Thursday, July 25, 2013

how i would punish you SeXStoRY

you've been a bad girl, So i tie your hands behind your back and bend you over the bed, and start to give you little spanks to your ass with my hands nothing to hard just enough to tenderize your ass before i really start, then I'll get the whip and take off your pants and panties, I'll slide the handle of the whip across your pussy lips and rub it back and forth and stop before you cum, then I'll give you ten lashing with the whip and stop Drop to my knees and kiss your red ass cheeks, and spread your legs and start to lick your pussy and stop before you can get off then I'll take my cock out and spank your pussy with it, gently rubbing the head against your sore pussy lips afterwards, till it's nice and wet with your juices, after that I'll take the whip and give you five more slightly harder lashing, then make your clean your juices off of my cock, then I'll start to rub your pussy and stop leaving your to try to grind your wet pussy against my fingers to try to make your self your cum, then I'll turn you around and lay you on the bed grinding my hard cock against your pussy as I gently bite and pull your nipples with my teeth, Once i felt you have been teased enough and punished enough, I'd drop to my knees and lick and suck on your pussy and clit, then I'll sit you up on my cock so you can ride me while i Lift you up and down on my cock Till you cum on my cock, and after you clean it again, I'll turn you back around and fuck you doggy style till i cum deep inside of you, then you'll clean my cock one more time and lay in bed and cuddle with me till i'm ready to fuck you again later on in the night, and you'll do every thing i say for you to do like the good Slave you are, as long as you keep me happy I'll keep you happy

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