his mouth, he moved up the table to plant a sloppy wet kiss on my pink painted lips. Our tongues wrestled together just like they usually did in our Mom's salty cunt, and he pushed my own slimy cum right into my throat, allowing me to swallow mouthfuls of that sticky cream we all loved so much. I was in heaven. I could see why my cummy Momma enjoyed serving her sons like this. In fact, I kind of hoped she would stay away longer so I could keep fulfilling the role of f****y cumdump creampie maker, still feeding my b*****rs juicy loads of cum!

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