Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daffy: Learning Things SeXStoRY

My first story was about me in high school times and ended with me realizing that I really was hooked on sucking cocks. I also realized that I needed to learn a LOT more because sucking cocks was only the start, but it was the only thing I had at the time. This story is about how I made a plan and started down the road to where I am today. I also knew that I wanted MEN and not boys. To get MEN I would need to look better than I did. Short and chubby with no sex appeal is not a great way to find cocks to suck, trust me! So I started working out a LOT, doing yoga and weight training and running and doing fat burning pills and hardly eating except to rebuild muscles and not kill myself. It worked and still does! I took the HS equivalency test and got my diploma, and then my days were free of my Mom the homeschool teacher. For my graduation present I talked my Dad into getting me a complete makeover and springing for a buttload of clothes and makeup. Daddy was easy that way! I think he secretly wanted to see me sexed up a lot more too. Well Daddy, there's a chance you are reading this. I am WAY WAY more sexed up! Daddy gave me another present but he didn't know it. He is a porn junkie when Mom isn't around. He goes to video sites and jacks off to videos of men sucking other men and women cumming on toys and machines. Problem is he leaves himself signed in and I can log in to see it ALL! So I learned more about sex and how to suck a cock from the videos. And other things that will come true soon. I still sucked my bf's cock every couple of weeks but it lost the thrill for me fast because he was so little and shot only a tiny bit. Compared to the studs on the porn vids he was NOTHING. But he had money and money was what I needed to get to the next level. I got him to buy me an 8 inch jelly dildo and I started learning to suck a bigger cock than he had. I never let him fuck me again after that dildo got in my pussy. I practiced handjobs on him and even let him use the dildo on me. Any new kind of sexing was good, but sucking cocks was STILL the top event. One Saturday afternoon in October I had to get out of the house so I walked down to the campus. People were having parties in their front yards with beer all over and music playing and people doing all kinds of things. I got a lot of attention from the college boys and decided I would pick the party with the best looking crowd. A few minutes and I had a beer in hand and was heading into a house to check it out. Half an hour later I had two shots in me and was being led upstairs by two guys. The room we went into reeked. It smelled like pot and sweat and spilled beer. People were on couches on sides of the room just staring and nodding to the music. The table in the middle had a bowl of joints and a small bong on it. And bottles of booze. Me in my yellow sundress I became the focus of their glazed eyes. My guys led me to the table and sat me on a cushion. Two more fast shots and I was spinning. I watched them do bongs and then it was passed to me. It was about the same size as my dildo and my d***k brain made me open my mouth wide. Yes, I sucked the bong like it was a cock, up and down a few times. Then one guy held my head down on it and lit the bowl as he held my nose. It took me 5 minutes to stop coughing and breathe normal and by then I was on my way to a massive buzz. Of course they made me suck the bong/cock again and the second time I did a lot better. And the third time. And the fourth.....and...... They say that a girl from one of the couches was the first to get me away from the bongcocks and pull me over to a couch. I guess I talked a lot about how I wanted to suck cock, so she just unzipped the shorts of a guy and started sucking him. They say I went wild and was begging to suck any cock that they put in front of me. I don't remember. What I remember is waking up that night on one of the couches laying on top of the other girl. Naked and I knew then that I had been fucked by cocks....but I did not remember it. I got dressed, bolted out of there and called my bf to pick me up a few blocks away. The thing I DO remember from my fucked up bongcock d**gged time was that I was in a 69 with the girl. And I liked it. A LOT!

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