Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wife-SpencerAlanMacLeod-Literotica SeXStoRY

NOT MY STORY Chapter One -- The Morning After My wife had caught me jerking off and ended up dominating me the night before. After a wild time we had finally gone to bed rather awkwardly and in near complete silence. Now it was the next morning. I had gotten up early and exercised, as was my usual routine. After my breakfast and shower, I dressed and went into the computer room, booted up the machine and began to prepare for my day. I tried not to let the glorious events of the previous night interfere with this but it was hard. My mind kept wandering back to my wife's swollen vagina, as she had ridden my face. I felt her hands on my iron hard shaft, once again... With an effort, I f***ed my mind back to work. "It was that good was it?" I heard my wife say from the doorway behind me. With a start, my hands jerked away from my pant covered crotch and I turned to face her lounging in the doorway. I smiled and let my gaze wander over her tousled mane and hot body. She was barely covered with something silken and shimmery that left a lot of leg and part of her shoulder and bare breast showing. It was unusual for her to awaken much before noon. Her job was very demanding but took place during the afternoon and early evening. That she was up now meant something. I stood, walked over to her and taking her roughly in my arms, kissed her hard and long. She returned my passion with equal fervor. Looking up into my eyes, she said, "We have to talk." I nodded and we went to the kitchen. I poured us coffees and we sat at the table. She was across from me. Her shimmery gown seemed to want to fall off and I found it easy to let my eyes wander over her near nudity; a sight I was not really used to. Even the gown was new to me. "From the way you're staring, it must be very exciting." She observed. I decided to get right to it and I spoke right from the heart. I smiled, met her eyes and said, "We have known each other for two years and been married for one of them. Outside the bedroom, I like many things about you. I don't want what happened to us last night to put a crimp in that." I paused but she said nothing and merely continued to meet my eyes. "I want you to know that last night was really hot for me...A secret dream come true." I said, looking down. "I have been interested in this sort of thing since high school. In fact, my first marriage ended when she discovered it." I confessed. Taking a deep breath before I continued, "She said she couldn't be with a wimp like me." Remembering the past conflict, I shook my head and continued, "I got mad and said some stuff that couldn't be taken back and after that, well, we divorced." "And when I met you...And...Well...We hit it off; I was worried that you'd think the same as she had. So I ended up saying nothing about what I really liked...Inside the bedroom, I mean." I finished awkwardly, letting my gaze go down. Looking up I said, "I love you and what we did last night was really exciting and you should know that I would always be willing to sexually submit to you." I hesitated before blurting the next part out, "But I absolutely will not live on my knees so if this is a problem for you..." I let my sentence trail off, felt my heart thumping in my throat and my palms sweat as I watched this vision of beauty and grace to whom I was married, mull my words. It was hard to keep meeting her eyes but I did my best. She nodded in acknowledgement of my confession and leaned slightly forward, her hand closing the gown to stop it from falling away as she spoke. "Well, that's quite a mouthful." She said succinctly, "I too, like a lot of things about you...Outside the bedroom." "Oddly enough, my first marriage ended because I refused to treat my ex as disrespectfully as he seemed to need." She smiled, a bit embarrassed and continued, "I mean; you saw what I like inside the bedroom." "My ex wanted to submit way more than I wanted to dominate. I tried to do as he wished but my heart just wasn't in it." She paused, looked down and said quietly, "I came home one night to find a 'Dear Jane' letter on the counter. It seemed he had found someone who was willing to mistreat him to the degree he wanted." She sighed quietly, in a resigned manner and said, "So we went our separate ways but I swore then that I would never again compromise my principles for someone else." "And then I met you. We seemed to agree on so much, outside the bedroom. I found I was willing to forgo that." She paused before adding, "You were worth it." She looked up and said, "I, too, was very worried that last night would spell the end of 'us'." She said quietly, "Regardless of how we got here, I think we are on the same page." She reached out her hand and asked, "Don't you?" Chapter Two -- That Night The day went by in what seemed to me to be the blink of an eye. After I kissed my wife and left for work, her words kept running through my head. "When I finish my shift tonight, I expect to be catered to; cherished, if you will." She had purred at me, a half smile on her lips and a sparkle I had not seen in her eye before. She usually finished work and came home close to ten each week night. This gave me about five hours of alone time. I knew that would be more than enough for me to be ready. When she came home, I was ready. I greeted her at the door, took her coat and kissed her right and strong. She smiled and said, "Nice threads." I smiled back and thanked her. "Dinner is ready, babe." I said, "Have a seat in the dinning room." I had set the table and made her favorite dish. Dinner was fun and I flirted with her all the way through it. After dinner, we played cards. I knew that she enjoyed this but I also knew she'd be tired if we played too long. Once the game was finished we went into the living room, where she sat in an easy chair. I continued to stand. Then, without any preamble; I stripped down. She watched with apparent interest. I knelt before her, reached up under her dress for her panties and carefully pulled them off. We both knew where this was going. She scooted down to the edge of the chair to better facilitate my lips and tongue on her vagina. I could smell her sexual essence as I went to work on pleasuring her with my face. It took only the work of a few moments before I felt her begin to groan and squirm as her first orgasm took hold. Soon she was pulling my head close to her now hot, moist and now very swollen vagina. Her orgasms followed in waves. "It must be nice to be multi orgasmic." I thought to myself, as I licked, sucked and kissed her feminine essence. Finally, and before I felt that I was done, she pulled my face away from her. "Up...Get up, take me to bed and service me now!" She demanded in a husky voice. When I went to kiss her, she pulled her face away and said, "No kisses until you wash the taste of pussy off your face." I smiled, feeling horny and rather devilish and replied, "Don't tell me the taste bothers you...I thought that all women were bi or at least bi curious." She laughed at that and said with mock severity, "Oh, you are going to pay for that!" I washed my face and joined her in the bedroom. She was now clad only in nylons and a bra as she lay atop the king size bed. I was hard at the sight of this wet dream. "Fuck me!' She demanded, "But you do not come unless I allow it." I nodded and went to join her. Chapter Three -- Sexual Service I had not told her but one of my real personal pleasures was to fuck her without cumming; to literally make my sexual act of coitus all about pleasuring her. As I mounted her, I felt my hard cock enveloped by her. That hot, wet pressure felt good and I drove all the way in. She arched up to meet my thrust and I knew she had just climaxed again. Over the next eternity, I serviced my wife. I could feel her thrash about under me. I could hear her groans and cries of pleasure. I knew these came from my actions. The very thought kept me hard. At length, I paused with only the tip of my still hard cock inside her. All my weight was on my forearms and toes. The only part of me touching her was my penis. Slowly, carefully, I teased her by easing my cock a tiny bit further inside. She looked up at my face and smiled coquettishly. I thrust back and forth a few centimetres at a time. She looked at me inquiringly. It kept me hard to hold this position and sexually arouse my wife. I decided to take it a bit further. I told her a joke. "A man gets his girlfriend to agree to sex. She says 'yes' but only if he promises not to put it in 'all the way'. He agrees but once there, he slams it to the base of his cock and she says 'put it in all the way'. To which he replies, 'oh no, a promise is a promise'." She laughed until I suddenly drove myself into her to my base. She gasped and said, "Oh my!" I fucked her again then, rough and hard. She met my passion with her own. After several more minutes of this she pushed me away and said, "Lay on your back." I did as she commanded and when she got off the bed, I knew what she intended. "There are restraints on each corner of the bed." I said, hoping that she intended to tie me spread-eagled and use me. I was right and it took only the work of a couple of moments for her to bind and mount me. I felt her hot, wet vagina envelope my hard cock and looked up at her face as she rode me like a bucking bronco. I bucked and struggled and did my best to give her the ride of her life. She groaned and cried out as her orgasms took hold. Her face was a mask of passion and lust. I could feel her grind against me as she let her passions have free rein. At length, she seemed to have enough. She got off the bed. Reaching into a dresser drawer, she pulled out a couple of scarves. She used one to blindfold me. The other became a cleave gag. A cleave gag does not actually stop talking. All it really seems to do is increase a sense of helplessness in the wearer. It certainly seemed to do that on me. Once I was blindfolded and gagged, she spoke. "Don't go away. I'll be right back." Chapter Four -- Tension Building I heard her use the washroom and then she seemed to be rummaging about in the kitchen. For a while I didn't hear much of anything. I was still sexually aroused but not longer hard. I wasn't content nor was I restless. The best way to describe my feelings would be to say that I was poised. I heard her come back into the bedroom. "I've just been reviewing the porn sites you go to...Now that I know which ones they are." She mused, "I must say that I am encouraged by the things I see there." I heard her climb onto the bed and settle between my legs. I felt a tingle of sexual desire grow in me as she moved closer to my crotch. Her firm hand suddenly and aggressively grabbed my semi flaccid dick. I gasped and then, felt myself quickly become hard. My wife slowly and deliberately squeezed my growing erection in a rhythmic fashion. I groaned behind the cleave gag and arched up to meet her hand. With utter domination, she wanked my now iron hard cock. Very soon I knew I was going to shoot my load. I cried out in a muffled and rather garbled exclamation but my meaning was clear. She immediately quit touching me. I gasped and wiggled my hips. I was ready to be deep in the grip of my climax. I bit back a groan of frustration. "That's right; you don't get to cum until I say." She said firmly. "I know that you have fucked me with your face. I know that you have fucked me with your dick. I know that you have let me fuck you to my heart's content." She spoke primly. Her hand had returned to my dick and was alternating between rhythmically squeezing dick and stroking its hard length. I arched up to meet her. She continued, "None the less, I expect you to man up here. You are to show me how much you want to cum but let us be clear! Only I get to say when." I nodded and hoped she could see it. She must have. Her strokes continued and began to be firmer and harder. They were now more aggressive than before. I found myself panting and pulling hard at the powerful restraints that contained me. She stopped touching me. I gasped. She grabbed my hard dick before I knew what was happening and she began to aggressively masturbate me again. I struggled and groaned with pleasure. It was soon, all I could, do not to come. Her voice was full of tension as she spoke then, "This is called 'edging'. We are going to be doing a lot of it...So you better get used to this." I groaned at this cruel pleasure. She laughed and asked rhetorically, "So, you 'like' it, do you?" An uncounted number of minutes passed. She would bring me to the edge of a climax and then stop touching me. After a few seconds, she'd start stroking me again. The sexual tension I felt was quickly turning into a frenzy of lust. I realized that I was at her mercy. Even more exciting was the fact that she seemed to have no mercy for my bound and trembling body. Her cruel hands worked my shaft with a knowing expertise. Every time I'd start to cum; she'd stop touching me. I heard her giggle. "Ordinarily, I'd stop here and you'd simply not cum tonight...By my hand." She said warningly, "But you have earned a punishment tonight instead..." "Do you remember when I said you'd have to pay for that remark about 'all women being bi'?" She asked mildly. I groaned and even though my gag muffled the words, they were clear, "Oh NO!" I heard her giggle again as she responded, "OH YES!" Chapter Five -- Ruined Orgasm and Post Orgasm Torment Now I was in for it. She masturbated me with negligent ease and her skill soon had me ready to come, once again. I was pulling hard, ready to cum. I was so filled with desire that I was heedless of consequence. Not that it would have mattered anyway; I was hers to do with as she pleased and we both knew it. Just as I started to cum, I felt her stop. I gasped and continued to arch toward her unseen hand, expecting her to start up again. I was not disappointed. Now I could feel my climax build deep in my loins. Her knowing hand was racing lightly up and down my hard and sensitive shaft. I could feel the orgasm build past the point that I could control it. I cried out from behind my gag. She laughed and said, "Sure, in fact, I want you to cum." So filled with sexual desire was I that I didn't even think of what she had in store. I started to climax! I could feel my load begin to rise up my shaft! I could feel myself arching up to meet her demanding hand! She let go! I pulled helplessly against the now cruel bonds that held me. I arched up in a now futile effort to feel any sexual friction. I could feel my hard dick pointing helplessly in the air, devoid of her touch. "Touch me!" I though desperately, "Touch me, one last time!" It was no use. I shot into the air without benefit of culmination. She had ruined my orgasm yet again! I growled in frustration! She laughed and asked sarcastically, "Oh was I not supposed to stop?" My ejaculation finished and my dick, while still semi hard was quickly drooping. She grabbed it and stroked the shaft, several times! I gasped and tried to pull away from the now cruel touch. I cried out from behind the gag. She stroked my overly sensitive dick up and down the shaft again. This time, as she finished, her hand rode up over the head of my dick. I tried to sit up and pull away from her cruel touch. My efforts were not entirely in vain. They got a lusty laugh out of her. She let her hand grab the base of my still hard cock. It rode up the shaft and over the head. I cried out yet again! Over the next eon, my wife tormented me. "So, question time...Time to find out how much you have learned." She intoned. I groaned against her cruel touch. I felt her knowing hand stroke my overly sensitive cock. "Do you still think that 'all women are bi'?" She asked mildly, her hand still stroking my shaft. I could see very well where this was heading but I didn't want her to think I was a total wimp. I nodded that I did, indeed, think all women are naturally bi. "After all, aren't they?" I thought to myself. She laughed and said, "I like a wilful and disobedient partner; especially one who is at my mercy!" She stroked my cock for several minutes then. Every so often, she'd let her hand ride up and over the head of my dick. I must have put on quite a show for her then. Truth to tell, I don't really know. Her cruel manipulation of my overly sensitive cock was almost more than I could bear. At length, she paused. "Are all women bi?" She asked meaningfully. I shook my head then. "I can't hear you!" She said. I felt her hand riding up and down my cock, threatening to polish my apple. I shouted through the gag. She laughed and tormented my cock some more. "Make me believe!" She snapped. I gurgled and cried out, still at the edge of my ability to endure her torment. She quit touching. I felt her face close to mine. "That was very satisfying." She said. I had to agree.

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