Thursday, July 25, 2013


My s****r, Julie, was in the shower, and I had to use the bathroom. I knocked once. No answer. I knocked again, harder. "What?" She could hardly hear through the rush of the water. "I need to get in there. I have to go." "Sorry...You'll have to wait until I'm done." I was about to get mad and bang the door with my fist and tell her to hurry up, but I give a quick twist of the knob first. The door opened. I smiled, knowing this would make her mad as hell. I moved into the bathroom, which was thick with steam from the shower. "Hey, the door was unlocked!" "Get OUT of here!" Julie and I didn't get along too well. That's why I was smiling. I knew I would get her plenty annoyed, doing this. "I'll only be a second. Calm down." I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet. "I am going to kill you. Hurry up. I have to get out and get to work." "Oooops, well...I guess I'll be a little longer than I thought." I sat for a while, listening to her, knowing she was fuming. The toilet and shower were both along one wall, with a partition between, so I could not see into the shower area at all unless I leaned over and around, which I did momentarily, catching a brief glimpse of Julie soaping herself. She was 18 years old and had a dynamite body; a little bit heavy in some places, but with large, full breasts and thick brown cunt hair. I had often thought about her, and had glimpsed her naked several times over the years, but she was always busy with one boyfriend or another, and, as I said, we had never gotten along too well with each other. She caught me leaning around the wall and gave another shriek. "Damn you, stop it! You have one more minute to get out of here or I'll start yelling!" I smiled to myself. "Who are you going to yell to? Mom and Dad are both at work for another 2 hours, and I can't do this any faster, no matter how loud you scream." I could hear her fuming to herself for a few moments more. Then the water stopped, and one arm reached out from behind the curtain. "Hand me a towel," Julie snapped, "and hurry up." I grabbed a large towel off the rack and passed it to her. A minute later she came huffing out of the shower, wrapped in terrycloth from neck to knees. She passed in front of me without a glance. Julie pulled a small towel from the closet next to the sink and reached for the knob on the bathroom door. She opened the door and cold hallway air rushed in. "Jesus!" she exclaimed, and, stepping back inside, shut the door quickly. "It's too cold out there." she muttered, and, for a second, I wasn't sure if it really was, or if that was just a handy excuse to stay in the bathroom. In our small bathroom, the toilet was positioned right next to the sink, so I was almost face to face with Julie as she began towel-drying her hair. "Better hurry, you'll be late for work." I loved to irritate her, and I kept it up even though I was having other thoughts at the moment, what with my wet, semi-naked 18-year- old s****r standing only a foot or two away from me. "You are in big trouble, Danny. Just hurry up and get out of here." I knew what would really get her going. "Well, I'll stand up and leave right now if you want me to, but you're going to have to make a little extra room. Seems that parts of me have gotten bigger since you got out of that shower." "God, don't be so gross." As she said this, though, I saw her eyes dart in the direction of my groin. Up until that point I had been hiding my growing erection, but as I saw her look, I sat straight up on the toilet, letting my cock wave free, and letting her get a very good look. I looked into her eyes, which were concentrating now on her own reflection in the mirror. She was brushing her long, brown hair. "Should I leave now?" "I don't care what you do," Julie said, continuing to brush her hair. "I'm just about ready to go, so I don't care at all." I decided to be a bit bolder. I reached over to her, slipping my hand into the fold of the towel. "Why don't you take that towel off. It's so steamy in here. How can you stand to have that on." As I said this, my hand touched her bare skin, which was as hot and moist as the air around us. "Get away!" She pulled away, leaving my hand grasping at open air. "Just let me brush my hair and do my makeup and get out of here." I dropped my hand and she moved back in front of the mirror. My cock, hard at attention moments ago, had begun to soften, falling back into my lap. "God, I'm so sorry." I layed the cynicism on thick. "I just wanted to touch you a little. You look so good when you're wet." Vicki kept quiet, continuing to brush. I gazed at her face, and I thought I saw a difference in her eyes, as if her anger was softening. "Show me your tits." I whispered now, keeping my eyes on hers. "Please. They look so nice, and I've wanted to see them for so long." She stopped brushing for a moment. "No way. One more minute, and I'm out of here." I sat back, oozing dejection and disgust. "Fine," I snapped. "Hurry up and get out." She took a deep breath, as if the weight of the world rested on her shoulders. "Oh, jesus. Alright, fine. Here, you want to see my tits, take a look at 'em." Saying that, she put down the brush, put her hands to the front of the towel, and opened it. Her tits were magnificent. Large and round, creamy white, heavy fruits waiting to be touched and sucked. Her nipples were small and pink, and were hardening slightly even as I watched. I glanced at her face and she wore a sly smile. "You like to look at these, huh, little b*****r?" "I'm not 'little b*****r', Julie. We're only 20 months apart." I talked to her, but kept my eyes on those mouth- watering breasts. "Yes, but I'm 18 and 16 1/2, so you're the little b*****r, no matter how you look at it." By this time she had gone back to brushing her hair, the towel still around her waist, breasts fully exposed and swaying. "Julie, can I touch them?" "Danny, I have to get to work. We don't have time. You asked to look and I'm letting you look." Now she was playing the stern big s****r, like in the old days. "Please. Just for a minute." I reached my hand up and made contact with her right breast. The first touch felt electric. I had waited so long for this. I ran my fingers over and around the surface of her breast, then squeezed. Julie moved slightly closer to me, and let out a small sigh. "Oh, Danny, when you squeeze like that..." I moved my fingers gently to her nipple, which was quite big now. I rubbed the bud gently, then squeezed it between my thumb and finger. "Big s****r, you have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen." Julie just sighed again. Her hair brushing forgotten, she had brought her arms down to rest herself on the edge of the sink. I saw the slight movement as she rhythmically pressed her pussy against the front of the vanity. "I need to suck your tits, Julie. I need to right now." I pulled on her arm and she was easily moved to a position right in front of me. I say forward a bit on the toilet, put both my arms around her, and crushed my face into her chest, nuzzling one steaming breast, then the other. I licked, sucked, and chewed on her nipples while her moans became louder and louder. I felt my stiff cock making occasionally contact with her bare legs. "Oh, Danny, so good, so good." She had her arms around my neck, holding my face to her breasts. I moved my head lower, working upward, reaching my tongue up and under her tits, lifting the heavy globes to reach the moist, warm skin beneath. "Uunnnnhhh..." I felt Julie's arm leave my neck, and a moment later I felt her warm fingers contact my pulsing cock. I pushed farther forward, and slightly up, and her hand took firm grasp of my member, giving it a nice, warm home. She began to massage and explore my cock with her fingers, stroking it up and down, sending my to heaven. "God, Julie, stroke me, yeah. Your beautiful fingers are squeezing my cock. Feel how hard it is for you?" Julie didn't answer, but she quickly took a step backward. I was confused, and thought she had decided to stop. Julie smile lazily through half-open eyes. "Wait..." She stepped to the closet, pulled out a thick bath towel, and dropped it on the floor at my feet. Then she stood in front of me, leaning back against the wall, and dropped her own towel to the floor. I watched as her fingers moved to her curl-covered pussy. Small trails of juice were running down the inside of each thigh. "Arch your back, little b*****r. Show me that hard cock. Play with that hard cock and show me how you do it." As Julie spoke, her hand and fingers began moving all around her pussy. She spread her legs wider, user the wall for support. I could see her pussy lips, wet and glistening and spread wide. Her fingers pulled and pinched at them, and occasionally dipped inside her leaking hole. From this angle, the only part of Julie I could not see was her ass, and that was something I had always dreamed of, seeing and kissing her beautiful ass, but I was too busy right now to care. "Jerk your cock for me, b*****r. Pull it, Danny. Can you pull your cock while you watch me fuck my pussy? Would you like to play with this pussy. Would you like to kiss it?" My hand was moving rapidly on my cock. "Yes, oh yes, Julie, I want to kiss your pussy. Please let me kiss your pussy, big s****r." "Take your hands off that cock now. Right now." I listened, and my cock jerked on its own, my hands at my sides. Julie stood up, moved to me. Her steaming pussy was an inch from my face. She took my chin in her hand, tilted my head up until our eyes met. "Lick my pussy now, little b*****r. Make love to it with your lips and your tongue. Lick your s****r's pussy." She released my chin, slid her hands to the back of my head, and moved my mouth toward her crotch. I needed no encouragement. Placing my hands on her asscheeks, I pulled Julie's pussy to my face for a first taste. My tongue danced up and down her slit, moving in and out of the swollen lips. Julie used her fingers to hold her pussy open for me, and I pressed my face and mouth against her, my tongue inside her, licking and sucking. She tasted so good, so sweet, like I always knew my s****r would taste. She put several fingers inside herself, then pulled them out coated thick with her juices, sometimes sliding them into my mouth, sometimes raising her arm and sliding them into her own. The bathroom echoes with Julie's moans and whimpers, and the sounds of my tongue and mouth slurping at her wet pussy. Suddenly she grabbed handfuls of my hair, pressed my mouth harder against her pussy, and began screaming loudly. "Yeah, Danny, little b*****r, pussy licker, lick my pussy, tongue- fuck me! Oh, suck me, suck me, suck me. Yeaahh..." She held me tight and I pulled and kneaded at her asscheeks, soft and full in my hands, and as she came I licked anxiously and eagerly at the pussy juice that streamed down her legs. After a moment, she took a deep breath, then dropped to her knees, landing on the towel she had dropped in front of me. She pulled me forward on the toilet, leaning her elbows on my legs. She caressed my cock with both hands. "Now it's my turn to make you come, sweet little b*****r." She smiled at me, then dipped her mouth forward and attacked my cock. She popped it right into her mouth, and I thought I would come right then and there. She sucked hard at it, and stroked it, moving her tongue and lips all around in swirling motions. Her hands reached underneath me and took hold of my balls, squeezing gently and playing with the sac. I leaned back against the toilet and enjoyed, my hands stroking her hair and the back of her head. It didn't take long. "Oh, Julie, I'm going to come, you're making me come!" Julie smiled, then set her lips in a pout and placed them at the end of my cock, while her hand jerked rapidly up and down on my member. "Julie, do you want to taste my come?" I couldn't believe it. My answer was a long, throaty sigh from my s****r, whose full lips remained planted on my throbbing cockhead. That was all I need, and my hips lifted off the toilet as I spurted come into my s****r's sweet mouth. Her hand jerked and jerked until my exhausted cock was dry. A few drops of come dripped from her lips, and she used her tongue to secrete them away. Her head lay on on of my legs, and we both relaxed, her tongue flicking out occasionally to my now-softening cock. "Oh, Julie, that was so good. I always...I always wanted that, big s****r. I've always dreamed about you." Julie raised up, looked down at me and smiled. "Well, you don't have to dream any more. But..." -- She picked a towel from the floor, spread her legs obscenely, and wiped the juices from her pussy -- "now I have to go to work." I had one last idea, just in case this never happened again. "Julie, please...could I kiss you goodbye?" She looked at me, smiled. "Sure, little one." She stepped toward me again and put her face to mine. "No, I wanted a different kiss." She looked confused. "What do you mean?" "Like this." I put my hands on her hips and turned her around. Her beautiful ass came into view, and I ran my hands over every inch of it. "Danny, what are you doing?" "Julie, bend over and pick up the towel." She hesitated for a moment, then bent at the waist for the towel. "Stop right there, big s****r. Now spread your legs for me." I moved my hands to the insides of her thighs, pressing outward. Her legs spread, and I saw it. Her beautiful asshole winked at me, inches from my face. Small and puckered, it still glistened with the juices from Julie's pussy. "Little b*****r, you are so naughty. What are you looking at back there?" Now Julie knew what I wanted. "I'm looking at your asshole, Julie. I love your ass and your asshole. I want to give your ass a big kiss goodbye. Can I do that, big s****r? Can I french kiss your asshole?" Julie reached her hands around, placed them on her globes, and pulled her ass apart, exposing every inch of her sweaty, pussy juice-filled asscrack to me. I stared dizzily at her pinkish-brown hole. "Uhmmm, little b*****r, go ahead. Put your tongue in my ass and give me a nice goodbye kiss. I threw my arms around her waist, pulled her to me, and put my lips right on her asshole. I slid my tongue up inside her and pumped it in and out, licking every inch of her ass I could reach. I felt the tight ring of her asshole contract on my tongue. "Ohhhh, Danny, suck my ass. Wiggle your tongue in my ass. Lick my whole crack, suck it out, fuck my asshole with your tongue!" In her bent over position, Julie was lithe enough to be able to get her mouth back on my again-stiff cock. Just the idea of being able to kiss and lick my s****r's ass hard always gotten me rock hard, and now that I was actually doing it, well, to have her sucking me at the same time was more than I could stand. I pushed and nuzzled my face as far into her ass as I could, my tongue jammed deep inside her pulsing asshole. After two or three sucks of her mouth on my cock, I exploded again, shooting a rush of cum into her waiting throat. She stood up slowly, allowing me a few more kisses of her saliva-coated asshole. She loved it as much as me, I knew, for I could tell by the way she thrust her ass against my face, especially when my tongue was inside her. With a smile and a wink, she was gone, off to work. I sat back contentedly, wondering what the coming days and weeks would bring. --

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