Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Trials of Zara (Chapter 1) The start of my SeXStoRY

I am Zara Bush and I'm a teacher at a local school in town. You and five guys decide to f***e me to have sex with all of you. The plan is carried out on a Friday night. You take a video camera to record the action. Your plan works perfectly and all of you have a good time using me. I resist but you are all too strong for me. You have videod the activitives and tell me I must do as you say or you will spread the video of me to my school. You call this control my 'sevice' to you. After you have gone you watch the video and decide that in spite of what you said, this is too good not to share. You carefully edit out anything that can identify you, and remove the sound. All that's left is me sucking variuos cocks and cum in my mouth after each before swallowing. Then me being fucked and close-ups of my pussy being fucked and the cocks being pulled out to show the cum dripping out of me. It finishes with me licking the cocks clean. Now the video looks like I did everything willing which I didn't. So that the vid has more control over me, you decide to find some more pix of me to edit in. You go to the school website and find some pix of the staff. You find my pic there. You edit these into the video at key places, so now there is no mistaking who is the 'star' of the vid. You sit back and watch it again. You get an idea. You ring up a guy you know who has an adult book store an arrange to meet him. When you arrive you show him the vid and ask him if he would be interested in showing it in the small theatre at the back of the book store. He says he will give you a $100 dollars for the vid and you agree. You ask him when the first showing will be. He tells you it will be tonite at 8.00, and that there will be a couple of other vids first but no live act tonite. You have another idea...... Later you ring me and tell me to be ready to go out for 7.30. I am to wear exactly what I normally wear to school. I am suprised as I never normally go out like that but I have little choice so I do it. I still don't know about the edited video. You pick me up and drive me to the book store. On the way you tell me that one of the conditions of my 'service' is that I must do as I am told. When we arrive at first I refuse to go in as someone may see me. You tell me that I have no choice, so I go in. You tell me to pay the $20 for both of us to get in. I want to sit at the back out of the way but you take us down to the front row. I try to keep my head down so no one sees me. The small theatre holds about 30-40 people but when we arrive there are about ten to twenty men already in waiting for the show to start. As we wait I can hear more people arriving but I don't look around. After about ten minutes the lights dim and the owner comes on stage to introduce the first film. He says that there is a change to the program tonite and that there are to be 3 films although the last is only short. But the good news is that he has been able to get a performer (stripper I assume he means) for after the last film. I think that this is going to be a very boring night. The first film runs thru and is as dull as these films usually are. The owner comes on and introduces the second film. The second is more interesting than normal. After it finishes he comes on to introduce the third. He again apologises for the shortness but he says that there is good interesting content . The film starts and I see my picture from the school year book on screen. It then cuts to me starting to suck cock. I can't believe what I am seeing. I hear mumurs from the crowd. Some of them have obviously recognised me on the film. I hear somone say my name to someone nearby. Someone else says "I never believed the bitch had it in her". You say that you hope I am enjoying the show. On screen the first cock is removed and you can see all the cum in my mouth which I swallow and show my empty mouth to the camera. This gets a round of apause from the crowd. I still think they don't know I'm here. I want to get up and leave but we are at the front and everyone would see me. The film now cuts to another school pic of me then to me naked, first a close-up of my hairy waiting pussy then me being fucked. This gets a stir from the crowd a few whistles and calls. Someone says the he will enjoy the PTA meetings a lot more having seen this. The amount of hair on my pussy has become I talking point. With comments like 'wow look at the hair on that' and ' that's the hairiest that I've ever seen'. By now I think all the crowd know that it's me in the film. I wonder when I will be able to sneak out. The comments continue until the final cock is pulled out and it's time for my final cunt close-up. The film now shows my big beefy sex lips spread and cum running out of me, in the back ground my face is still visible. There are a good many comments about the size of my labia. One says "cunt like a horse-collar but gimme gimme". This gets a few laughs. The film ends and the lights go up. I start to rise to leave quickly. You push me back down and say 'the shows not over'. 'Just do exactly what I say and evething will be ok'. I doubt it but you repeat 'just do everything I say when I say it'. The owner comes out as the lights come back up. The screen behind him starts to rise so you can see the stage behind him. He says that he hopes we all enjoyed the films and particlularly the last one. He says that he heard several people mention a name during the performance and yes he can confirm the it was a film of Miss Zara Bush, better know as "Miss Bush" from the local school and having seen the amount of hair on my pussy we all know where the name originates. Lots of laughter to this comment. He says that copies of my film will be available after the show for $10 each and joking says that it's got to be worth $10 to get your k**s better marks. More laughter. He says it's now time for the main event. I think good - I might be able to get out while the next act is on. The room lights go down and the stage is brightly lit. He says that it's now over to the preformer for tonight. For the first time I see the stage is set like a school class room with a blackboard and teachers desk. You say "get on stage and take a bow". I pause and you say "you have no choice". In a dream I stand up and walk up the stairs to the desk. A huge cheer goes up. You stand and follow me but stand behind the curtains to give your intructions for what I have to do. I can hear various comments from the crowd about how surprised they are to see me here. I notice that the theatre is almost full but all I can really see is a small red flashing light I think that all this must be being filmed. I put one hand on the side of the desk. I don't know what to do. You tell me to welcome the class. So I do. You tell me to tell them my name is "Miss Bush" and they can call me that or simply "Miss", which I do. The owner has arrived beside you and he says that he will take over from here. You return to your seat to enjoy the show. I am dressed like I would be for school so I look the part already. He tells me to lift the front of my skirt to the crowd, which I do. I am wearing white pants over normal tights but my hair grows so wide that it always shows out the side of my pants. This is what I am told to do-- I walk to the front of the stage so the crowd can all see me. I remove the pants and lift my skirt again turning to left and right to show all my hair inside the tights. I turn my back to the crowd feet together and bend over and lift my skirt over my back. I pull down my tights showing the crowd my big wide butt. I step out of my shoes remove the tights completely, put the shoes back on and place my feet about three feet apart. My pussy got a bit wet during the second film and now with my legs apart I can feel my lips cool and wet in the breeze from the fans. I wonder if my wettness is gilstening under the bright lights. I stand up and walk to the desk and unbutton my shirt which I remove. I remove my plain white bra. The owner tells me to walk to the front of the stage and wobble my tits at the crowd. I only have size B tits so there isn't much wobble but the crowd has a bit of a laugh. I now remove my skirt so that I am now only wearing my shoes glasses and a ribbon bow holding my hair back off my face. I walk up and down the front of the stage a few times. I go back to the desk where the owner tells me to take out of the drawer two bulldog clips. I go back to the front of the stage where I ask two members of the audience to put one on each nipple. This hurts. I walk up and down a few more times and try to wobble my tits again. I ask another two members of the crowd to pull them off, not release them simple pull them off. the owner obviously thinks this would be more fun. This really hurts but my nipples have now gone from the usual puffies to being really stiff. I go back to the desk, sit on it and spread my legs to the crowd. In the drawer are some white board marker pens. I take one and push it entirely into my pussy. I then remove it. I remove the cap from the maker and put it back in my pussy. On a sheet of A4 paper I try to write 'Miss Bush'. I show it to the crowd which cheers. I tell them that is so they can remember my name. I pass it to a man in the crowd. I do about 6 or 7 more which I pass out. Now I recap the marker and push it entirely inside my pussy I show the crowd it's all inside and get another marker and do the same again and again until there are 7 in there. The owner tells my to try for an eighth but I can't do it. So he tells me to bend over with my back to the crowd . I turn my butt to left and right so all the crowd can see. I can almost feel the eyes looking at all my hair and big beefy sex lips which are gaping wide around the marker pens. I know that my juice is running because I've just seen a couple of drips hit the stage. The owner has noticed too and has told me to tell the crowd about it. I now turn around and face the crowd. I have my about 3 feet apart so that my labia still hang and drip freely. The owner says the it's now time for the first auction of the night. The first item for sale tonite is my mouth to the highest five bidders. He says 'Usual rules apply the highest bid pays and goes first, the second pays and goes next, until all have finished'. 'Then onto the second auction'. He opens the bidding for my mouth... What happens next.... You can email me your next chapter at zexyzara@yahoo.com I'll write the next bit using your ideas You can see my pix on my profile - Love Zara

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